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Rampage for feeling good
 Moderated by: Marc, Leslie, David  
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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2010 06:27 pm
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I love feeling good.  I love singing when i feel good

I am becoming more sensitive to how i feel

I am able to change my focus easily

Things are going well

I love feeling good

All is well

Life feels so good from inside the vortex

I love life inside the vortex

And i love the contrast that causes me to expand

I love that i was sick last week because now i feel soooo much more healthy than ever before

I love that i understand my body more now than ever

I love how much energy i am feeling coarsing through my body right now

I love knowing that it is because of my alignment

I love alignment

I love feeling bliss through my body

I love feeling so good that i feel full of bliss and love

I love that feeling that is alignment with who i am

I love who i am

It feels so good

I realise anything else doesnt matter

It feels so good

I love knowing this consciously

I love feeling the energy of source flow through me

I love feeling my heart is full of energy and passion and connection

Feeling good is so good

I love feeling aligned with the delicious food that i am inspired to eat

I love eating and feeling soooo much enjoyment and bliss

I love knowing that the energy with which i create a meal, i experience again after i have eaten it

I love knowing that connection

I love how vital and alive i am feeling

I love waking up eager and fresh and full of beans and excited for the things i am inspired to do

I love waking up feeling energised

I love feeling so good

It feels so goood

I love knowing that THIS is everything that i want

I love knowing that the universe will bring me more and more blissful experiences

I love the universe

I love my life

I love the forum

I love living inside the vortex

I love my friends

I love my family

I love abers

I love contrast and i love riding the wave of rockets that the contrast has allowed

I love knowing all is well

I love knowing everything will work out in any event

I love knowing there is no end

I love knowing there is no rush

I love knowing that there is everlasting life

I love knowing that i am surrounded by loving non physical cooperate loved ones

I love knowing that everything that i need to know comes to me

I love knowing

I love trusting

I love feeling good

I love rising above, seeing beyond, aligning with broader view

I love feeling this good

I love energy

I love good energy

What else matters?

Love feels soooo good

It is good to love

Be a lover

Be a easy goer

Be a friend

Be a good person

I am.    xxxxxxxxxxxxx

So are you.



Thank you love and life and all that is.  We are so blessed, what a wonderful world we live in....xxxxxxxxxxxx

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