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Feathers and buttons and beauty, oh my!
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 Posted: Fri Jul 23rd, 2010 10:40 pm
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Since I started writing in my BOPA every day (inspired by christineepiphany's thread http://www.theabeforum.com/view_topic.php?id=18307&forum_id=2&jump_to=254987#p254987) I have truly been more and more inspired and have been finding new ideas how to get in the Vortex, new ways of appreciating, new ways of reminding myself how blessed I am. So I thought I'd share and maybe you guys have similar ideas to share.

For instance, lately I have been finding a lot of feathers in the weirdest places. I hadn't really put any thought into it but I had noticed it and felt compelled to gather the feathers. Then all of a sudden I remembered Esther's blue feather and it made me think of the feathers as a reminder of the fact that I can manifest anything I truly desire - even if it seems odd or far-fetched. So I have decided to collect the feathers, dye them blue and make a feather and button mobile (the buttons are included because 1. the whole buttons and castles thing and 2. I like buttons)

Also, I want to make a button jar - everytime I manifest something wonderful I have been asking for I will put a button in the jar to remind myself of all the beauty I am attracting and receiving. Then everytime I find myself focusing on lack I can look at my jar and be reminded of all that I have received and everything that it still on its' way.

Do you guys have similar ideas, little things like that, that you do to remind yourself of the beautiful LOA?


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