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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Mon Apr 26th, 2010 03:52 am
Wow! I love basking in another great day! I love being able to feel good now just because!
I love waking up and feeling so alive!
I love laughing with those around me this morning!
I love the wonderful warm day and sunshine this morning!
I love doing yard work today! I love a perfectly manicured lawn!
I love how laughter spills out of me throughout the day!
I love ignoring what I should have done and did what I felt like doing! I love all the amazing stuff I learned today and the spiritual path it took me on!

Now that I think of it, I woke up ready and eager to learn more of our universe!

The Fibonacci number sequence was introduced to me about six months ago. I was recently separated from my husband and was on the quest more then ever for answers.  (I didn't know Abe's teachings)

In October I received a random text saying WAKE UP- the number I received it from was 5 digit number? Two days later I got the same message from the same number-WAKE UP.

I remember thinking-the universe is trying to tell me something-through texts no less::LOL!!!! Ya my roommates laughed at me too!  They of course thought there was some reasonable explanation. I knew there was something meaningful in it! 

So we googled the 5 digit #  and the first thing that came up was the Fibonacci number sequence! The number fit!  I learned a little about it-how it is the mathematical blueprint of creation...it gave me goosebumps....but I didn't get it and how it related to me and my life.

Today I somehow became reconnected with the number sequence over the internet and I can not express my appreciation and love enough for the universe, source, all of us, me!

I love knowing the sequence can be seen in plants.. ocean waves...ourselves... galaxies!  

 I love how it brings me to tears seeing such beauty!

I wish I had the right words to express the AW I feel of the perfect design of the universe-  our planet-  us-  nature-  atoms ect!! Of everything beyond what we know!

I love how it empowers me now instead of before when it overwhelmed me!

I still don't know what it all means
but I felt such a connection to source and it awakened me a bit in a way I can't explain!

I just used the word awake-now that is cool! Thank you universe! WAKE UP-right?

I love this journey I am on! Thank you! Wow! I don't know where its going to take me (or do I) but I love it! And I'm leaving it at that!

 I can not wait to for what's to come....more please!

I love my perfect avatar-an example of the perfect design of  beauty  and creation - a beautiful example of the
Fibonacci sequence!

Oh boy...I've gone off!  But I have more....I love reading the  threads of such inspiring people and stories on this site! I love feeling such overwhelming love towards all of them! I love laughing with them!
I love this site and how it inspires me...! I love how I stared out with a rampage and it ended up as well...this!:allgood

I love my friends, family, my dog, me, money, beauty, fun, relaxation, comfort, playing, love, the sun, the thunderstorms today! I love my new polish and my toes! I love my mind and beautiful body! I love how it feels and looks! My body that is! I love my perfect health! I love my intelligence! I love how appreciated I am! I love seeing others as source would, I love understanding more and more!I love my new relationship with my Dad!  I love how people feel so good and open around me! I love laughing so much!

I love you source-thank you! You are such beauty and you show me it everyday! I love feeling it!
Thank you for letting me express my love-

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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Tue Apr 27th, 2010 05:31 am
I love sleeping in today! I love stretching and my body feeling so good!
I love my wonderful dog!
I love asking the universe,source for something-a sign somewhat...and getting one...more please!
I love source and the universe for delivering!
I love my new friend and making plans with her this week!
I love having fun!
I love how my dad turns to me now to talk about his life!
I love his open, giving,loving heart!
I love hearing good news from a friend!
I love knowing what I want out of my life! For now!
I love feeling it deep in my heart!
I love being able to ASK and KNOWING IT IS GIVEN!
I love laughing!
I love how well my natural tanning lotion worked!
I love that always being connected to my IB and source!
I love good conversations!
I love the stories I tell!
I love my imagination and feeling so deserving!
I love me so much!
I love loving me so much!
I love knowing now how it feels to want to hug yourself and feel such true love! I love hugging others and feeling the same! I love really knowing what I want...my desires...and out of that knowing me a little more!
I love knowing who has my back... no matter what! Thank you Source, my IB!
I love feeling so powerful with this knowledge!
I love loving! I love feeling love!
Much love to ALL!

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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 05:43 am
I love waking up to the sunshine poking through the window!
I love waking up and feeling aspired to work on my projects!
I love how much I got done!
I love my creative ideas!
I love how successful I am!
I love my coffee in the morning!
I love seeing an older couple holding hands!
I love seeing all loving couples!
I love my fun conversations with friends today!
I love laughing so hard!
I love sharing and getting ideas!
I love how everyone in my life now is so carefree, easy and fun and loving!
Thank you universe for pulling me back in when I'm in doubt!
I love how cool my professors are!
I love how helpful Kellie is-I love that she is so open,giving creative, and she REALLY wants everyone around her to succeed!
I love how genuine everyone is that  I encounter is!

Thank you-I love all of you!


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Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
Location: Ashland , Oregon USA
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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 07:27 am
Well, this is my first time at this thread...the title "MY LOVE OF LIFE" so rez'd with where I am at right now, so here I am; a match.
Haven't read though any of the pages or post, YET...but looking forward to, being a cooperative component here in this thread and it's pure positive energy...I feel it!

So here goes....

I'm in love with all that is in my experience.
It's a love affair.
I'm getting it...everything is a relationship of me to Source, All that Is.
I'm wide open. I'm choosing LOVE and eagerness for life.
I'm prepaving to wake up orgasmic, ready for the day...ready to be fulfilled, satisfied and pleasured by everything.
Everything is a cooperative component to my well being.
Even the contrast is...it's perfectly orchestrated, Source'd to me for my focus and my expansion and my JOY. In it is gifts and unconditional love beyond my wildest dreams.
I'm excited.
Today was great. Tomorrow I expect better.
I'm in love with Life, with Me, with my Vortex of Creation.
whew, that feels beyond wondrous ::singer.

What a way to start.


Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 07:34 am
Richann wrote:
I'm prepaving to wake up orgasmic, ready for the day...ready to be fulfilled, satisfied and pleasured by everything.

AJL....I just read my first post here....yours at the top of this page....WAKE UP....had no idea that you've had some focusing and messages from the Universe on that....it's right in line with what I'm feeling too!


Joined: Sat Nov 29th, 2008
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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 03:43 pm
I love where i am right here and now!

I love staying at people's houses - aunts, nans, boys.. i love sleepovers!

i love being at my aunts! love the big double bed, my own bathroom, the big plasma tv, the internet, the outdoor area.. love my privacy here!

i love my boyfriend - so caring and gorgeous! i love how we have so much in common - love going to the movies, love hanging out wherever whenever! love his wonderful family too.

love my books, dvds and cds - love the wonderful authors, actors, directors, filmmakers, artists, singers, songwriters that have inspired me. i look watching, listening and reading other's creations!

I love maddie so much! the best dog ever - i love how she will always be with me! i love how we have such a deep and special connection. she is so beautiful. the most beautiful thing in my life! so cute and fluffy and such a princess!

i love the gym and exercise! so grateful for my goodlife membership.. love the classes so much - so much fun! also love my exercise dvds and exercising at home - yoga, pilates! love feeling great!

i love all of my wonderful clothes! love the new stuff i got from my aunt today! 2 big bags of awesome free clothes! so lucky! i love fashion and styling so much!

i love my wonderful friends - ang, nikita, kristy, reannan, kylie, sezzy, jane, jodie, camille, amanda... love my gals so much! love going out with them and partying! so much fun!

i love my music manager and songwriter!! i love being able to sing his wonderful songs and develop my music career - i am so lucky and blessed! love singing so much! love my singing teacher too! such a good teacher she is helping me develop my voice so much!

i love dancing! i love my dance gigs! i love dancing at the family! i love going to dance classes! love love love it!

i love the acting roles i get! love my feature films, my tvcs, my wonderful agent that sends me for so many castings, my short films, my music video roles, my stage plays, my tv shows... i love acting and playing! so much fun!

i love my mummy, nan, grandad, jane, jan, mads and box soooo much!!! best family i could ask for!

love having 5 small meals a day of whatever i want! love my premium fuel that keeps me going all day long!

i love castings and auditions - love the challenge of them and learning and growing from each experience! thankyou!

i love my photoshoots! love modelling! love creating awesome images with photographers! much fun and enjoyable!



Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
Location: Ashland , Oregon USA
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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 07:05 pm

Richann wrote:
Richann wrote:
I'm prepaving to wake up orgasmic, ready for the day...ready to be fulfilled, satisfied and pleasured by everything.

Good More ~ ning!
I'm Ready.
Ready to be fulfilled, satisfied and pleasured by EVERYTHING.
I'm ready to be pursued by my~self love.
I'm READY to BE love.
I am love.
I'm ready to play the cooperative components game.
I'm Ready to ROCK the contrast.

I'm loving this Abe quote:

It's so easy to give other people credit for the way they behave [Group laughter and Aha!]. That's sort of what feels logical to you.

But it isn't logical.

Because the way they're behaving to you, always matches your expectation. People will raise or lower to the level of your expectation.

~ San Rafael, CA, 08.02.09

And I'm editing it to be all inclusive...

It's so easy to give other people and circumstances and things credit for what you are experiencing. That's sort of what feels logical to you.

But it isn't logical.

Because the way everything is, is always matches your expectation. Everything will match your expectation of it.

I'm Ready to take full responsibility for EVERYTHING that I experience to day. I'm expecting what I want. I'm expecting to be fulfilled, satisfied and pleasured in every moment. I expect to see and be consciously aware of my well being that I am showing to myself in every moment.

I'm READY to mind my own business.

My experience. My life. Being up to speed with Me. My intimate relationship to all that is. I'm Ready to en~JOY.


I'm juicy and open and wet and ready for my life.




Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Thu Apr 29th, 2010 06:31 am
HI Halyz! Always love to hear your vibrational uplifting post! Love IT! Love you!

Hello RICHANN!  I followed my EGS and took a break from a project I was working on and came here... read you're fabulous rampages and LOVE IT! We ARE a vibrational match!

I was going to say to you- Thank you for reminding me of the power of expectation.  But no because I already KNOW the power expectation! The past couple days I have been too caught up in trying to force... analyze...blah.blah. blah...my expectation of a particular person!

What I want to say is THANK YOU for helping me to FEEL IT! I needed that!:kiss: Thank You!!!
Oh ya- love waking up feeling orgasmic wet and juicy too!::LOL  Absolutely Love it!!!


I love waking up so early today just b/c I was so energized!
I love getting stuff done and having fun!
I love having fun!
I love my many options of cloths and how comfortable they are! AND how GOOD I look in them!
I love looking in the mirror and seeing such pure beauty!
I love becoming closer with a friend over a phone conversation!
I love my beautiful pattern of attraction!
I love that now I always know the right thing to do when I'm connected to my IB and Source! Love YOU!
I love my lunch out with another friend!
I love laughing with her and hearing her insights!
I love the food I ate!
I love tipping more than expected!
I love money! Thank you universe-please keep it coming!::money::money::money::money::money::money::money
I love how sexy money is! You're so HOT!
I love the alone time with my dog!
I love laughing, laughing, laughing so hard in class!
I love feeling and seeing the laughter all around me!
I love all the beautiful people I get to experience my day with!
I love connecting with my IB and feeling the abundance of ONLY wellbeing flow to  me when I ask for it at any time now! I love being in the vortex!
I love knowledge and learning from it!
Thank you!
I love how confident and awesome I am at giving presentations now!
I love getting to  know ME more and MORE!
AW Expansion-it feels so good to keep up with it-right!
Life feels good! Life REALLY IS Good!!!
SO Much Love to all of you!


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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Fri Apr 30th, 2010 05:39 am
Thank you for letting me rampage!
I love it!
I love sitting out in the
sun this morning and feeling so invigorated!
I love my conversation with a good friend! I love her positive vibration so much! I love where she is going! She is such love!
I love the people in my life!
I love money and how I just keep receiving more!
I love fun surprises from the universe
I love how the universe works it out perfectly for us!
I love seeing my small desires manifest
instantaneously! I love learning through from those experiences how to allow all my desires!
I love wearing my new comfy, hot clothes!
I love taking an excursion  ::devil with my dog!
I love how happy he is with his head hanging out the window! I love his "thank you kisses" in between!
I love how I laughed so hard at a friend screaming my name out the window when we passed in our cars!
I love my FREEDOM to choose what I wanted to do today-and tomorrow! And the next day.....
I love kisses and hugs! I love giving kisses and hugs!
I love spending time with my family today!
I love all of my new fun friends! I love how I meet them so randomly but they all have the same vibration! How cool they are!
I love their true generosity, compassion, genuineness,  and LOVE -it just shines from every person I get to experience my day with and I love it!
I love relaxing and feeling so at ease!
I love the yummy food I ate!
I love pulling together creative ideas-who knew! I love realizing my potential is unlimited!
I love all that I am!! Every delicious part of me!
I love ME! I LOVE SOURCE! Thank you for never failing me, I thank you ME! MY IB! Thank you for keeping me close and always knowing!!
I love driving and seeing such acts of love, smiles, kindness!
I love laughing while I create with others!
I love ALL OF YOU!

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 Posted: Fri Apr 30th, 2010 01:01 pm
I love my life. I love my parents who care so much about me. I love my friends who are always there to make me laugh. I love how we uplift eachother. I love my boyfriend who inspires me every single day. I love dreaming about the future. I love my job, I love my clothes, I love my home, I love the Australian weather, I love the area we live in, and I really love my life! :)


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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2010 12:35 am
My LOVE of Life!

Right now I couldn't say it better than how it's expressed through this song.

Search You Tube for

One eskimO - Amazing (In-studio on TheAlternateSide.org)



Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2010 04:36 am
Hey Lucy, SO love hearing from you!

Thanks RICHann, me and my IB LOVE the song, simply beautiful! Added it to my collection!::stardust

I love the beautiful smile on my gorgeous face right now!
I love all the wonderful songs that uplift my vibration!
I love dedicating my favorite love songs to my IB-me!
I love feeling the waves of love flowing through me right now!
I love that I have everything I need right now and always!
I love ME so much!
I love the new outfits I put together! I love how they feel and look! I love how good I feel in them!
I love turning heads!::LOL!!!
I love closing an old account-my new one is so much better!
I love getting so much done!
I love the warm sun and warm wind!
I love feeling so frisky and free!::devil
I love good conversations!
I love hearing a couple extra thousand dollars are coming to me!
Thank you I love saying- I'll take it!
I love all the money around me!
I love my perfect health and body!
I love how the universe knows what is best and orchestrates all my desires to come to me EFFORTLESSLY!
I love how easy the universe makes it! All I have to do is
allow!::singer I love getting better and better at allowing!

I love appreciating something and seeing it manifest instantaneously for me!
I love sitting in my backyard and hanging out with ME!
I love all the beauty in this world!
I love being able to see loving beautiful creation everywhere!
I love how fast my dog ran while playing , grass was flying behind him! LOVE it!
I love how well behaved and how loving my dog is!
I love how every moment of my day was PERFECT b/c I chose it to be!
I love happy couples!
Actually I was appreciating a loving family so much that they "followed' me around a huge shopping complex and later in the day I saw them in another city! ::cool
I love my relationships! So true!
I love feeling love and giving love!
I love being so obsessed with myself!

I love ALL of this, ALL of us!
I love feeling such enormous love for all!
I love being able to tell people I how much I love them!
 I love feeling
invigorated!when I express my love!

I love how natural my love flows when I'm connected! How endless and ALIVE!


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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2010 10:24 am
I love beautiful sunny days like today. I love spending time with my mom. I love receiving nice text messages from my boyfriend who is in another country. I am thrilled that he is so happy each day.

I love being independent and abundant. I love being able to do my own thing and live as I chose! I love being the creator of my life!

I love walking through the city with a smile on my face. I love the bright red dress I am wearing. I love long hair and I love short hair. I love my mother who is just a beautiful ray of light and is great company! I love how generous she is with me.

I love having Prosperity Tea at the tea bar with my mom. I love how mom is so cool to talk to about anything. I love how I can ask her any questions about life that I want. I love how understanding, fun, cool and supportive that my parents are.

I love our beautiful house. I love living in a house that is as enormous as our house. I love how the sunlight streams through the windows and I love looking over our never-ending english garden. I love walking through the rose gardens at home and the scent of all the flowers. I love how even if it is a bit ridiculous for three people to live in such a big house (my parents and I), we really enjoy the space and the feeling!

I love that my grandmother is so happy. I love how she is ignoring the doctors and living her life to the max! She is so tuned in, tapped in and turned on, I want to laugh and hug her every time I see her. I love how she always looks gorgeous, she is zipping around in her little red car, she is always active and planning her social calader! She is hip and happening!

I love how my parents are still going to parties and having a great time with life even in their fifties. I love how cool they are. I love how they book up with events, months in advance!

I am so excited to start my course this week! I am so happy that movers have come with all my beautiful belongings and its like getting presents that I picked out for myself! I love all my beautiful clothes, accessories and gorgeous books arriving! I want to wear and know everything! I want to experience everything! I am loving reading all these new books and trying on my European clothes!

Life is great and it keeps getting better!  


Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 12:11 am
I love how I co-created the perfect guidance for me today through chillinjoan on another thread...her grandson put a buger on her coach and then the dog came and ate it...and she was in appreciation...perfect and just as silly as it took to let go of resistance in my experience and know that just get in the god-damn vortex and let everything take care of itself...just like the booger! LOL

I love that I know that; I love that I aligned with it; I love that it's so funny and simple and EZ to remember; I love that I feel it in my belly; I love that it doesn't matter whatisitis is, it's just a booger....

I love that I'm in the Vortex and I'm FREE FREE FREE to let go...be FREE and let EVERYTHING take care of it's self....It's a Booger free day! Cause boogers are past tense and we are in Vibrational Reality baby where it's BOOGER FREE!!!



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 Posted: Mon May 3rd, 2010 03:40 am
I love my gorgeous body!
I love how I can align myself to perfect health and well being!:beautiful:
I woke up to let's say... CRAMPS.  I refused to feel it and directed my attention elsewhere-and good-bye cramps!

I remember last month thinking I should be able to align so I don't feel these cramps every month- I did it! LOVE IT!

I love that I do not need anything but MY mind!
I love spreading out and stretching in bed-it felt so incredibly GOOD!
I love the yummy coffee I shared with my aunt and grandma in the sun! I love how loving and positive they are! They radiate beauty!

Thank you Lucy-
I loved reading about you're huge house with sunshine streaming in- feeling it  shot a rocket of desire for me! The blinds in the house I'm staying in are all messed up and I haven't been able to open them-Today I came home to them half opened and what do you know...went to them and just fixed them-finally!  Now it feels so open and SUNNY! AND today screens have been added so I can enjoy the fresh air! Bonus!

I love imaging my own LARGE BEAUTIFUL AIRY SUN-FILLED HOME! SO exciting! I feel it's coming SOON!::TU

I love seeing smiles on dogs!
I love this life I live!
I love where I have taken it!
I love anticipating what is next-
I can hardly contain myself!
I love connecting to my IB so easily!
I love stories of success and happiness! Fun, positive people!
I love that is 95% of what I experience throughout my days!
I love hanging with my Dad-he's so cool and has a big ol  heart!

I love how we were talking about darts and throwing a bullseye. I was feeling pretty- in the vortex-and said well I can. He offered me $100 to prove it-first try. I haven't played darts in YEARS-and was never that good. But there was no thought of that when I went to his dart board, asked the universe for me to make a bullseye - of course made it-dead center! FUN!

I love my confidence now! I love knowing I can do no wrong!
I love producing the best!
I love receiving the best!
I love FEELING my desires being answered!
I love this
::VE-Earth playground! FUN!
I love having fun and letting go of the rest!
I love how very easy it is when I do so!
I love how the universe works it all out for me!:beautiful:
I love my power to choose!
I choose my life to reflect what I am:
fun, love, pure positive energy, bliss, beauty ::music
I love going with my expansion!
I love money and I love all the money I have!
I am so excited to receive even MORE AND MORE MONEY!
I Love this beautiful site and all the beautiful people here!

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 Posted: Tue May 4th, 2010 07:45 am
I love this day!
I love experiencing a day I never thought I would be able to shout ::woohoo at...but I can!!!!!

I love LIFE! I
LOVE this life...my life!
I love knowing ME! more and more! I love loving ME!

I was feeling a bit sad and it just didn't feel right, I love how quick I can realign! I owned the feeling and once I did the bad feeling just could not stick!

I love every moment that is!
I love the conversation with a good friend!
I love seeing people through the eyes of source, how I (we) were meant to see them!::grapevine
I am truly so lucky and blessed! Thank you!
I love feeling so so so so so incredibly in tune!!!!

I love my I.B-ME-SOURCE!
I love askin
g my IB for an answer and getting it!

THANK YOU IB-I love feeling so connected with you!:kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

I love how love feels SO MUCH BETTER. LOVE of myself, of every being around me! I love knowing who I AM! Really! KNOWING what I want! I love feeling it!::musicI am just in love with everything!

I love laughing! I love having fun! I love embracing love and fun! I love my dog, my sister, my *crazy*
mom, my ex, my new friends, my new experiences, my old friends, the perfect man for me, my family, strangers, neighbors, cozy clothes, sexy clothes, yummy food, good wine, fabulous music, softness, luxury, beauty, technology, money, vacations, knowledge, sharing, clear oceans...
I love All::singer of You out there!

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 Posted: Tue May 4th, 2010 08:17 am
It is a beautiful day, made up of beautiful moments, love, beautiful people and I LOVE IT!


Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
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 Posted: Tue May 4th, 2010 11:44 pm
I love that I am still reeling in the power and vortex of my creation yesterday.

I love that I get to get up to speed with that!

I love that I feel pretty good right where I am at and am vibrating either in the Vortex or the top emotions...got hope? oh yeah!

I love that I am easily and gently releasing resistance.

I love that I am being easy on myself.

I love that I am feeling my through it.

I love that I feel and know myself as a powerful focuser.

I love that I focus with my feelings more than my thoughts.

I love that I have learned to let LOA take care of the thoughts.

I love knowing that I am the law of attraction.

I love knowing that I am Source.

I love knowing that I am eternally expanding and taking an emotional journey to the newly amended version of my latest greatest leading edge self.

I love that I woke up and felt for my alignment.

I love that I opened up and was ready and wet for the day.

I love that I am playing with changing patterns of belief.

I love that I know where I am going.

I love that I know exactly in which direction by my emotions.

I love that I am already there in my broader eternal self.

I love that I cannot separate my knowing of my nonphysical self from my physical self...it's just ME and all that is.

I love that I don't care if I feel that always or not, it's the core essence of who I am and I will feel it again and again and again and sooner than later.

I love knowing that I'm constantly calling myself to that. And it feels good. Nothing else does.

I love knowing that it is my dominant vibration. I love knowing that that is my Vortex.

I love knowing how EZ it is and how effective it is just to feel for, "get in the god damn vortex and let everything else take care of itself."

I love knowing that well being abounds. That I am well being.

I love imagining and intending and actualizing that that well being is flowing through every cell of my being. I love allowing it.

I love remembering that unfulfilled desires are just part of the game, the experience.

I love remembering that they are no more powerful than something on a buffet that I don't prefer to eat and don't eat.

I love knowing that what others say or think or do is not my business.

I love knowing that my personal preferences rock.

I love loving my specific perspective.

I love focusing on my own perspective and whether I'm aligned with it.

I love allowing others to have their own and not be wrong.

I love looking others opinions of me or negative emotions around their thoughts or beliefs about me slide off me like butter!!!

I love loving myself and them so much that I don't give a rip.

I love rampaging in my power.

I love that I am a match to others that think, feel and know and practice this.

I love seeing everything as wondrous well being.

I love Uber loving everything.

I love knowing that there is NOTHING worrisome or serious going on; nothing to be concerned about.

I love knowing that I create my reality.

I love that I create things and experiences and events and people and relationships and beautiful things for my pleasure and joy and satisfaction and fulfillment.

I love feeling so alive and full of life.

I love being eager about living my life.

I love that I have aligned with this.

I love that this is flowing out of me.

I love that I value my alignment more than anything.

I love the brownies I ate today.

I love my new OMS fantastic cell phone to play with.

I love my scooter ride to the Market today.

I love the those young kids were playing and singing Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven when we pulled up. I love that music and that mystical song. I love that music continues to live on an "awaken" other generations.

I love that healed my own body today with my thoughts.

I love that I noticed that young man carrying his Buddha art work and that I told him how much I loved it from my scooter and it uplifted him. He was so glad to share that yes, he was gonna paint it very colorfully.

I love that I am going to hang out and have girls night sleepover and create a fantastic in the vortex evening with my co-creating bf. I am so looking forward to the magic we will experience together.

I love that I manifested my most powerful manifestation ever yesterday; I'm still taking it in; It's "connecting" with another at that level of KNOWing of who she really is.

I love ALL that I manifested yesterday around my own rampage of KNOWing and FOCUS "connecting" with ALL the amazing wondrous Beings here on the forum whom I co-created that with...that State of Being expressed and all that it took for all of us to be aligned with that state...all the fine tuning, all the focusing, all the feeling good...LOL...that's wild....all the sticking our head in the sand and making it more important to connect to our core source self than what we were seeing or hearing! I am beyond words with expression of (I was gonna say gratitude: cause that's what I am feeling but that's got "unworthiness" resistance in it....I can feel it...so I'm gonna instead say) JOY! I couldn't be more worthy of that JOY and that fulfillment and satisfaction!

I love that I know that even this will get better and that it is indeed driftwood for experiencing and practicing and expressing that same state of being with a partner(s). I KNOW it.




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I love how amazing my work was yesterday. The girls are so friendly and I am so lucky to work with such wonderful people.

I love how supportive my boyfriend is of me staying in Australia.

I am so excited to have an appointment with someone who is going to help me improve my thoughts.

I am delighted to have coffee last night with friends and bounce around business ideas.

It is so good to see my friend last night, she is absolutely inspiring.

The coffee house is so wonderful, I love the little cozy booths and how all the staff joke around you!

I am lucky that my dad and my parents are so supportive.

I am looking forword to this job and the opportunities for promotion.

I am excited about my course which starts really soon!

I like living in such a beautiful home.

I love warm baths.

I love my beautiful makeup case, I love how its like a suitcase! :)

I love my parents. I am so lucky to have parents who love me and support me like this.

I love my grandmother. She is so encouraging, she is divine! She inspires me every day!

I love the shopping centre where I work. I am so lucky to work there. Its so bright and shiny!

I love the cute outfits I see on women around me! I love the pencil skirts and the little sweaters that cling to a woman's shape, so cute! I love sky high heels!

I love all my awesome and inspiring lawyer friends and I love seeing all the different directions that we went in after law school.

I love being with B's sister because she is fun and she inspires me with her energy and how she lives her life.

I love how supportive my boyfriend is being with my decision to stay where I am. I love how if anyone can work it out long distance, its  us!

I am truly content and happy with how things are. I love all my friends in all the different countries that I have lived in in the past few years. I feel like this is just the beginning! Bring it on!



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My rampage went away! So short and sweet recap...

Shout out to LUCY- it feels so good to hear your RAMPAGE!
 and RichANN- so what I've been feeling!

I love my IB being able to connect and align so easily! Nothing else feels right!  Source, me, just won't let me go there for long!

I love IT! Source, Me, MY IB!

I LOVE who I AM beyond words!

I love that I Am such pure Love!

I love feeling it! I love living it!

I love laughing with my grandparents! Love their vibrational match and did I mention our laughter! I love throwing around money with them! I love people who get it!

I love sharing my joy with everyone around me!

I love feeling it throughout my day-such ultimate BLISS!


I love how easy life is when I choose it to be! When I feel it!

OH I am feeling it and I love it!

I love my life! I love All of it!

I love being so carefree, knowing, sexy fun and loving! I am so cool!

I love receiving the same back!


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