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So close...
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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 09:01 pm
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Hello kind and benevolent forum goers, I have come asking for your guidance on an issue that has been the source of long-standing frustration for me. Oh, how you must have heard them all before! But still...


To attract into my life abundant romantic and intimate relationships

Frustration, hopelessness

(with a bit of your help?)
Soaring feelings of love, understanding and connection with others

It's been many years since my last romantic relationship. Several of my friends have even commented on how odd this is given that (without meaning to boast), I am generally a fairly fun, affable and gregarious person. What makes the situation even more frustrating is that I actually
do attract a large number of wonderful, beautiful girls on a regular basis! In these past years I can barely even count the amount of amazing girls that have gravitated into my life, but whom, after a period of prolonged romantic and sexual tension, have then gravitated out without us taking things a step further (you know what step I'm talking about!)

This situation has become all the more frustrating because it seems obvious that I'm doing
something right, but that deep down there is still some knot of fear and resistance that I can't seem to untangle. On top of this, the regretful list of lost opportunities for love gets longer.

Friends repeatedly tell me my problem is a lack of action, that I can't sit around hoping that things will just "happen", that I need to man up and make some moves! To be honest, it feels like kicking myself in the butt and taking a small amount of uncomfortable action would at least get things rolling, but Abraham's promise that relationships can simply materialize without either party having to do anything uncomfortable has a great amount of appeal.

I can identify several positive aspects for this issue, but focusing on them has not done the trick. Last night I sat under the stars with a girl for whom I've felt a great deal of attraction. It seemed like just leaning over for a kiss was all that was needed to bring my desire to the point of manifestation, but yet there was something... some THING that held me back. Today I woke up feeling like a failure and that I was letting fear rule my life.

However, instead of letting that feeling linger I've sailed the seas of cyberspace to request some advice here (that's already a good step, right?) I can focus on some positive aspects, I can distract myself ad nauseum... but could it be that I need to face some kind of inner demon? Or would that be counter-productive? Would that just add power to some imaginary blockage that I've conjure up for myself?

As I am writing this last sentence, I already feel better than when I opened my browser 15 minutes ago. Encouraging, but this pattern of ups and downs is familiar. I wish I had a reliable plan for attaining a higher vibration and staying there!

Any and all words of advice will be greatly appreciated!


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