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New member from Malaysia.
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Joined: Mon Jun 21st, 2010
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 Posted: Mon Jun 21st, 2010 10:10 am
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Hello there... ::wave

I have never heard of Abraham-Hicks until a few days ago (Although I am familiar with the LOA, Think and grow rich, etc). It was a one fine day while I was watching some videos on youtube that I came across an audio recording of Abraham-Esther. It was amazing. It was like love at first sight (or rather hearing ::rollingsmiley). That's when I started to dig for more videos and audios of Abraham's teachings. Then a couple of days ago I found this forum.

I lead a pretty good life and I'm grateful. But there is no doubt that there are a few aspects of my life that I'd like to do better. I want to overcome the self-imposed limitations. Often times I've read or heard about LOA, but never really sat down and try it out on myself. This time I am so doing it. I'm changing my life for the better!::hearts

People here seem to be overflowing with +ve emotions, hope and radiance that I feel that I just had to join in the fun. ::grapevine


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Joined: Tue Jun 22nd, 2010
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 Posted: Wed Jun 23rd, 2010 07:35 am
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Hello Wondergirl,

I am new too. I completely understand how you, "fell in Love at first sight", because that is exactly how I felt. Abraham's teachings make so much sense, that I cannot deny that my beliefs are a vibrational match to Abraham's teachings. Every time I listen to one of Abraham's videos I understand how to become more vibrationally aligned towards my goal.

Happy Manifesting

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Joined: Sun Mar 28th, 2010
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 Posted: Wed Jun 23rd, 2010 05:08 pm
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I envy you learning this material for the first time.

I remember how hungry I was for it and how exciting it was.  I practically delved into it 24/7, couldn't get enough.

I still do everyday, it's just that honeymoon period that is so special. 

Milk it!!

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