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Meditation communication
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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 05:28 pm
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Hello Abers, i asked this question to the admin team and David suggested i open it up to everyone. So here it is:

I have been meditating for three months and during my meditation sessions i have sometimes been thinking some disturbing thoughts about horrible things happening in my life. I am really concerned that this is my inner being trying to communicate to me and tell me that these things are about to happen. Do you think that this is the case or is it just my mind trying to make me worry???? (which it does. My mind always tries to put negative thoughts in my head)

I really appreciate your help. This has really, really been bugging me and it will be nice to have peace of mind over this.
Thank you to all of you out there.

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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 07:07 pm
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Hello lovthisform,

your question is interesting. From what I understand, the images you get during your meditation could mean anything. Like in dreams, they could have a hidden meaning, showing you how you feel about your life, or certain situations/persons. Maybe you entertain some fears or whatever. I'm sure that you could get help for the interpretation of this through seeing a good therapist or reading dreambooks or similiar things. Or simply ask your IB or some person/entity you believe in, to show you, what that means. This person/entity could be Jesus or Budda or Sai Baba or Abraham or your dead great-Grandmother (I'm not kidding - I'm serious) just anybody you trust. And then during the dialogue you might get an answer. But well, getting professional help might also be a good way.

As for your IB forewarning you of horrible things to happen, I cannot imagine any reason why it should do that. The only time I experienced something like that, was in the immediate situation, where this helped me to prepare myself and therefore safe myself. Which means, that in that one case the horrible thing DID NOT HAPPEN, because I was warned. I don't think your IB would reveal horrible things to you, where there was no escape road, because, what would be the point of that???

Love to you ::hearts::group


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