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Hey, guys, I need some help....
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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2010 09:03 pm
I'll try to be concise. One of my most strongly held desires does have to do with another person. I guess it's a Fred situation, and I have read the Fred threads. Today, me and this person had a conversation, nothing was "directly" stated but the indirect message counter-establishes my strongly held desire regarding this person. I'm on my lunch hour and spent the car ride home thinking I MUST stop wanting this.

But, I don't want to stop wanting this...

I keep going back to this particular quote from "The Vortex" which I LOVE: "Here's something really worth remembering: When you stand where you are, knowing that you want something that hasn't come about yet, and you don't have the discipline to look in the direction of what you want, but instead, you're looking at whatever it was that caused you to want it and you're feeling discord of that lack of focus - there is a very powerful tendency, without even knowing it, to let what you've got be the catalyst that trains your Vibration. So you keep thinking this thought, which is different from what you want, but you keep thinking the thought. So, you develop a belief and/or chronic pattern of thought, which then holds you apart from what you want.

So, the best way we have of describing that is, let's say you are interacting with someone who causes you to want this. And if you could give this that you want your undivided attention, you would stand there and the universe would have to deliver to you that. So, it is a really common thing that someone who wasn't giving it to you now gives it to you because you've lined up your Vibration, and so anything less than that is illogical.

My question is...How do you have that discipline when you're faced with situations, examples, that when you look at them, point you towards the opposite of your desire. So is it that when something jumps in your face and you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT THAT you just put your fingers in your ears and go "la la la la la, I can't hear you...." I mean I can do that. But is that it? You just look at it and go "I know there's another situation existing in my vortex where YOU person that I'm interacting with, say this, this and this OTHER thing, that I want to hear, and I really like it, so I'll go there...."

I know it's about whatever makes you feel good. And I guess that makes me feel good. And I know if it makes me feel good, it's good. So... the answer is just pretend you hear what you want to hear, until you actually hear what you want to hear? I know I'm going over old territory, it's just really hard to do when you're in the middle of it, y'know? The other thing is, I hear so much back and forth about whether you can influence another person that I sometimes feel it's better just to get rid of the desire altogether, since it does have to do with another person. But when I try to get rid of it, it becomes like something stuck to my hand that no matter how many times I shake it, it won't fall off. Ugh. I've never been headstrong either. I guess I just think that Abraham Hicks says you can have whatever you want, if you really want it, and if I give in now, I'm saying I can't, and............what if I can????

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 Posted: Tue Oct 5th, 2010 01:48 am

Hi Dear--I just sent you a pm.



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