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How Did I Miss You For All These Years??!
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Joined: Wed Aug 11th, 2010
Location: In The Vortex, Manitoba Canada
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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 03:40 pm
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Hello hello hello!!

I'm so happy to be here, and so surprised it took me so long to find this community!

I actually found you guys because some of my YouTube videos referrers came from this website, although I'm not sure where they were linked from :)  Thank you to whoever linked to the Abraham excerpts I am uploading on a daily basis!!

My name is Val, and I've been an Abraham Hicks fan since 2007, introduced to it first by The Secret when it raced around all the message boards, and then re-introduced by my brother who got deeply into the material after separating from his wife.

It's kind of funny how my brother got into the material actually - he split from his wife, and within the next week was talking to a buddy of his and saying "yep, it's over, there's no way I'm going back" and that buddy went into his truck and pulled one of the Abraham disks from his truck stereo and handed it to my brother, saying "here, you'll need this".

Since that time, my brother and I have devoured disk after disk after disk of Abraham content, book after book as well.

We've not had an opportunity to hit a seminar ourselves yet however, but that is coming.  One day!

As for myself, I am a child-free by choice, single woman in my 30s who runs my own business and is looking to use the Law of Attraction to add some new things to my life.

In particular, I want to build my business in a way that combines with my personal passions and relationships, want to expand my social network to include more people who are actively living the Law of Attraction lifestyle and listening to Abraham Hicks on a regular basis, and enjoy the rest of my life here on earth.

I'm SO looking forward to sitting down and really reading the posts on this board when I get back from a short holiday I'm about to embark upon (going to visit the 'rents! they're doing well and are retired and happy, but aren't LoA believers).

SO looking forward to making some new friends here!  Hopefully some of you are local so I can go for coffee with people who think the way I do :)

Take care all!

See you after the weekend.

(that's my username on YouTube and on Twitter as well)


Joined: Fri Jul 30th, 2010
Location: K√∂nigstein, Elfengarten, Germany
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 Posted: Fri Aug 13th, 2010 02:46 pm
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::hearts  Hi Val,

welcome!!! So funny to see your username here- after I just got back from my daughters computer (mine is without sound) where I found a GREAT new source of Abe-videos: YOU!

So I thank you for beautifull hours today: I was listening, meanwhile painting her wall in a deliciously deep violet as a little thankyou for the computer -and basking in the joy, that there are people out there joining their good stuff. ::hugging Life is SO good!

Nice to hear that story about your brother and you, learning together, too. I love stories about functioning families, soothes me in a big way.

Hope you have a great time in this great forum!

                 ::wave Elke

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