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Magnificient abraham cruise
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 Posted: Tue Aug 17th, 2010 11:33 pm
Hello beautiful human beings,

I am writing to the ones that have experienced an 'Abraham cruise' and the ones like me who are so amazed and have a desired wanting to be there.

I am not telling "the story" of what is and the reasons of the "impossible".
I will just believe and dream that hopefully one day, my vibration will ever match my dream.

Please, tell and show us your experiences:
What it feels to be there?
Did you get to know and speak with abraham, jerry, esther?
.........whatever you feel like sharing, me and maybe others who are in this like me will appreciate it very much.

::grapevine   ::group   ::boatwave::runmickey::hearts

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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 09:55 am
Just go to ANY roll-call cruise thread!:)  Post-cruise experiences, and excitement, and stories, photos at the end of each thread.

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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 08:35 pm

I'd love to share something of my experience and how it felt on the Abe cruise I took. It's was over three and a half years ago so I'm feeling what most comes to me now, was what I most took from the experience.

It was wonderful and I felt RICHly blessed by the experience. I loved being amongst others who knew and lived and experienced these teachings, and the idea that they focused on them enough that'd they also take a full out Abraham Cruise; well that excited me. I very much enjoyed sharing with those that the LOA orchestrated, some times in amazing ways, to connect with. I ended up developing a pattern of meeting up with a few on the deck every evening and we'd talk into the wee hours of the night and morning.

I loved the decadence of the whole cruise, it's luxury, every thing I need being taken care of for me, the meals, the room cleaned, bed made, entertainment provided, engaging people to talk to, much to laugh about, massages and hot tubs and wonderful excursion on shore often LOA connecting me with some one and circumstances to have the most unplanned, spontaneous fulfilled excursion on each island. Hawaii. The orchestrations of how my excursions unfolded was so delicious and perfectly suited for me. I never booked a single tour; that's just me. I followed my guidance, my gut, took what some might see as risks, but exciting for me and had one heck of an interesting time. I created many memories, stories, experiences, that were wonderful during those excursions.

I had some contrast. It's every where you want to be, lol. Of course, as I managed it; and allowed those experiences turned into very RICH experiences indeed. Lost my debit card; almost didn't make it back to the boat one night; experienced some "social anxiety" since I hadn't been use to cruises and up-scale (lol) parties and socializing as such...had some story about all that...every time I let that go; ah, it was so fulfilling.

The workshops were wonderful; the whole thing, as I remember was engaging completely....I remember specifically getting off the boat mid-way in Honolulu after mid-way through the workshops and feeling complete ecstasy of well being, higher than a kite, my words I remember exactly that I said to some one on the phone was I feel like I'm on something; this has got to be better than any drug, ever.

The Highlight of the Whole thing was the ecstasy I experience; quite a few times; once emphatically was the very end of the workshop, the last question and answer and Abe's rampage of appreciation that they closed the workshop with. It was an interesting and intimate feeling coincidence for me that the last person to get into the hot seat and ask his question said that he intended exactly that and I had "happened" to have spent the, I think previous day, getting to know him and his cruise mate personally. The ship was not allowed to go into port that one day because of the high surf and waves so we stayed out to sea. I followed my guidance and decided to make it a good thing, having the whole day on board with no workshop I decided to purchase a day pass to the spa and totally take advantage of it. This couple had decided the same. And we really got on well together and enjoyed sharing. Lo and behold, he got in the hot seat, as he intended, the last question. I loved that I had gotten to know this interesting guy and his lady friend. His questions and comments were interesting, but I love how Abe answered them more. That answers flowed into one of the most profound appreciations for us deliberate physical creators from Abraham themselves that I have ever heard and one heck of an empowering one, it just builds and builds and it felt with every additional appreciation and truth of who we truly are; it felt, to me, like a wave of energy. Not unlike a wave of the ocean. Wave after wave after wave, each one increasing in power and depth and richness of unconditional LOVE....so much so, some people were hooting and yahooing and clapping and cheering....others, like me, were completely speechless, it was almost overwhelming....I could not think, I could not speak, I could not do anything other than receive and release, I cried. When it was over, I turned to the person next to me and it was like a mirror; neither of us had words, it was even too much to express with a hug, it was the eye contact, the vibrational contact, the knowing that we felt this...gosh it was profound.

Thanks for asking. It was wonderful to stir up all those wonderful aligning feelings again.

That was the Hawaiian Cruise of 07'

I think I just may listen to that last CD in that series again today, thanks.

What a cruise. What an experience.

Oh and it had been my first and only ever cruise. My first time to Hawaii. I got on the waiting list after it was already booked full; but I got a cabin soon to follow. I shared a cabin with someone I did not know from Africa. We did exchange emails after we booked which was nice. It went wonderfully. All truly was well. We didn't necessarily end up being a match to hang out together, we had different interests and different perspectives; but it was a wonderful part of the experience and expansion.


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 Posted: Mon Aug 23rd, 2010 10:44 am

Oh, RICHAnn what a sweet, beautiful, low-key, every-nuance rampage!!!! Oh, I so loved reading that!!!! I am so excited - peacefully yet intensely, you know? - about the Aussie cruise. I just savored the beauty and intensity of your description. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing that in such gorgeous, RICH detail.

xoxoxox HitC::hearts::hearts::hearts


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 Posted: Tue Aug 24th, 2010 02:00 am
HiTC, YOUR SO WELCOME, Glad to be your cooperative component while Selfishly Fulfilling my Own Desires... AND SHOOTING OF RO::rocketDs...to PLaY w/ YOU.
I'll let my Universal Manger Handle; or is it have my people talk to your people and we'll pencil something in.


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 Posted: Tue Aug 24th, 2010 05:21 pm


Join me over there!

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