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Joined: Sat Nov 29th, 2008
Location: Australia
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 Posted: Fri May 21st, 2010 02:57 am
I love where I am right now! I love everything in my life!

I love my beautiful mummy and boyfriend and gal pals! I love my chihuahua!

I love the people in my life - i am so grateful!

I am grateful for all of the wonderful things that happen to me!

I love all of my acting gigs! Feature films galore, TV stuff etc! Love it so much!

I love my singing and recordings - so lucky to be working with such a great songwriter - we are gonna take over the world together!

I love my stuff!!

I love me! I love my beautiful hot bod and pretty face! I love being really healthy and feeling GOOD!

I love the yummy eggs i'm about to eat! I love my green tea in the mornings!

I love doing Pilates DVDs - so relaxing and great for my body!

I love water galore! So pure and good for my body!

I love having lunch and dinner dates with my awesome friends!

I love my holidays! I can't wait to go to Cairns! WOO! Can't wait to stay in such a lush hotel!

SO GRATEFUL!! THANKYOU UNIVERSE! Today i look for things to love and appreciate !



Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Fri May 21st, 2010 03:52 am
Haly-love feeling the power behind your rampage! Now how do you get that color purple?! I don't have that option! But I love it!

I woke up today feeling frustrated (of course for no reason)-realized that is how I felt going to sleep-so thank ME (and all my universal supporters) for realizing it and getting back to feeling good!

I love knowing tonight I am going to go to fall asleep feeling all the goodness in my life!

I love feeling so free and invigorated!

I love complimenting others!

I love the warmth today!

I love my vacuumed car!

I love my perfectly functional computer!

I love how fast it is and it has the best of the best features!

I love how good it looks and feels!

I love fun songs!

I love my conversation with my Dad and how open he is to me! I love that he can talk about things with me that he can't tell anyone else!

I love feeling such unconditional right now beyond words....LOVE for EVERYONE!

I love that my aunt and my guy friend (we'll call him) talks with me about stuff that they haven't told anyone else..

I love that open uplifting vibe for others and just being there in the moment with them!

I love my fun cute but sexy and comfy clothes!

I love my style! I love my body! It amazes me! I am so healthy, vigorous, fit, limber, every part of my body is so right on!

I love every cell that makes up my extraordinary body!

I love everyone that makes up our experience!

I love fun dinner dates with a cool guy! I love how we get each other and it feels so good to be with each other! I love how HOT he is! I love how he can tell me how hot I am! I love that it is fun and uplifting! I love that we see each other through source! I love feeling what is to come! I love the beauty we see in our self and each other magnified when we are together!

I love fun dates!

I love planning a party!

I love going to parties!

I love quiet evenings at home with people I love!

I love just going ::singer with everything! So nice!

I love learning more everyday!



I love feeling so good!

Much love to all of you!

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Joined: Sat Nov 29th, 2008
Location: Australia
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 Posted: Sat May 22nd, 2010 04:17 am
I love seeing the world as a GIANT FUN HOUSE!!

So many fun, exciting activities to enjoy!!!

I love having FUN FUN FUN!!

I love how 'life is supposed to be fun'!!!

I love feeling joy in all that i do!! I love radiating the vibes of JOY!!

I love being ahppy and smiling!!

I love having so much energy and dancing through my wonderul, fun life!

I love it all! I love all of the activities i get to participate in day to day!!


I love how the purpose of life is JOY!!

I love playing with my playmates!

I love living inside a giant play pen!! I love seeing the world as a playground!!

There is so much fun to be had and so much joy to experience!

I am so in love with life! I love smiling and experiencing jOY!!

I love Abe for letting me know that life is supposed to be fun!!

I love my giant theme park/FUN HOUSE!!! I love how the manager of this place gives me whatever I want! I love being so open to receive!! Seein the world as a giant fun house makes me so open to receive!!

I love my weekend and all of the fun activities to be experienced! Love teaching my students at the dancing studio!! Love going out for some yummy sushi - YUM my favourite weekend treat!! I love getting dressed up and looking hot! I love doing my hair and make-up - I LOVE PLAYING DRESS UPS!! I love going into the recording studio for hours and spending time with such a high energy person! I love rehearsing my awesome songs and songwriting and recording - so much fun! I love going out for Saturday night drinks for my friends' birthdays and special occasions! I love the Chalk!! I love doing yoga on Sundays and going out to lunch with my family and then dinner with an old friend! YUM!! Can't wait for my fun weekend!!





Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Sat May 22nd, 2010 06:26 am
Yes - Life is so much fun!
Really!!! LOVE IT! IT'S UP TO US!

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Joined: Sat Nov 29th, 2008
Location: Australia
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 Posted: Mon May 24th, 2010 02:12 am
I love life! I love being in my vortex - the place where everything i want already exists! How exciting! The place where I am taking the world by STORM and being such a successful musician and actress! YESSSSS!!!!

I am so happy and thankful and excited in my vortex!!

The place where it is all HAPPENING!!

It's all ONNNN!!!!

So happy with what i have achieved thus far - recording deals, movies, TV work and photoshoots and red carpet invites and more! It's only the beginning!

I love going to the gym and eating well everyday! I love being fit!

I love my family and friends and boy - they are all such wonderfully funny characters - i love seeing them like characters in a movie and enjoy watching them - HEHEHEHE!!!!!

I love basking and going on wonderful holidays around the world and staying in luxury hotels - how exciting!!

I love my hot fashion sense - love throwing things together - love my rock chic/hippy style! Love my image!

I love Wild Child! Love creating new routines and being with children!

I love packing! Love picking clothes etc to take! Love pampering myself too!

Can't wait for my trip!


The place where i am such a big star!




Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Mon May 24th, 2010 05:46 am
Woohoo Haly!  You said IT IS ON! So feeling it and I love IT! LOVE IT! You and me universe, Ib we have it ALL! YES!

AW how I love being in the vortex! 

I love my life!

I love that my days and nights are filled with such wonderful fun exciting experiences!

I love that I get to experience them with such great fun loving people!

I love the gentle ease I that I put my desires out there and WOW how I receive! Thank you!

I love a spending time with my cool fun young cousin yesterday! I love her genuine heart and spunk! I love her love of money! I love talking about how great money is with her! I love how we don't expect anything but LOTS of money! Fun!

I love money! Money is so hot and sexy!  LOVE IT! YES!

I love my genuine loving family! WOOHOO to all my friends and family! I love them so!

I love that I am uplifting to them always! Love that I can do that! I love how it all works! I am me and how I allow them to choose for themselves!

Being around a "grumpy" person today....I just laugh at all his complaints and I love that he ......eventually laughs with me and realizes for himself how silly it is to be upset about a cabinet door not closing or whatever!

I love being ME!

I love how perfect I am!

I LOVE how perfect we all are!
I love feeling such deliciousness and love for eveyone I encounter! Does that make any sense? No. Oh I just Love it anyway!

Normally I would edit but I love that is me,  I am a little a little quirky (we all are)! I love ME! I love that I am laughing right now!

I went to the store and bought ranch and mayo...was SO excited to get back and eat this cheese sandwich. I was standing in one line, noticed there was a lady open (which is unlikely). The lady said she was day dreaming and we talked about how nice it is to daydream. Then she tells me she is really wants a cheese sandwich and how good it would taste. (I was only buying ranch dressing and mayo, no bread or cheese) I thought that was pretty cool, there are no coincidences. I love experiencing A NEW way to see LOL in action!

I love hanging out with an old friend yesterday! Fun!
I love her open sunny clean home!

I love hanging out on a boat today!

I love how perfect the weather was! I love the sun and cool occasional breeze! I love the blue skies! I love that every color on this planet is so much more vibrant to me now! I love the perfect water and how the sun reflects so beautifully on it! WoW! This planet IS Gorgeously beautiful! :kiss:Oh we are are All so gorgeously beautiful!

I love hanging out in my bikini all day! I love feeling so good and fit! And hot! I love knowing now how hot I am! Wow I do look good in anything and nothing!::LOLLove it!

I love summer and all my fun clothes!

I love LOVE!

I love feeling love all around!

I love shopping!

I love fun trips!

I love home too!

I love my dog!

I love the best of everything!

I love my fun smart funky hot sexy sweet self! 

I love learning more each day! I LOVE YOU IB and SOURCE!


I Love all of you!

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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Tue May 25th, 2010 03:48 am
I love that I am sitting outside and typing this now!
I love the perfect temperature!
I love the kids laughing in the background! Fun!
I love the vibrant colors all around me!
I love watching my dogs play! So free!
I love soaking it all it in right now- love it!
I love the next moment to- I  intend it to be joyous!
I also have to give a huge appreciation for my new shoes-they are so cool and comfy! And even though they wouldn't hold the typical standard of hot or sexy... I look hot and sexy in them!! I love them! I've been asking and they were given-thank you!
I love hanging out with such a fun being today!
I love her positive energy! 
I love being around so many people and only feeling love from each and every person!
I love my fun day!
I love that I was able to feel each wonderful moment as wonderful!
I love intending a situation and receiving so much more!
Thank you for the walk with my employer! I love our fun conversations!
I love my fun phone conversations!
I love my alone time with my Ib and my desires!
I love my tan!
I love my mom's uniqueness! Love it! I love that I finally get it-THANKS ABE!
I love that my grandma said to me 'what a nice shape you have'
....and this is my grandma who tells it like it is! I love her!
I love my hot body and all my sexy curves!
I love my clean and shiny car!
I love hanging out with such fun people!
I love my fun life! WOOHOO!
Much love!!!!


Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Wed May 26th, 2010 06:11 am
I love my wonderful full life of people and experiences who are full of fun good energy!

I love sleeping in and waking up feeling so good!

I love the sunshine, the warmth!

I love my new outfit and looking and feeling so good!

I love taking my Grandpa shopping! I love seeing him smile!

I love how excited he is to pick out his food...it takes him quite a bit of time that I painted my nails in the frozen food aisle!::LOL

I love the color I found! I love laughing about this with others!

I love laughing and experiencing FUN with others!


I love receiving genuine happy greetings from strangers that are passing by! I Love feeling so good and knowing that I AM An extension of all that is good...pure...love!

I love being a magnet to all that is good and joyful! Thank you!

I love you IB! I love that I can always reach for you and connection to source and you are ALWAYS there!

I love that Love IS all we need! How easy! How GREAT!

I love the really good looking guy today and I just watched him walking to his car appreciating his hotness! Nice!

I love that I can write all of this here and it feels good!

I love being awakened to what I always knew!

I love ME!

I love my car so much!

I love all the gorgeous cars I saw today!

I love the yummy veggie burger I ate for lunch!

Oh and how I love my perfect body! My beautiful face! My soft  hair that is the perfect color! My perfect health! I love my thighs, legs, arms, stomach, I am so loving how perfect my body is inside and out!

I love that my sister is getting her toes painted by her boyfriend!

I love that packing my stuff out of my old home was a good experience when it could have been different!

I love my ex! I love that it is him I experienced this with! I love his big heart! I love that we can still have a good positive connection and relationship! And  I love that I can say that because I couldn't see it a few months back. 

I love where I am and I love what is coming! Thank you! Thank you me my IB source everyone who has guided me to this point! I can't wait for more and more expansion! I love going with it! Fun!

So much LOVE to ALL OF YOU!

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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Thu May 27th, 2010 06:27 am
Wow this was a gorgeous day!

Yes! I love waking up ready for the day! Even with lake of sleep!

I love waking  and laughing even when others aren't! Oh I love going with it!  So much better!

I love going to work and having great vibes and conversations!

I love the beauty an love!
I love laughing and feeling so good!

I love just allowing it in, letting the love consume me!

I love feeling the power of who I am and it reflecting right back to me!  I love experiencing it with everyone around me!The power we have is amazing! 

I LOVE TRULY TUNING IN and knowing and feeling it!

MOre PLEASE! I love you blessed universe!

I love the peacefulness and delight of today!

I love the warm sun and gentle breeze!

I love the people that made up my day! So right on with their energy!

I love 'rushing' to give my sister something and it was no rush because I knew it IS ALL GOOD! I asked for perfect timing and it was given!

This life is so easy if we let it be! And I love that!

I love all the love that surrounds me and I THANK YOU!

The most love to everyone always! 

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Joined: Fri Feb 26th, 2010
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 Posted: Fri May 28th, 2010 04:33 am
I love waking up feeling so good!
I love my conversation with my dad last night! I love how these days I have people opening up to me and all the time! I love my new expanding glorious relationships-makes my heart ::music!
I love my alone time to do my vibrational uplifting!
I love having fun!
I love feeling so good!
I love my dog and I love his doggy BFF! I love playing with them!
I love connecting with my dog one on one- I love that I know when he needs it!
I love buying them cool toys and whipping them out of my bag one after another-It's like Christmas! They LOVED IT! FUN!

I always loved Christmas season because I always felt such love all around me, fun times, parties, friends and family, giving and getting gifts, excitement,anticipation of what's to come, ignoring all the bah humbugs, good food, laughter being in the now....I was in the know!


I love dancing on my couch now!

I love ME right now- you HAVE NO IDEA! I LOVE TYPING IT! I LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!! I love me!

I love spending time with my mom this afternoon! I love her thinking-so Abe-and she doesn't know it! She is so fun...when I see her through the eyes of source ::LOL!
Now that is what is is all about! AND I LOVE IT! And I love her!

I love letting it in! Going with it! Allowing each person and experience to BE as it/they are! And loving it at the same time! Miraculous! Beyond words!

I love MY LIFE!
I love feeling all my beauty that I am!
I love feeling all the richness that I am!
I love feeling all the power that I am!
I love feeling who I really Am!
I am source energy!
I am love!
I am all that is good!
I am a powerful creator!
I am abundance with no limit!
I am love!
I am wise!
I am beauty!
I am one with every being...with everything that is!
I am ME! Now how cool is that!
WOW!   WOW!    WOW!
Oh how great it is to know this! Amazing!
Thank you source and Abe so much!

I love buying a book with such spectacular images of the universe!
I love my new shirt and dress I bought today!
I love all the money I have!
I love how GOOD I look in all my new fun sexy cute comfy summer clothes!
I love summer!
I love my perfect body!
I love wearing a bikini!
I love laying out by the pool with fun people!
I love being tan!
I love getting my new stickers for my car when I didn't even think I bought them! Surprise!
I love that my cousin asked me to take her to the dentist to get her cavities filled.She never had one before and was nervous but we had such fun! I love laughing with the dentist, his assistants and how the fun vibe just keep attracting people to our conversation! I love that she left there saying "I always love the going to the dentist!" And no they didn't give her laughing gas...just a topical anesthetic! I love her cool easy fun nature!
I love what cool fun cousins and family I have!
I love asking for another specific part of my day to go accordingly and it so did! Exactly as I asked!
What a fun day! I can't wait for the next!
I love that we put our glorious, unique selves here now and we are from one source, one power that continues to call us...in different ways....LOVE it!  LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!!!!! AW so much love to everyone!

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 Posted: Fri May 28th, 2010 06:08 am
I love waking up in my VORTEX!!

I love basking and receling in my awesome playground of life!

I love all the fun to be had!

Loving my awesome holiday in the tropics - woo!

love my luxury hotel - great big bed, great balcony, great kitchen and loving the cable and free movies! now of to another hotel in another beautiful location! can't wait to go to the festival and indulge!

love my bf - such great company!

love my mummy and chihuahua - miss them so much!

i love my makeup and clothes - love revlon maxfactor rimmel and natio!

love love love LIFE!

love the city and just cruising along - woo!

love teh deslicious sushi train i just discovered - yeah!

love the movies and popcorn last night - such a cool flick!

love doing my own yoga workouts every morning - so relaxing and good for my body!

love practising my singing in the morning - so much fun and enjoyable! love singing!



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 Posted: Sat May 29th, 2010 02:01 am
I love walking up at my leisure this morning!

The clock in my room said it was later then I hoped, meaning I would not be able to get everything done I had planned.

Well I went downstream with it and checked my cell phone while letting the dogs out and it was exactly the time I wanted to get up! ::cool

I was able with perfect timing, as always, do everything I wanted to do!

I love that everything was such fun today!

I love being outside and soaking it all in!

I love how effortless and lovely it was cutting my grandparents grass!

I love laughing with my grandparents! I love making them laugh and they sure make me laugh!

I love MONEY! I love how effortless money comes to me!

I love seeing a friend I haven't seen in a while!

I love having lunch with two really cool friends and their awesome toddlers! Toddlers know what Abe is talking about!

I love eating yummy food and still having such a darn good looking body!

I love sunbathing with my cousin today!

I love the access to the pool I have!

I love laying next to the boats and the water today!

I love soaking in the warm sun, the cool breeze, the sounds fish splashing in the water!

I love this splendid planet we live on! It is just amazingly beautiful!

I love the perfect temperature today!

I love feeling so much love from my IB and source!

I love feeling so much love for them and everyone around me!

I love going downstream with it! The universe knows whats best!::thumb::woohoo::thumb::woohoo::thumb::woohoo

I love the time I spend with my dog! I love him so much!

I love that my cousin invited me out tonight! Fun!

I love getting ready and looking so good!

I love my hot new outfit I am wearing tonight!

I love how good I feel in it!

I love not having to understand where a person is coming from and just allow them to chose to feel that way! I love that I didn't push against her when she told me I couldn't do something! I get it!

I love making myself laugh! I am funny! I am sexy! I am smart! I am pure love! I am beautiful! I am giving! I am fun! I am so feeling it!

I love the night I am going to have full of fun people, laughter, and more fun! Love it!


Thank you! So much love to everyone out there!!

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 Posted: Sun May 30th, 2010 06:57 am
Wow! What a fun life on this wonderful planet!

I love waking up to perfect temperature, perfect blue skies, sun and wonderful people! I love the freshness of morning!

Wow! The of this beauty planet never stops amazing me!

I love fun good feeling music!

I love how much fun last night was! It was so much fun dancing and just feeling so good with everyone!

Asked and it is given! BELIEVE IT!

Thank you universe so much for such great wonderful experiences last night! Thank you for the wonderful man and connection! Nice!

I love all the people I experience this life with!

I love today! I love hanging out at the pool in the sun with wonderful people!

 I love swimming! I love the feel of the water and the feeling of my body in the water!

I love being tan! I love laughing with friends and strangers! I love looking so good and feeling it finally!

I love realizing what a specular life I have had!

I love learning....feeling the TRUTH of who I am and why I'm here!

I love LOVE the people in my life, my family, friends, 'strangers', my every encounter with every living being, every creature! No doubt I love it ALL!  I love that what that means is....

I Love ME!

I love my IB!

I love source!

I love all that is! I love ME!

 Thank you! Thank YOU! SO MUCH LOVE!


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 Posted: Mon May 31st, 2010 07:11 am
I love the sleep I got...it felt so good! I t felt so good waking up with so much energy and peace!

I  love laying in the sun again! Fun and I love connecting with my IB!

I love appreciating grass more then ever- Wow- grass is pretty cool...soft, vibrant in color the perfect contrast with the blue sky and oh it feels so good under my feet and it is alive, we created such a thing! I find grass so amazing!

I love the birds that sing and fly so free! My dog who is so happy playing with the squires! The blue skies!

::wowThis is our creation!

I love this planet! My IB SOURCE! I love you so much! I'M FEELING YOU! 

I love the fun time I had relaxing in the sun!

I love the hot tan I have!

I love my  dad!

I love the yard work I did!

I love the fun time with my family and friends!

I love expanding my friends and family!

I love feeling such love!

I love laughter!

I love IT ALL!

I love my veggie burger I ate!

I love giving my aunt a fun CD!

I love my fun outfits! HOT!

I love knowing!

I love such good times!

I love what is coming!

I love every part of toady-thank you! ALWAYS!



I love money! I love that it is just everywhere!

I love seeing people through the eyes of source!

I love letting it all in!

I love knowing me and I so love ME!

So much love to you!

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 Posted: Tue Jun 1st, 2010 03:20 am
I love everything about my life! this world!

I love this beautiful day!

I love going out on a boat with such cool people!

I love wearing a bikini!

I love nature! This planet!

I love the warmth and fun of summer! It just gets better and better!

I love my family and friends!

I love my perfect health!

I love connecting with beautiful fun positive people!

I love realizing how great I am-how cool!

I love all the money I have and all the money that is to come!

I love realizing it is all up to me!

I love that all my desires are not only possible but reality!

I love my IB SOURCE and ME!


Love you all!

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 Posted: Wed Jun 2nd, 2010 04:46 am
I love learning new stuff everyday! I love how good it feels to know-to hear what I've always felt! WOO-HOO!

I love seeing it work-what I am vibrating is my reality!

I love that I never let myself stray too far off from connection! Thank you EGS!

I love the ease of my day! I love how happy and in tune the little being was today!

I love seeing life through a child eyes! They are so in the know!

I love seeing her laugh, I mean LAUGH at nothing! I So love feeling it!

I love carefree loving people I experienced the day with!

I love the nap I took!

I love my car and how really great it is!

I love what I expect is the same as what I receive!

I love having fun!

I love that everything is perfect right now and always!

I love how fast my hands typed that!

I love knowing it!

I love spending so much time with my dog and playing with him! Love him!

I love the how fresh and clean I feel after my shower now!

I love how great my hair looks and feels and smells!

I love how delicious I smell!

I love seeing my sister after her VC!

I love my dad's energy!

I love my job!

I love the people I experience through my job!

I love that I can be outside everyday!

I love all the new and old friends I experience this life with!

I love my family!

I love experiencing such LOVE!

I love going with my expansion!

I love that I can not get it wrong!

I love feeling such love!

After talking to someone on the phone-the conversation was not going the way I wanted so I took a deep breath and in our long pause said to myself
 'I intend to get my point across and end up with ect. ect.' And they said right after that 'I'm not going to fight you on this so fine'
I've applied segment intending twice while I was in the middle of a conversion and it worked perfectly both times COOL! And thank you!

I love all the money I have-It is all over!

I love knowing more is to come!

I love feeling what is to come!

I love this great moment-right now!

I am feeling so blessed and loved right now!

I love loving my unique self!

And I so love loving it in others!

Wow! This life is so blissful!

I love this forum! I love Abe!  I love source! I love ALL THAT IS! I LOVE  that I am one of the same!

UM HUM- now that rampage did a terrific vibrational uplift for me! I love it! I love it All!

So much love to all of you!

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 Posted: Thu Jun 3rd, 2010 05:51 am
I love my mornings! I love getting ready and hanging outside with my dogs! I love soaking it all in!

Funny my hair straightener suddenly stopped working and my fairly new computer was making this crazy loud sound all at the same time (it was in my case and I could hear it from across the house).

I plugged my straighter in every outlet to no avail. Everything else worked in the outlet the buttons were all pushed in -so I  said ::chinfor not even a minute and then oh well everything is good and went on getting ready.

I just love that after I was done getting ready I turned my computer on and it stopped making that noise and it is in perfect working order! What would you know...haha... I plugged my straighter in and it worked without effort! I love how these minuscule moments make me realize how it all works! Thank you!

I love wearing all my cute, comfy sexy new summer clothes!
I love summer!
I love the heat! The sun! The smell of summer! The fun!
I love how my days and nights are full of such fun loving experiences! Keep it coming Please! I love it!
I love experiencing a new class at work and I saw people I haven't seen in about a year!

I love looking my best! I love how they complimented me on how thin and fit I look! When they ask me what I do to look this way I so almost said 'it's just vibration' ::LOLbut didn't, not yet anyway! Oh but I so want to shout it out!

I love knowing!
I love how my vibe attracts such fun!
I love feeling such peace!
I  love laughing and having good conversations today!
I love seeing everyone and everything I'm feeling is attracted to me!

I love that I am a magnet to love, fun, joy, knowledge, beauty, laughter, beauty, money, to all my desires!

I love that I have so much money! It just keeps showing up everywhere! YES! Money is so much fun! I love the smell of money! I love money!

I love that I needed a coaster and I am using a envelope with some bill in it.  I have no idea what it is I didn't bother to check. Now it is engulfed in the sweat of my drank - goodbye! Love iT!

I love feeling so much love and goodness all around me!

I love
I love IT ALL!
I love the fun lunch I had!
I love the excitement of my days!
I love expecting and I love receiving just that!
What a great life I have!
I love replacing song lyrics with my name! FUN!
I love buying such cool presents for such cool people today!
I love wrapping presents! I love giving them!
I love I can do that!
I love how the perfect pair of sunglasses were just laying there...just for me!  I love them! Cool!
I love my IB ,source!
I love knowing how perfect IT ALL IS! THANK YOU!

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 Posted: Fri Jun 4th, 2010 07:08 am
Oh my I love life!
I love waking up with perfect timing so in the vortex!

I got to work and my little being was crabbY! I thought how is is possible because I am so in the vortex? Why is she not vibbing it?
Well it took about 5 minutes and she was so there with me! Love it!

I love just having fun with her- It is so easy and fun when I allow it to be!

I love how my day was perfect in every way!

I love that it was full of fun, loving, positive people!  Full of fun
interesting conversations!

I love learning a bit more about ME! I love ME! I love loving ME a bit more everyday!

I love my IB-you are incredible! Always! Thank you!

I love the fun lunch I had with such great friends! I love how open
we are with each other. I love their beauty and energy!

I love LAUGHING so hard with them I was crying!



I love the true connections I have made since Abe....AMAZING PEOPLE AND EXPERIENCES!

I love you Abe! I love you source! I LOVE ALL THAT IS!

I love walking in the sun!

I love being in the store and intending to buy something but it wasn't in my size. My friend said well maybe at another store. I sent out a  gentle 'I  want this to be here now' and then picked out another color and got excited. Well what do you know as we were walking out, there it was in my size and color! So now I have two cool items in different colors!

I love that I can milk my day and have it written here!!

I love my job! I am free at my job! I get to experience so love!

I love the unexpected fun totally in the vortex person I experienced at work this morning! So fun!

I love money by the way! Money! Money I love you! I love it!

Oh I also love getting a compliment from my sister right now! I love how compliments flow to me so freely! I love how many I received tonight, and well always now! Thanks Abe! I love how my beauty and just me SHINE!

I love leaving work feeling so good!

 I love the alone quiet time I spent!

I love going to dinner with such good friends!

I love reconnecting with them! I love hugs!

I love our conversation!

I love the fun and ease of tonight!

I love all the wonderful loving people in my life!

I love my huge grin as I type this!

AW.. I love the thought of going to sleep!

I love tomorrow!

So much LOVE to all of you!

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 Posted: Fri Jun 4th, 2010 03:10 pm
I just love life!

I love it all!!

I love being tapped in, tuned in and turned on!


I love KNOWING that the Universe will always take care of me and give me whatever i want! WOO!!

I loved my holiday up north (please excuse my absence)! what fun and adventure!

I love books! I love author cecelia ahern! i love getting lost in a magical book full of love!

I love yummy goodness food!

I love being ME! i am awesomeness!

i love my fab friends n fam! they rock my socks - woo!

I love being grateful for my life!

I love my family SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! love them all and so sos sosososo grateful for each and every one of them!

Love my chihuahua - we have such a deep connection that i just love! OH!!

OH i just love the juicyness of living! being tapped in tuned in and turned on!

I love my UNIVERSAL MANAGER!! i love how he just manifests what i want at the perfect time!

I love the internet - great way to communicate with friends!!

I love my special boy!

I love activities and having FUN!!

I love acting singing dancing modelling and performing!


I love clothes and getting a great bargain!! I love shopping!!

I love going to sizzler and movies with my aunt!!

I love my home, my room, and my spa bathroom!!

I love makeup! love rimmel and natio right now!! <3

Love the yummy dinner i had - so grateful!

I love my idols - michael jackson, kylie, gaga, miranda kerr, jim carey - all such tuned in tapped in and turned on people!! Will Smith, Jennifer Love Hewitt - love them all !!

I love my shoes - love my Nat Sui winter boots, sandles and wedges and more!!




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 Posted: Sat Jun 5th, 2010 10:11 am
Oh boy what a day! Thank you thank you for all the knowledge!

I woke up in the vortex! YES!

Then I experienced some contrast I wasn't expecting and it sucked! Really bad!

So I listened to my IB and did my Abe work and WoW I not only came to peace with it but got back into the vortex!

Thank you for my EGS! I really needed it and used it today!

Thank you Abe for all your beautiful words! The daily quote
EXACTLY RIGHT ON to what I was ASKING!!!!!!!!

It seems like you really want different things,
 or are even choosing different paths.
But when you both tend to your Emotional Journey,
the Universe will cleverly give you both exactly what you want… When you tend to the Emotional Journey,
this Universe has the resources and
 the cleverness to orchestrate for each
 of you what you exactly want
 even when you think they are opposites one
 from another. It's great fun to watch.

--- Abraham

I was screaming at you universe-WHY? REALLY?WHAT?-And the whole time I knew the answer and was struggling to accept.

I love YOU IB!::stardustSO MUCH!

I love the rockets of desire I shout out today! YES!

Oh I love how knowing now that they are answered!!

I love a good conversation with my ex!

I love how it's ALL GOOD ALWAYS! REALLY!


I love being able to align so easily!

Thank you IB for letting me KNOW you are always here!

I love my IB! I love FEELING you!

I love all my fun summer clothes I discovered today!

I love knowing and feeling how deserving I am! Oh I SO AM!

I love getting chills when I write this!


I love laughing so hard I  had tears...again tonight! And then laughing so hard after that! My stomach is so tight after such laughter!

I love fun people with awesome energy! Oh I love laughing with them!

I LOVE that it is all up to me! And I choose to be happy!

I love my family and friends so MUCH!

Thank you!

I love how I can ignore reality!

I was told tonight I need to watch the news and know whats going on in the world.

Not ME! It's not my reality!

 I love following what feels GOOD to me! OH YES What FEELS GOOD TO ME! YEP THAT'S ALL! 

That is all I accept and I love It! LOVE IT!

I love this day and all it has taught me!

I so love going with my expansion!

I so love all of you!

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