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THE WORKOUT ! (the Forum Gym)
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Joined: Fri Mar 21st, 2008
Location: Vienna, Virginia USA
Posts: 1498
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 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 01:49 am
1 more good news from my Brazil project

2 so good I'm back to Brazil on Tuesday

3 the Vortex is a state of being

4 I continued to look for reasons to feel good during significant contrast

5 and I expanded

6 I feel proud

7 I got good news from another business project with a giant company

8 I feel relaxed

9 Please believe

10 guys. we are in the right place at the right time!



Joined: Tue Jun 17th, 2008
Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Posts: 1590
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 03:41 am
  1. Loving the BFT new gym
  2. Walking barefoot through the cool grass at the big park next door on my way home
  3. bottled water provided for me
  4. new benefits being provided for me too by my boss!
  5. the LIST function on the forum - suddenly counting my BFTs is as easy as pressing ENTER!!
  6. A busy day
  7. watching the man being taken aback by the dog laying 'alone' on the sidewalk! LOL! He was a good sport
  8. The idea of hanging out in my swimming pool tonight and driving home with the windows open, letting the warm wind dry my hair
  9. meditating at the shore in the middle of the night
  10. Beautiful sandals and callus' that make it easy to wear beautiful sandals!
  11. Divine timing and the strong inspiration that I receive whether or not I ever find out why
  12. The amazing Pandora - music on demand, at my fingertips, exactly the kinds I like
  13. I can have a delicious barbecue tonight with hubby
  14. living at the thorton apartments and eating out, watching movies and parking my green car downstairs
  15. the idea and the knowing that bfts making my body even sexier!
  16. delicious, luscious, juicy, sweet rainier cherries in my mouth
  17. spending time at the spa next week
  18. maybe having a winning lotto ticket in my pocket!
  19. I don't need to actually have a winning ticket to FEEL like I have everything I want and to feel the well-being that I associate with winning - yeah!
  20. the cool shade of the big pine trees and the sweet smell of the fresh lavender in my garden


Joined: Sun Feb 15th, 2009
Location: Sunny Sydney, Australia
Posts: 1267
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 03:46 am
Appreciating so much about my life

Appreciating everyone that I have in my life

Remembering Who I am

Appreciating Who I Am 

Knowing , yes knowing, how bloomin' wonderful I am!

Loving the fact that I am Non Physical Energy in a physical body and that I chose to come here - yay!

Loving my life experience - every single second of it, even the contrast

Loving the work I do and the great contribution I am making

Loving that I am known amongst all my friends & colleagues as Ms Positivity

Loving looking in the mirror and seeing Source shine back at me through my eyes.

Loving being back in this BFT Gym ::woohoo

Love that Holland will win the world cup!::devil

Hands in the Clay

Joined: Sun Feb 7th, 2010
Location: The Perfume Vortex Of The World, France
Posts: 419
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 09:56 am

1) The soft smell of oleander blossoms all through the apartment
2) Finding the couch cover I've been looking for and treating myself to the matching squashy throw pillows
3) The amazing confirmation again of the allowing I'm doing with this latest humongous international company trusting me with their worldwide translations - it really does "just come" when you reset the vibration.
4) My cat finding reasons to be goofy just because it's more fun
5) Laughing while I watch him
6) Gregorian chant concert tonight in an ancient abbey
7) Having the power to renegotiate a deadline as I remember that now I hold the cards, and I am empowered
8) Getting used to the idea that I don't have to fix anybody or solve their lives
9) Lifeisgood's appreciation workouts
10) The honking horns in town last night after Spain won the semi-final for the first time
11) Time "to myself" in the car tonight
12) Telling my prosperity story yesterday and being amazed again at it myself
13) Being happy to be me
14) I'll never get it done
15) Breakfast
16) Dreams that point more and more to where I'm going, less and less to where I've been
17) Getting used to the big time
18) Knowing that much, much bigger times are on their way
19) Quiet music and clean laundry
20) The shifting apartment vibe - and what it means about me


Joined: Tue May 19th, 2009
Location: On The WAY, USA
Posts: 825
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 12:55 pm
  1. OH yeah I didn't see this function I appreciate Rebecca pointing it out
  2. I appreciate seeing the sun ::woohoo
  3. I appreciate the little red and yellow birds in the flowering tree right in front of my window
  4. I appreciate delicious eggplant pasta hmmmmm
  5. I appreciate thinking of positive indicators for my project
  6. I love love love thinking that putting the focus on positive indicators could change the ::VE-Earth
  7. Thanks Tony and Jerry and Barbara and Indi-Em for the call outs -- I FEEL GO(o)D ::ghost
  8. I love when I don't get a ride I have a nice walk and get great exercise!
  9. I appreciate having clean water to drink all day long out of the cooler.
  10. I am enjoying planning my trip through Brussels to the states::group
  11. I appreciate my work so much
  12. I appreciate the strong connection I remade with friends who came to Sierra Leone
  13. I appreciate having collegues to talk about ideas with
  14. I love the reseach that says skip the small talk people who talk about substantial things are happier::nod
  15. I love how people take the time to share positive things on facebook or here on the forum or....
  16. I love when some one tucks in a tag or says you have green on your tooth or toilet paper is stuck to...
  17. I love writing my report and thinking about how it will affect people and how they will smile when they read it
  18. I love when each of you says how much more abundance is coming into your life ::money
  19. I love how we can all see positives all around the world where ever we are
  20. I so appreciate those who post on my Africa thread ::TU::iluyou help raise my vibrations so that I can be aligned with that unending Source
::TU:kiss:, Nancy


Joined: Tue Jun 17th, 2008
Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Posts: 1590
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 07:49 pm
  1. I started a new neat exercise yesterday
  2. Thank goodness this really requires me to focus!
  3. I have vacation time I can use so I get to have fun and still have money!
  4. I've done this before
  5. I like a solution which causes strong positive focus
  6. It's going to be a beautiful summer day here.
  7. I have enough to do at work to keep myself pleasantly busy if I wish.
  8. I got to do many things yesterday that were very pleasing and downstream for me.
  9. I can finish my BFTs later and make my bus on time!


Joined: Sat May 12th, 2007
Location: DC
Posts: 1917
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 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:20 pm
1.  I appreciate the power of a better feeling thought.

2.  I appreciate sitting at my desk, and reflecting.  I'm reflecting on the times I've posted on the BFT thread, and how more at ease it felt to just focus on a thought that felt better.  It's almost as if the three words of 'feeling,' 'better,' and 'thought' have some magical combination.  It's like reciting a combination of words in a mantra which can unlock the secrets of the universe (grin).

3.  I appreciate the simplicity and ease of feeling good.

4.  I appreciate having a wonderful life, and especially, a wonderful attitude to look at this life.

5.  I appreciate every moment, every practice period I've used to improve the way I feel.

6.  I appreciate thinking about a great life I'm having.

7.  I appreciate how this thread always picks me up.  I think of all the BFT members - Jerry, Barbara, Tony, Nancy, Elena, Sandra, and all you other wonderful people who write all the good things in your life to focus on.  You all inspire me.

8.  I appreciate thinking that life is meant to feel good.

9.  I appreciate listening to Abraham last night.

10.  I appreciate thinking about my career, my personal relationships, my family, my income, my house, and knowing it just gets better and better.

11.  I appreciate knowing it's OK to bask in the wonders of life (grin).

12.  I appreciate the programming I'll pursue later this summer for an upcoming web project.

13.  I appreciate logical reasoning, as well as emotional balance.

14.  I appreciate air conditioned rooms.

15.  I appreciate an organized house.

16.  I appreciate seeing my environment is just a reflection of how I feel, and y'know I really like my environment, because it feels good to me (grin).

17. I appreciate thinking of all the good things in my life.

18.  I appreciate finding time to feel good.

19.  I appreciate finding time to focus.

20. I appreciate a great life (grin).

Last edited on Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:22 pm by AttractionFactor


Joined: Sat May 12th, 2007
Location: DC
Posts: 1917
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:25 pm
LemonAid wrote:
14. I appreciate the new gym and I am appreciating that the Attraction Factor is going to be popping in at any point to give us a great personal trainer tip::cool::rocket

Ask and you shall receive!


Joined: Sat May 12th, 2007
Location: DC
Posts: 1917
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 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:37 pm

Deliberate Creator Workout Tip of the Day

Today I will focus only on what I want to see, and I want to feel good, no matter what.


                 I see only what I want to see, and I see the good in all people. I want to feel good, as I see the good in all people I see.

Today, no matter where I'm going, no matter what I am doing, and no matter who I'm doing it with -- it is my dominant intent to look for that which I'm wanting to see.

I'm wanting to find thoughts and words and actions that feel good while I'm finding them.

For in doing so, I am, in the moment, practicing the art of allowing all that I've been telling the Universe I'm wanting, for all of the days of my existence.

Abraham, Law of Attraction



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Joined: Sat May 12th, 2007
Location: DC
Posts: 1917
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:47 pm

Deliberate Creator Workout Tip of the Day

Ain't life grand?

Ain't life grand? Ain't you glad to be alive? Ain't you just so pensive to know life is so beautiful? Ain't you just so glad we are on the leading edge? Ain't you just glad to know it gets better and better?

i'm glad to be alive. i'm glad to know life is beautiful. i'm glad to be posting here. i'm glad to write things that life is meant to be so exciting. i'm glad to know life goes on and on and on and on.

life is so good ... life just gets better and better and better ... i want more to just let life come and come..... can you believe how wonderful life is .... life is so goood........

Ain't you glad to be alive?

Last edited on Thu Jul 8th, 2010 11:59 pm by AttractionFactor


Joined: Sun Mar 28th, 2010
Location: Melbourne, Florida USA
Posts: 1364
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 Posted: Fri Jul 9th, 2010 12:16 am
Kids and their cheesy Vortexy smiles...

Don't cha just Love it !!!!!!!!!!!


Joined: Tue Jun 17th, 2008
Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Posts: 1590
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Fri Jul 9th, 2010 12:43 am
  1. Knowing the difference between a better thought and a better feeling thought feels wonderful.
  2. Ahhh...
  3. I don't have to be right.
  4. I don't have to think or care or fret about anyone else's vibe.
  5. I don't have to figure it all out right now.
  6. When I'm solidly in my vortex I look and feel amazing. My body can't buck my current of well-being!
  7. I am really good at intentionally finding my way into my vortex and I keep getting better all the time.
  8. I am a people magnet.
  9. And I have the coolest, most Abe-ish mass of fantastic friends!
  10. With or without the money, I can reach for and find better feeling thoughts about this subject. I can not pay and not be miserable because of it.
  11. Oh right! There is never any good reason to use any excuse to feel less than good. Whee!!! I'm terrible with money! Whee!!! (props to Ellenyo!)


Joined: Tue May 19th, 2009
Location: On The WAY, USA
Posts: 825
Status:  Offline
 Posted: Fri Jul 9th, 2010 12:33 pm
  1. Whahoooo the personal trainer is in da Gym -- Go Steve
  2. I love when you ask and it is given ::woohoo
  3. YES I am glad to be ALIVE!!:beautiful:
  4. I appreciate how life is getting better and better
  5. I appreciate plastic covering over wet seats -- so considerate
  6. I appreciate Kids and their cheesy Vortexy smiles... Yes ChillinJoan
  7. I appreciate when that BFT feels absolustely WONDERFUL RR
  8. I love how a dose of BFT's to start the day is a powerful boost
  9. I am excited about going to one of our schools graduations today
  10. I am excited that a friend is planning a fundraiser

::TU:kiss:, Nancy


Joined: Sun Mar 7th, 2010
Location: Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland
Posts: 638
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 Posted: Fri Jul 9th, 2010 02:33 pm
  1. I am so happy that a final payment notice for a medical bill received today has just been withdrawn due "to error" and that I know that the Universe took care of.
  2. I appreciate being alive
  3. I appreciate Nancy for her warmth and for being a wonderful uplifter
  4. I appreciate all the players on this BFT work out
  5. I love reading and relating to everyone else's BFT
  6. I love the beautiful sunshine
  7. I love that I found (and wanted) a brand new computer desk on the street in front of my building that "someone" left for anyone to pick up
  8. I love it that my daughter is happy and enjoying vacation time
  9. I appreciate my beautiful laptop for the gift of surfing the forum and for the abundance of information I can access
  10. I love the Internet because I have the world at my fingertips
  11. I am delighted that my niece gave birth to a long waited for baby and that I am a great-aunt again


Joined: Fri Oct 30th, 2009
Posts: 224
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 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 12:13 am
1. I am so happy we got some much needed rain
2. A great meditation
3. A new game to play
4. had a super lunch
5. That my dog is enjoying napping
6. Dad home safe
7. A much needed outing tonight
8. That I am feeling relief
9. Listening to Abe brought some more clarity
10. That I will see A tonight
11. Connected with some old friends on facebook
12. Feeling more energetic
13. Feeling more like my old self today
14. looking forward to being aligned again
15. great advice from IB
16. A connection to IB like I've never known before
17. The fact that this is the first time in a few weeks I have even considered a BFT!!
18. Source adores me
19. I am looked after
20. I am a lover!!!!


Status:  Offline
 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 06:07 am
1. I love tuning myself to my source with each better feeling thought!

2. I love how we are just perfect if we are loving!

3. I love allowing like the universe allows!

4. I can float like a butterfly or sting like a bee and for those who know my vibration can u guess who is me?

5. I love that tun in to our better feeling self is conscious choice as we are allowed to freely tune to all vibrational frequencies!

6. I love my children from the very deepest part of my being where we are connected!

7. Abe gyms get your vibe looking mighty fine! Nothing better than a sharp dressed vibe!


Joined: Thu Apr 3rd, 2008
Posts: 682
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 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 06:54 am
  1. thanks for the new BFT gym
  2. and the list function, all the better to BFT with
  3. for a cloudless powder blue sky stretching to infinity
  4. for that big incredibly bright ball in the sky we call our sun that is so far away and yet so huge and able to warm us even from that distance. ::wow
  5. for our moon. It's unbelievably beautiful, and its ours. And people have even flown there in a rocket and walked on it::rocketunbelievably awesome manifestation
  6. for the stunning beauty that is in nature, there everyday for us to get a free BFT if we take a moment to notice
  7. for my funny little six year old boy who just said in a suitably theatrical voice, while talking to his computer: "I'm sexy, and there's no maybe about it." He caught me giggling and now I am not allowed to kiss him until he is 17. Damn! Up until then I only had to wait til he turned 7.
  8. for loving goodbyes with friends who have turned out to be among the most significant in my life
  9. for new beginnings, doors that close and new ones that open right on cue
  10. for really funny clue-ups from the universe, like big written signs on the back of a bus that are hilariously apt down to the last word, including naming names
  11. for the payrise i got today
  12. for dinner out with my brothers and sisters and all the little cousins last night, a rebonding that shows that the trouble that has disrupted the once tight bond in our family for several years is now slipping into the past. We are all together again, and our loyalties are too each other.
  13. A date with a friend that could change the future.
  14. Incredible timing, perfect timing, endings/beginnings
  15. for cute sons
  16. for all my BFT mates and forum friends
  17. for a new life that allows more time to hang out and just Be
  18. for kids getting older and allowing me more freedom to just Be
  19. For incredible loving memorable hugs goodbye, and the complex ways of human love and relationships
  20. For exciting new developments

Last edited on Sun Jul 11th, 2010 07:01 am by camelia


Joined: Tue May 19th, 2009
Location: On The WAY, USA
Posts: 825
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 Posted: Mon Jul 12th, 2010 01:37 pm
Welcome to our Guest and Welcome Camelia and Chelle5 to the second half of the year work out -- ::woohoofor staying power!

Good for you Chelle5 that you found some FBT's ::downstream It's all downstream from there.
  1. A very in the Vortex fun Sunday evening watching the World Cup with an incredible international group -- Orange up FRONT -- Red off the ceiling
  2. Being asked to go to see the World Cup with my house renters
  3. Finding many friends at the Atlantic
  4. Watching the world cup with the setting sun and the ocean waves just beyond the big screen -- Incredible view
  5. Getting a cab ride home easily
  6. Eating raw cookie dough
  7. A friend getting a fantastic new job -- perfect for her
  8. The quotes that Evey puts on the meditation thread
  9. A new friend being so warm and giving and telling me her incredible Godincidence story -- so cool.
  10. Writing a letter and listening to a spiritual recoding and having so many times when the word they were saying being the word I was typing. I felt so connected to the Universe.
::TU:kiss: Expecting our wonderful and delightful Elena to show up any time now, Nancy


Joined: Fri Mar 21st, 2008
Location: Vienna, Virginia USA
Posts: 1498
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 Posted: Mon Jul 12th, 2010 01:59 pm
1 waking up in peace

2 birds singing

3 hanging out in and around the Vortex

4 Wellbeing flowing

5 letting go

6 being appreciative because everything that happens is good for you

7 Putting self first

8 traveling with my 8 yr old daughter tomorrow

9 Abe's teachings have made me emotionally stronger and mature.

10 I handle life so much better

11 I create everything, I attract everything, so who is there to mad at?

12 learning more about the power of the imagination. Thanks Steve

13 Our vibrant Earth

14 baby rabbits in the yard

15 Nice money

16 I like to call him Mo Ney. He is a good friend

17 I love Mo

18 He is ALWAYS there when I want him

19 relatives seeing my kids for the first time....on Facebook!

20 We have asked, Source has answered, now go out and play on this vibrant, life giving, gift of a planet.



Joined: Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Location: South Carolina USA
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 Posted: Mon Jul 12th, 2010 06:00 pm

love how I keep thinking BFT stands for "big fat thanks"!!

Love laughing with my husband and 2yo daughter everyday

love the anticipation of finding out whether we're having a boy or girl

love the rainstorms last night

love my husband cooking for us all weekend and helping me with the house so much

love that we are going to costa rica in 2.5 weeks, that h's wedding gave us the reason to travel and that I finally get to see the rainforest

love all the ideas I have for stuff I want to make for the new nursery

love that my skin is glowing for real!

Love being a lover.


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