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Joined: Sat Jul 10th, 2010
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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 06:35 pm
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I was wondering what activities you all do to distract yourself from negative thoughts.  I can only think of:

going for a walk


petting my cat

having a few drinks :)

I know it is different for everyone but just wanted some ideas.


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Joined: Sun Sep 23rd, 2007
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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 06:56 pm
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I carry around a list!
put my hand on my heart
do a yoga pose
say 'it's okay'
say 'i want to feel better'
read some Abe
listen to some Abe
work a focus wheel
sing a Christmas carol
draw a picture
brush my teeth
clean out my bag
tidy my room
play with my kids
think about my kids
bake a cake
put on make-up
make a PowerPoint slideshow about feeling better (fun!)
read the AbeForum!



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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 08:21 pm
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Talking to another clear person is the absolute best way to distract yourself.

5 minutes on the phone with another aligned person, or even half-way aligned, or  positive, and those negative thoughts disappear, like a street salesman you're ignoring---no energy given and the negative thoughts go find another person's brain to attach to.

If you say, "No! I don't want you, negative thought!" then you are attaching electrodes to the monster's neck, and he gets stronger and stronger.

If there is no one around, as happened to me last night at 2 AM, you might just turn and say, "What??? What do you want?  What is it? Too fat?  Big bill came in the mail?  Family function coming up you don't want to attend?  What is it? Tell me what it is."

In other words, you pay full attention to the thoughts for a second, really exposing them. "You've got the floor. You've got my attention. Talk."

The mind speaks its petty little negativity.

"Um...the house isn't very clean.  And...that switch plate in the kitchen needs a new screw for 3 weeks now.  Also...you should be getting more exercise.  Do something about your hair."

You say, "That it?"

Mind says, "Well, I could think of a few more things if you give me a minute."

"That's enough. Thank you for sharing. Now get out, and I don't want to hear this shit again."

Then close the door and get on with being happy.

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Joined: Sun Mar 28th, 2010
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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 11:23 pm
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I put my fingers in my ears and loudly say..

"ah la la la la....ah la la la la...ah la la la la...ah la la la la"


Joined: Sun Jun 7th, 2009
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 Posted: Sun Jul 18th, 2010 12:01 am
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::LOL @ chillinJoan!!

I actually keep a list too - I am at work and don't have it with (but I think I will start to carry it with me like you do, Leslie. Can't believe I haven't done that sooner!)

Some of the things I do:
  • Put on some happy music and dance and sing like a madwoman in my loft
  • Sit by the piano, play and sing songs that make me happy.
  • Draw funny little comic strips - I have a "me" character and whenever I am annoyed with something or in a bad mood I draw myself in a comic strip and try to find a funny angle on my predicament.
  • Go for a long walk at the beach with my feet in the water, listen to the waves (my ultimate feel-good, healing thing to do!)
  • Spoil myself - light candles on the porch, make a nice plateful of fresh fruit, bring a book and my BOPA and a blanket and spend an hour on the porch enjoying all of this.
  • BOPA - works like a charm for me!
  • Paint, sew, crochet - anything creative that allows me to express everything inside and keeps my mind focused.
  • Watch a funny movie and allow myself to laugh as much and as loudly as I feel like.
  • Take an imaginary trip to anywhere I would like to go. Maybe somewhere geographically specific - maybe just an obscure beach or something.
  • Call a friend and talk about fun stuff
The list goes on...




Joined: Sun Mar 28th, 2010
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 Posted: Sun Jul 18th, 2010 05:14 am
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or that............

Sweet Peace

Joined: Sat Nov 7th, 2009
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 Posted: Mon Jul 19th, 2010 10:06 pm
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  1. Have a long hot shower. (Works every time!!)
  2. Make a cup of tea
  3. Put on a show I really like
  4. Get into a good book
  5. Call a friend
  6. Cuddle my dog
  7. Hop on the Abe forum
  8. Eat something yummy
  9. Ask for a hug
  10. Read a good book
  11. Say "I can do this! I know I can do this!"
  12. Say "All is well, everything is working out for the greatest good for all involved."
  13. Do an Abe process
  14. Take a nap
  15. Meditate


Joined: Sun Mar 16th, 2008
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 Posted: Sat Jul 24th, 2010 04:37 pm
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When something really makes me feel good, happy, joyous, I make a mental note that this experience is a touchstone to get into the vortex.  Then, when I want to get back in, I ponder one of those experiences.  Or, I ponder an upcoming exciting experience like going to an Abe workshop (today, yay).

or meditate, do a focus wheel, BOPA, rampage.

Sweet Peace

Joined: Sat Nov 7th, 2009
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 Posted: Sat Jul 24th, 2010 07:00 pm
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I like the idea of touchstones! Thanks for sharing. :kiss:


Joined: Wed Jul 8th, 2009
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 Posted: Sat Jul 24th, 2010 07:35 pm
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enjoying a glass of vino

remembering some of my wonderful travel experiences

appreciating my son

appreciating my lovely condo

appreciating yummy mickey rourke

pretending i already live in kauai

walking around as if i have a diamond tierra on my head and carrying a wand (that one's really fun)

appreciating all my abe friends

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