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Feels Like Home
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 Posted: Wed Jun 2nd, 2010 06:52 am
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My first experience with the law of attraction was a book I purchased several years ago, I won't name it because I don't want to sound as if it wasn't a good book, but the beauty of life is the variety we have to choose from.  I've heard it said that if you arent' ready the information won't "click" for you and that is how I chalk up my experience with that first book.  Fast forward to last summer.  Since graduating from post-grad school seven years ago it has been a tumultuous career journey to say the least and by last summer I was at my wit's end.  I had just gotten laid off, again, and I literally couldn't imagine any possible prospects of work in the foreseeable future.  I had purchased "Ask and It Is Given" and the message really spoke to me.  It was like finding the map home. 

I found myself becoming hopeful that something job-wise would turn up.  I even sent out a verbal request for a job with pretty specific criteria.  About a week after reading AIIG I received a phone call from a friend at one of my old jobs stating that he had a contract position to offer if I was interested.  He stated that it was hourly, no overtime, no guarantees, but that if I was interested it was mine.  It just happened that the office this position was located at was ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE!!  Of course I immediately accepted the position!  I should note that this company is wonderful and very much like a family to me anyway, the only reason I left previously is because of loss of work for the company.  Also, this particular position happened to be a culmination of ALL my prior work experiences (meaning I had to stop insisting that I had wasted all those years at those prior positions because my new position encompassed all those experiences making me uniquely qualified for the job!!!)

I began working and I realized that the position was exactly what I had requested after reading AIIG!!!  Within 27 days I was promoted to full time employee and given a raise with benefits! 

In the meantime my already rocky marriage took a turn for the worse and I filed for divorce.  In my anguish, I returned to the bookstore to try and get something to soothe my soul.  I was actually thinking of another author when I came upon "The Astonishing Power of Emotions".  I knew it was just what I needed and I purchased the book and immediately started reading it.  The book came with a CD which I listened to on my commute to work (I had to leave my home with my 3 kids once I filed for divorce).  During many sad times I would open my book and read a chapter or two and I ALWAYS felt better about the situation.  Abraham's words truly helped me to search for the best feeling thought I had access to!!!! 

About a month ago I was laid off from my job.  When I first learned of the impending layoff I thought to myself, well, I have two options: sink into hopelessness about my lot in life, OR, view this as an opportunity to do what I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but felt constrained from doing in the past.  I have chosen the latter.  I had an opportunity to make a different decision, to trust that all will turn out wonderful, and now I am practicing patience while waiting for my UM to line up the perfect opportunity for me!  You see, I have ALWAYS wanted to teach and I recently had the opportunity (out of the clear blue sky) to teach a course at the local community college.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!  My students loved me, I loved teaching and I discovered that I COULD DO IT!!! 

I am amazed each day by the changes in my perspective and how things are turning out for me!!  I cannot express how grateful I am!!  I have realized that I don't need the approval of anyone else, I have the answers within me and I am safe to trust the guidance I receive.  What other people think of me is none of my business!!!  I only hope to inspire someone else as I have been inspired by all of you and of course by Abraham, Esther and Jerry!!  Thanks and much love and blessings to you all!!

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 Posted: Thu Jun 3rd, 2010 10:03 am
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Welcome home!:)::hugging
What a wonderful post. Thank you!



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 Posted: Thu Jun 3rd, 2010 04:30 pm
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Welcome home, Jaimee!

Abraham's Teachings have a way of taking us home...

Enjoy the wisdom, love and joy here. There is a variety of Abe-heads from all over the world with so much to share. I love your story of Well-Being!

Suzi :kiss:

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