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My rampages and positive aspects
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Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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 Posted: Mon Feb 8th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Feeling forward is sooooooooo powerful!!!!!

"Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is."

::woohoo I love love love being in the Vortex!!!!!

I had the most amazing time in Phoenix - It was so beautiful there and I was able to be consistently aligned the entire time I was there! I read the chapter on Self-Appreciation on the plane down and it put me in such a vibrational high!!! I was able to stay there for the entire conference! Wow. I did not want it to end!

I am amazed at how much is changing. My body is becoming the way I have always desired it to be, for my entire life. Where ever I put my focus, that is where I manifest all my desires!!!

Being in alignment with who I am is so EASY!!! Just focus on the things in your experience that are the best, most wonderful and let your vibration raise!!

::stardust I love my huge office! It is so spacious and I can decorate it any way that I want!

::hearts I love that I made it feel just like the denver office and my home office by aligning it with feng shui principles! It feels so clear and uncluttered here, just like my mind!

::hugging I love the wonderful camraderie that we all have here at our firm!

::music I love having fun, with friends, and my dearest boyfriend!

::boatwave A cruise ship and many workshops are in my VR!!!!!

::money Abudance is flowing to me all the time! I love all the deals that I have been closing lately!

::devil I am so happy with how well my new business is going!!

The biggest learning for me this weekend was the premise of the whole Vortex book. I learned that the universe really is assembling all like vibrations. The higher my vibration, the lower my resistance, and the more I meet up with others who are incredibly warm and fun!

I love making my own lunches and dinners more and more and being so healthy!

I love my chai spiced lattes... yum! There are so many delicious treats available here on planet earth!!

::hearts::grapevine I love all the wonderful friends gravitating to me.

::hearts I love me and who I am becoming every day, which is more aligned with my IB and in the Vortex more of the time!!!!


Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Posts: 330
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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 12:02 am
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::woohoo::woohoo I am SOOOOOOO GRATEFUL to myself for having the idea of hiring myself an intern as an executive assistant!!!

I feel SO leveraged now in terms of being able to get twice as much done in the office!!!

I am so grateful for my dedicated, happy new executive assistant who is paving the way for my full time permanent EA!!!

My income is ::rocketing into space!!!!!!

I am so grateful for my brother for giving me the company to start the contest for the logo design of my new site!!!


I am having so much fun during the Olympics, being in the vortex and partying with everyone from around the world!!!


Joined: Mon Dec 14th, 2009
Location: Columbus, Ohio USA
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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 07:28 pm
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Vavi, I have enjoyed your rampages so much. They are just beautiful! And the best part is that I believe them and you completely! I can feel the authentic love and joy within them all. Keep them coming!



Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2010 10:56 pm
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:kiss::kiss: Thank you so much Stacey! I love that you enjoyed my rampages *so* much! ::hugging::hugging Rampaging is pure bliss, is it not?? ::grapevine::hearts Happy Friday!!!!


Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 08:32 pm
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::woohoo I am so happy it is Friday! I always feel so rich with time on the weekends! I am so appreciative of having time and freedom to choose what I want to do, meditate, relax, read, work out, be on the forum, make progress on my website, be with friends, watch movies, go to a comedy show, be outside, go on a hike, play tennis or volleyball or just relax at the beach..

I want to tell a new story to get in the Vortex!

I want to deliberately choose all day to move my thoughts and focus from what I don't want to what I do want!

I want to live in my thriving VE more than in my non VE reality!

Today, in the office, I could focus on either:
-A lack of deals/An abundance of deals
-A lack of new clients/An abundance of new clients
-Unfriendly people/Friendly people
-No contracts/contracts flowing in!
-No commissions/commission checks flowing to me!
-No fun/Tons of fun!
-Feeling tired/Feeling energized!
-Feeling unhealthy/feeling healthy, slim and dazzling!

I am choosing to focus on the joy of an abundance of deals, an abundance of new clients, friendly people contracts flowing in, commission checks flowing to me, tons of fun, feeling energized, feeling healthy, slim and dazzling!!!!

I am telling a new story to get in the Vortex!

I am in the Vortex, I feel so good knowing that I can shift my focus constantly, I love getting meetings, signed contracts, new clients to work with, speaking with fun and friendly people, feeling uplifted, excited, energized, feeling healthy, disciplined, slim and dazzling!!!

Life is so good!!!!!! ::woohoo

Last edited on Fri Mar 12th, 2010 08:34 pm by vavi


Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Posts: 330
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 Posted: Tue Mar 16th, 2010 12:02 am
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::stardust Deliberately moving up the EGS by focusing on things that make me feel GOOD!!!

James Brown singing-----
Makes me want to dance!! (Thank you Sandra!!)

'I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you (the abe forum)

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you' (the abe forum)

1. Deliberately raising my vibration/shifting my state and feeling the smile be received by my lips!
2. Expansion through practicing Abe teachings and other self development tools and wisdom!
3. Our beautiful and dear forum
4. Beautiful and dear forum playmates!
5. Stunning luxurious homes and feeling the delight of owning them
6. Luxury and anything related
7. Reading a self development book or article, or a delicious fiction book like the Twilight Series (the first books to bring my incredible joy in a very very long time that made me re-discover my love of quality fiction)
8. Making lists of things that I love about this earth plane/planet
9. The beauty of nature and its stunning simplicity
10. The law of attraction
11. Feeling loved and loving others
12. My amazing boyfriend, his gorgeous big smile and depth of kindness and virtues, our devotion to each other
13. Laughing until I cry
14. Stand up comedy
15. Films that are funny or romantic and exciting
16. Sharing things, or moments with others
17. Beaches, beach houses and condos
18. My beach condo in Cancun
19. My vacation house in Scottsdale, AZ
10. Cancun and Arizona, and the southwest US
11. The ocean and living right on the edge of it
12. Delicious foods that are healthy, and some that are not so healthy.. mexican food, sushi, ripe avocados, hot chocolate, pad thai, peking duck, lemon chicken, kraft macaroni and cheese, rice krispy squares, oatmeal raisin cookies, muffin tops, cookie dough, the list is endless!!
13. Discovering new things I love that I didn't think I ever would like working out, hiking, being athletic
14. Falling in love all over again by connecting with my IB
15. Learning self-love and self-appreciation
16. Being in Denver and relaxing in the mountains on the weekends
17. Traveling, airports and then fun and excitment they bring
18. Closing deals, getting a contract, having new clients
19. Cooking by myself or with my mom or boyfriend
20. Developing AF into a successful award winning business
21. Manifesting abundance
22. Hugging my man for long deep hugs, kissing, making love
23. Lying on my bed with Asia and JP while they both purr in bliss
24. Being successful
25. Making returns from investing!
26. Orchids
27. Feng shui
28. Decorating
29. Hot tubs with breezes
30. Amazing scents
31. Feeling frisky!
32. Best friends, making new fun and loving friends
33. Connecting and finding old friends
34. Presents and gifts
35. Being in the moment
36. Audio books
37. Meditation
38. Being at my ideal body shape, weight and size!
39. Accomplishing goals!
40. Buying new clothes!
41. Spring and summer!
42. Boats and boating!
43. Letting go of what others do and what they (might) think, letting go of controlling others
44. Taking back my power through allowing
45. Knowing new words in Italian
46. Feeling love flowing from my open heart
47. Mosaic tile
48. Ancient civilizations
49. Finding clothes that I feel beautiful in - white eyelet and sexy boots!
50. Shopping at victoria secret, guess, zara and bcbg max azria
51. Sharing frozen yoghurt with rainbow sprinkles in the summer with my man
52. Lying in front of the fireplace
53. Seeing the scale read less than I expected!
54. Feeling better and better and happier and happier!!!
55. Being an allower, focusing on the best aspects of my experience
56. Kissing/making out with my man
57. Feeling refreshed and energized
58. Being a winner
59. Finding new tools and resources
60. Being in the VORTEX!!!!! Showing myself that I can make myself feel good, and its nobody else's job but MINE!!!!
61. Feeling beautiful, stunning, dazzling
62. Feeling fit and toned
63. Growing and changing and evolving
64. Receiving compliments
65. Resorts and vacations
66. Freedom
67. Feeling rich with time

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Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Posts: 330
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 Posted: Mon Apr 12th, 2010 08:14 pm
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My Joys of the Weekend

I loved seeing my oldest best friend! That is what stands out the most. It felt SO good to feel what it is like to be around a really good friend in this city. Someone who I know loves and cares about me so much, and someone who is family. I loved meeting her little baby boy - he is so sweet and well-behaved!!! She is someone who understands me and will be my friend forever! I love her so much!

I loved going shopping and seeing how clothes fit my new fit and toned body. I love the tube tops and the dresses I bought, and the reef shorts!! - wow! They are so gorgeous! I feel so good in them. I love new clothes!!! I am so excited to keep shopping into the summer and all these cute and well priced stores I discovered!!!

I loved sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday!! It feels so good to get a deep rest, and then come back into physical and do the abundance meditations.. it was so delicious!! I love how much free time I have in my life, and especially on the weekends, to rest and take care of myself!!

I loved switching over the bathrooms and having a new clean bathroom that is free of clutter! I love the brightness in there and the setup which makes it more efficient for me to get ready. I got ready in just 30 minutes today, woohoo!! I love setting out what I am going to wear the next day the night before, and having everything ready to go by the door in the morning :)

I loved that I did two good runs, lots of biking on saturday afternoon, a challenging fitness class, and a couple hours of walking on Sunday! I love that the weather is warmer now so I can be more physically active than I already am! I love my health focus and how my body composition is shifting and I am getting back into the shape I was in college. It feels sooo good to see these dramatic results!!

I love that I am moving closer and closer to being a driver!!! It is exciting!

I love being in my beautiful apartment and savoring it. I love decorating the apartment with beautiful fresh flowers and finding ways to feng shui the condo. I am really excited about adding in the bookshelf, side table(s) and lamp in the living room, and finding some nice art for the bathrooms!! I am so excited about making the deck welcoming and fun for this summer, with carpet, night lights, two chaise with my restoration hardware mattresses, a side table and an umbrella! It is so much fun to envision the beauty of the flowers out there and being able to use the deck for relaxation. I cant wait to live between the deck and the beach this summer!!

There is always so much to appreciate! I am excited about having A as a client and having the Chairman's signature on the agreement! I love having NEW CLIENTS!!!!!! I love the yummy foods I eat during the day. I love my forums and my dedication to Abraham's teachings. I love the MLOA book and deepening my studies. I love our new meetup site and all the fun new people we will meet at our group!! I love my website and seeing it grow and the visitors and comments grow. I feel SO BLESSED to be alive and in this life experience!!!

Most of all, I love that I woke up feeling really OOTV, and I got myself back in!!!!! woohoo!!!!!! There is nothing I want to celebrate more!!!


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Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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 Posted: Tue Jun 29th, 2010 08:49 pm
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::stardust ::woohoo I love long weekends!!!

I love vacation time!

I love being with my loving, kind, caring, affectionate best friend and boyfriend!

I love how much my deepening studies of Abe starting in the fall have supported so many major energy shifts this year!

I love that I use the processes on a daily basis!

I love more alignment, and inspired action!

I love that I went to my first Abe workshop!

I love that in or out of the vortex, I always have this tickle of happy and sense of contentment inside me, my IB shining through with well being!

I love rampaging! I love being inspired by new exciting ideas!

I love business! I love making tons of money!

I love that I have been opening the door to my VE and allowing so much abundance!!

I feel that my abundance is about to sky rocket through to the next next next level of wealth and riches!

I love having new desires and then aligning with them!

I love ordering things online and being in the anticipation of their arrival! I love how this represents the buffer of time that is exhilerating when you know without a doubt that what you want is on it's way to you, and soon!

I love receiving all of my goals and manifestations!

I love taking care of myself. I love being selfish first and making myself happy so that I can go out into the world and love others!! I love appreciating!

I love making new wonderful loving and caring friends!

I love allowing all the things I love to come into my life!

I love my career! I love our beautiful homes! I love my spacious office! I love doing fun things with friends! I love being nourished by the vortex! I love being in the zone! I love my life!!!

I love the delicious variety out there!

I love feeling happier and more energized every day!

I love being so light and fit!

I love summertime!!

I love being a business owner, and working remotely from so many beautiful places!

I love finance!

I love how there is always so much more to love than not to love!

I love basking and savoring my wins! I am getting so many clients! I love allowing incredible abundance! I love my many talents!!

I love being a genius! I love allowing more FUN! I love laughing with loved ones!!

I love that I could do this all day!!!



We want you to lighten up. We want you to love yourself more. We want you to laugh more and look for more reasons to feel good. We want you to get up every morning and let the first five most important things on your list be five things that you are very sure will feel good to you when you do them. We want you to take your walks and take your baths and have your massage if you want one, and eat the things that taste good and think the thoughts that feel good, and put on your list a time of meditation that gives you relief, and call the people that always uplift you, and read the magazines that are stimulating, and turn on the television programs that make you laugh.

"You can get to where you want to be from wherever you are if you are able to distract your attention from the unwanted aspects of your life and focus upon aspects that are more pleasing. It really is only a matter of focus." p 110


Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
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 Posted: Fri Aug 13th, 2010 09:24 pm
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I love coming back and reading my last rampage and new story and see how many things from my VR I have made real!!

I am so excited to be a business owner and be in the BO quadrant!!

I am so excited for my wealth to be sky rocketing to the next next next level!!!

I am so excited to be traveling more!

I am so excited for the FREEDOM I am giving myself!

I am so excited for this massive energy shift I have created!

I am so excited for stimulating my brain and accessing inspired action that aligns with my visions!! It feels INCREDIBLE!!

I feel on top of the world! clients and money are being showered upon me! I have such an abundance of healthy, beauty, fitness, friendships, love, caring family, luxury and riches!!!


I feel like a mega mega millionaire with a massive business empire already!

I love money and I love abundance and I love life!! I love the teachings and our forum so much! I love my caring supportive loving abe friends so much!! I love being comfortable in the spotlight! I love being so successful with such fun, ease and freedom!!!!!!!!

I love our luxury homes and many properties!

::hearts::hearts so in love with me and my life!!!!


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Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
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 Posted: Sun Aug 15th, 2010 09:44 pm
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I love vacations and mini vacations like weekends and long weekends! I am so excited for my life to be one long vacation now with me doing what I want, when I want!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOO EXCITING!!!

I have never felt happier or more empowered in my life than I have been by getting a hang of what it means to focus my attention and energy!

I love being a deliberate creator. I love feeling stronger and more sure of myself every day! I love feeling more secure and confident than I ever thought possible!

I love the law of attraction! I love simplicity!

I love rampaging and being in a state of appreciation!!!

I love my friends!!!!!! I love my boyfriend!!! I love spending time with them!

I love having visions and making them a reality! I loved setting the deck up to be enchanting and magical last night and cooking up delicious food for my friends!

I love relaxing and I love going to the beach in the summer time!

I love having my little fur babies cuddle with me and feel their contented purrs! It warms my heart so much!!

I love enjoying delicious food!

I love getting to my ideal size with so much fun freedom and ease!!!

I love reading and writing! I love my spiritual website!!! I love self-development and cultivating one of my passions!!

I love learning and growing so much!!

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!


Joined: Thu Oct 29th, 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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 Posted: Thu Aug 19th, 2010 02:30 am
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Thank you Universe for bringing me a new client~!!!! I love PC. He is such a wonderful person and so fun and frisky! I love his humour and his sense of fun. I love having fun clients who are friendly and warm. We share a passion for boating and it is great to sincerely connect through that. I am really genuinely excited for him and his new boat purchase. I love that is likes to make jokes, and is clever and silly. I love that he wants to move forward RIGHT AWAY on the first contract, and also give me 3 others in the next little while!!! That is huge! He said he is sending the contract tomorrow, the day before my last day as an employee of the company. This is such a good feeling way to make the transition to a contractor at the company!

I love making sales!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good to work with a new great client!! I love basking in my wins!! WOOHOO!!! CONGRATS TO VAVI!!!!!!!!! ::woohoo::woohoo

It is raining an abundance of sales for me! I am making commissions every week and building equity for my new business! I love being a business owner!!!

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