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Abraham Success Stories
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Joined: Fri May 1st, 2009
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 Posted: Fri Aug 20th, 2010 08:05 pm
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This is a funny one


In March I opened the followig thread
"My magic resume"
There I described my life - or better my past - the way I wanted it to be. About my parents I wrote:

"Soon after my birth they settled down in a lovely small town in South England where my mother opened a cozy restaurant that had soon  an outstanding culinary reputation."

Now you have to know that I don't get very well along with my mother and we don't have contact very often.

Imagine what happened!!!! Two weaks ago she sent me a mail in which she announced that she was going to change her mail-adress as she was going to live IN LONDON ::cool

My mother is 70 years old and until now she always lived in Germany!!!!

The universe is amazing ::grapevine

I am waiting for her to open her little restaurant now!!!!
Life is great

dance of creation

Joined: Fri Aug 20th, 2010
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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2010 07:26 am
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I am so happy to find you people. I thought I was going mad. I found Abraham Hicks 2 years ago.

My brief list of manifistations is

 My job was terrible and then it got great.

My bad assistant left and was replaced by a very good one.

My bad dumb awful boss's left or changed into nice smart people, just like Abraham says they will.

I am a breakdown electrician and I found I can cause faults or NO faults with my mind. I am too scared to tell my coworkers they would lock me up if I told them. They just think I am very lucky.

I often work outside and I found I can stop rain while I work. I can also make it rain if the garden is a bit dry. 

My health went from medium to fantastic.

In my job I often need to run an expansive wire from A to B. In the last 2 years there has always been exactly the right length of cable on the drum. If I resently had to paint a room and there was exactly the right amount of paint for the ceiling in one container and enough for the walls in another.

Also I buy lotto tickets and in the last 60 weeks I have had about 50 small wins nothing over $500 but I know the big one is comming

Anyway thats all for now. 



Joined: Sun Jul 4th, 2010
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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 05:00 pm
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After reading this forum on and off for a few months now, I thought I should post something to share how LOA has been working in my life. My wife introduced me to Abraham sometime in March. At the time I was told that I wasn't getting the position I had applied for in my office. It was a big blow to me at the time as I had been on this journey of moving from my current position to a new position within the same company for over 2 years now. I felt I was stuck and I wasn't moving anywhere after all the "action" effort I 've been pouring to make a change in my career.

Then I got into all this LOA stuff. I kept listening to Abraham. I listened and watched The Secret. I listened to Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer almost daily. I started to meditate daily. I immediately focused my attention on looking for sources of income outside of my current job. (I like my current job in that the work is easy, it gives me a lot of flexibility to do other stuff, and the pay is ok. My managers have been quite good as well.) I studied websites and managed to develop an ecommerce store. I also took over a blog site as part of my service work to help other people.
I had so many ideas of income generating businesses although nothing has really manifested yet in terms of real income from these other sources.

In the middle of all of these, we are also building a new house which has been delayed for several months now.

After being into LOA for 5 months, a number of things have started to happen. I have been consciously happier. I am more settled in the knowledge that I can create the future of my dreams and not constantly worry about money, etc. I have been more free with spending on things. (I used to count every penny, and balance my budget carefully as I used to be so concerned about income, savings and expenses.)

I keep a manifestation journal and here are my entries:

May - Got the income tax refund (We were expecting this already but yay!! it was such a big amount - $10k)

June - Got a great discount on a nice sized deck we wanted for our new home! I got a good sized income adjustment of 4%. (Typical range is 1-2%).

July - Unbelievable that my team made our quota so I got a generous commission check. I had never expected us to get this far, and I was able to have enough money to pay for the deck which cost us over $4,000.
We also went on a fabulous resort trip c/o my wife. We decided to go to the Casino and play the slot machine. I put in $10 and played 25 cent bets. I told myself that my intention was to have fun and make some money to pay off some of the trip expenses. At one point when I was almost down to my last $2, the slot just started to win. For some reason I thought the machine was broken as I would just keep on playing and the slot machine would just keep on adding money to my pot. (I hadn't read the details of the game so I wasnt even sure if it was real money that I was winning.) After this string of wins, my money went up to $102 so I decided to cash it in.

You have to realize that I used to avoid the Casino as I was not much of a gambler and never really won anything. So this experience to me was really amazing and fun. I now use this experience to remind me that the universe can just provide abundance as easily.

A few weeks ago, we attended a show where there was a Casino as well. I set the intention again to win money (to buy furniture for the house) and have fun. This time it was not like the previous experience. It was more effort for me to keep my energy clear. After the show we decided to go back to the Casino another time, to have another round of fun. I took the last $5 I thought I would spend for the night. At that time, I decided to change my inner energy and said to myself, "I am abundant and I like money! Show me the money!" And I did this over and over as I played the slots. For some reason I got the 7-7-7 combination and won $30 on 25 cent slots. IT was exhilirating to actually experience how my inner feelings were manifesting winnings in the slot.

So I like to keep working on my vibrational escrow and add to it. I have been watching the abraham hicks youtube videos and I really like these two - Get to Happy and the 17 Seconds...

Oh and by the way, even though the house has been delayed, I think it was all for a purpose. The mortgage rates have gone done dramatically. And based on our guaranteed rate compared to when we budgeted based on rates we were given a year ago, we are easily saving $250 to $400 per month. When we planned to look for a house in early 2008, we planned on rates at 5%. In 2009 when we signed up for the new house, the bank guaranteed us 4.25% rate good until we close our house. Now that we are within the 120 day period, we now have rates that are guaranteed for 3.89%. This is way much better, but I am hoping I win this contest from one of the banks that is drawing one - 1% mortgages every month til December.


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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 06:10 pm
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That is so great blueadventure, you are and inspiration!!!!!:beautiful:::wow

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