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Law Of Attraction Housing Community
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 Posted: Fri Oct 29th, 2010 01:11 pm
                       Co Creating A Feel Good Community
 How would you like to have co-creator friends as neighbors?
My husband and I are forming a Law of Attraction Community in San Diego Ca.
It's still in the idea and structuring stage so any interest, input and ideas are greatly appreciated! Right now our thoughts are to structure it similar to Cohousing Communities and we want to attract those interested in living intentionally and that resonate with Abraham- Hicks teachings. Imagine the fun we can have!
 Ask and it is given, Co Creating living!::rocket


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 Posted: Sat Oct 30th, 2010 12:07 pm


This forum will no longer be used for New Threads or replies.  As a result, this thread is now closed and can continue at:


Please bookmark it. :)  It is operational now with substantial improvements, new features and more additions than can be covered in this announcement. 

All of original Abe Forum content has been imported to its new home as of August 20th at 6AM EST.  Any content after that date has not been imported, and so further postings need to be made just on the new site and not to this one any longer.

Eventually, all threads will be closed here, I am starting that task now.  Please watch for announcements on the top thread on the new forum,
http://www.abeforum.com under the Abraham Teachings and you.

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