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Abraham Success Stories
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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 07:21 am
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Hi all,

I felt so inspired after reading everyone else's answer to the question of what they have manifested in their lives since finding Abe, I just thought I should write about the many, many things that have shown up in my life. Actually, I started manifesting this stuff about three years ago, when I first really became aware of the LOA and deliberate creating. In addition to the various physical manifestations I will list, I will also say that my spiritual life has really taken off in a way that takes my breath away! Below are but a few of the many things I've manifested in just the past year or year and a half:

- Fantastic trips to Morocco, Spain and Mexico, not to mention many shorter, domestic vacations. In fact I just got back this evening from a fabulous trip to Palm Springs, completely paid for!

-$50,000 inheritance gift last year.

- A used car that runs very well and has very low mileage.

- Being released from a job I hated (I was a lawyer)!

- Just recently, manifested the career of my dreams, where I'm making twice what I expected in base pay, not to mention my commission, which will be in the six-digit figures! ::wow Plus I have the perfect work environment for me.

- A beautiful new home, full of beauty and love.

- The girlfriend/relationship I have always wanted. Finally learned how not to be "desperate" and to manifest a very healthy, loving relationship.

- Reconnecting and reestablishing a very important friendship with an ex.

- Manifested a custom-build drum set, the very one I've wanted for twenty years (I'm a musician on the side).

- Being a big foodie, I now regularly get to eat out at the most interesting, hip restaurants in San Francisco.

- I get to meet fascinating, intelligent people almost daily.

- Although I had experienced great contrast with some hefty student loan debt and was faced with default, I now see a way to change that situation and I am now moving to a place of great financial security and abundance.

- Synchronicities happen almost on a daily basis now. In fact, I expect them!

- I am now a very whole, healthy person. Even when faced with contrast, I know that all is well and that the situation will soon pass.

- Plus a million other little things that I have manifested, I can no longer keep tract!!!

Well, if you need "proof" that this stuff works, I hope my examples are of help, and that they don't in any way come off as arrogant. Sometimes I forget just how much my life has changed. It didn't all happen overnight, though, but happen it did. Just know that you've got incredibly wonderful stuff in your VE, and that it is just waiting to burst open like a spring blossom! Best of luck!






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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 10:04 am
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First of all my success story must highlight the measure of success which Abraham states is JOY! and there seems to be an enormous amount of that here amongst us....isn't it wonderful?...And personally I have experienced so much Joy and Bliss in the last 13 mo. since I connected with Abraham...yes, and lots of contrast too.

My manifestations have been enormous for me: 13 mo. ago I was so broke I couldn't afford to file bankruptcy and was looking at foreclosure and much debt...I didn't know any one who believed in this deliberate creation stuff let alone lived it that I had been reading about and playing around with for 5 years in books like from Wayne Dyer and Depak Chopra

.....and I desperately had been shooting off rockets of desire all of my life for FREEDOM! Freedom of all shapes, sizes and manners but especially freedom from the belief that I was not okay...not good enough...broken...*ucked up! One I couldn't seem to get free of for over 35+ years.

But in a period of 5 days times I heard about this book "Ask and It Is Given." Two of those times directly by people I had never met before, but saying to me that I needed to read this book. I said okay, I get the message and went directly to the book store and read through to chapter 3 and said I've got to get directly home and read this stuff. Of course the Universe had arranged it so I would be home alone all night, which was a highly unusual circumstance. But a block down the road from the book store I just had to pull into a gas station and think about what I had indeed just read...It so moved me...what it was promising--the liberty in it...the power....the joy....the love....and it was like yes, I've know this is the way it is supposed to be but (well there are just no words to describe it)....I just bawled my eyes out from the Core of my being...the healing of a life of struggle and the extend of joy and love I was feeling!!

Within just a couple days I had my manifested my first energy body work which flowed more unconditional love through me ( I didn't even really know what I was getting, never heard of it before).

As I was experiencing aligning with Who I Really Was, I knew that my strong passionate preference to travel had to be honored for me to be in alignment with my IB.....I said to my present boyfriend that I didn't know how or where but that I felt like I should just go down to the gas station with my only cash ($10) and put it in the tank and wait for direction. Which I did, thinking by that time that maybe I was supposed to go about shooting images (graphic artist). But by the end of that adventurous day I had a phone call from a friend who wanted me to meet with her at a restaurant and saying her boyfriend would pay for my dinner. She said she had to ask me a favor. I had already agreed previously to take her just four days from then to an airport. She was flying from FL to Italy for a University Psychology Course and some R&R. Her and her boyfriend were arriving separately at this restaurant. While he wasn't showing up and she was becoming more and more anxious and frustrated with him...suddenly everything changed...

She my friend, whose only spiritual path is catholicism, looked straight at me and asked me, "Who Are You?" My answer was as shocking to me as was her question. I answered, "I'm not my name and not my body." She said, "Yes." She asked again "Who are you? This time I said, "I'm a traveler." She responded simply, "Yes." Then she asked me, "Why?" And I, very desperately said, "I don't know." And she responded, "Yes you do." And I said, "Because I want to go and travel and share what I have learned with others." She said, "Yes."

That was the end of our discourse as such. I knew or felt at that time that I had just talked to God. At least that was the way I saw it then in my belief system. Since then, my IB has shown me that I channeled my own self, my IB that is. I wouldn't have listened to my own physical self to the degree that I was about to be challenged. We never discussed what she and I discussed. I knew she had no idea of it by the way she just immediately changed back to her frustrated and irritated normal behavior. And the Universe had arranged it so that the restaurant hostess told her boyfriend that his party was not inside. So that whole time we were talking he was outside waiting for us. 

So, what I was about to be challenged was that shortly after this discourse she asked me if I would take her to an airport in NY rather than in FL. I was like huh? We live in FL. She wanted her car in NY when she came back so she could stay in NJ and visit with her mother for her 96th birthday. I'm like huh? What the heck am I supposed to do for 2 wks. while your gone. Like I have no money. But all the time I'm knowing what just transpired with me and God. So, I said well give me 24hrs. to see what I can do. Within 24hrs. EVERYTHING fell together and four days later I went to NY. Long, Long Story (I'm gonna have to write that book!) But here are my highlights since then:

1. Connected with 2 other key people in NY, fellow Abers and became friends, manifested transportation, food, lodging, a relationship, suitcases, and a flight home synchronicities of events, peoples, places and so many "signs" that I was called to live in NY...by the time I left my mantra was "I'm living beyond miracles and I'm not coming back!"

2. Flew back home, had a huge moving sale and me and my dog took off in my 86' Nissan with a few belongs for NY one month later. My son and his girlfriend, who had lived with me and couldn't afford to move out suddenly manifested the money and place.

3. My house sold in a depressed real estate market in FL in 1 week for market value and closed in 2 weeks. I paid off all of my debt and had money left over.

4. I manifested a room in NY Long Island for $400/mo. I traveled daily to NYC for Abraham Groups until I felt ready then manifested my own group on Long Island.

5. Three months later I went to a Conversations with God Coaching Workshop in Ashland, Oregon prior to my Hawaiian Abe Cruise I found perfect place to live (totally from my vibrational escrow) and it is the most Abe friendly community I could imagine. I ended up moving back here after the cruise and three months ago started a monthly Abraham Playshop Party. (Before this I had never even been to the west coast, let alone Hawaii and had no idea what kind of place Ashland, Oregon was.)

6. Here in Ashland I met Natasha who has become the bestest of girl friends I could have ever of dreamed...of course, an Aber....an incredible manifestation.

7. When I came back from the Hawaiian cruise to Ashland in Feb. I wanted to let my CwG Workshop Teachers know that I had moved here. Within a couple of days of telling the one, Jim the two of us ended up connecting as partners and have been together since....he is also an Aber and is certainly a enormous manifestation from my Vibrational Escrow

8. Connecting with this forum is another huge manifestation. I use to know no one who lived this stuff. Now, I am inundated in my life with Abers and I am delighted.

So these are just the highlights....the castles...I've been experiencing many many rendezvous and synchonicities and driftwood daily.

...that is until as of late...I have been going through an incredible wonderful-in retrospect-expansion....lots of contrast emotionally...not so fun....I like others that I have been noting here on the forum have been highly effected by the new book and have been going through a period of expansion....one for me of very very sparse manifestations...but I have been learning not through words but through the experience of no manifestations, and little feeling of flow.... that what I want more than "my stuff" is that wonderful flow of energy and life that is about having wants, preferences and desires and the knowing that I am empowered to have them fulfilled, but not the fulfilment of the stuff....the journey....the alignment....(but then the fulfillment must come.)

I realize now in retrospect at reading others posts that I have truly been on the fast track...not surprising to me...since I have often previously  "suffered" but am now being blessed by being an All or Nothing kind of person...but that is why Abraham's teaching so resonate with me...I take them for their word that I can Be, Do or Have anything! And I take their words as my own, IB!

In Appreciation,

P.S. And I'm just getting started!::cool

Sunshine Spirit

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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 11:25 am
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You, my girl, are just sublime and a delight. What a delicious story....so far. I know there is so much more and you will just grab onto it and go with the flow.

My most glorious manifestation, while not a thing, is certainly the sense of peace and joy that I experience 99% of the time now. Aaaahhh sweet relief. And the true knowing that I am, in every minute, moving toward my amazing vibrational escrow and anyone around me had better be wearing a hard hat cause this flow is getting faster and stronger every day.

Of course, there are many many manifestations but in the JOY I find that the things really aren't so important anymore. That's not to say that I don't love them - Universe bring it on.

I live and love by this "First I seek JOY, and all else follows" Abraham - and it works for me.

So much love for you all, Anni


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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 11:45 am
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Richann ::wow ::wow you are so very inspiring! I love all those success stories which show us how things work out wonderfully when we are in an allowing state. ::downstream

Here are some of my castles (I've been into Abe for 6 months or so):

  • I went from depression / feeling trapped to hope, optimism and joy. ::cool ::cool
  • I managed to let go of my old job that I hated and manifested a work situation that I much prefer: I'm a translator and I work from home. ::yeah
  • I manifested a journey to Florida, all fees paid + doing a job that I love: voice overs in French and German (I'll be going there in 10 days now!) :exactly:
  • I manifested a much more even mood, almost never feeling ornery anymore, and thus more peace and harmony in my relationship and with my children. ::cereal
  • I manifested a move to this beautiful small town on the Mediterranean Coast. ::dreaming
  • I manifested my first Abe cruise (Mediterranean Cruise in May 2008) - and the joy to share it with my mom (Elisabetta) who invited me to it!! ::boatwave
  • And yes, this forum is one of my big manifestations too... ::grapevine
Lots of love, :kiss::kiss:


dance of joy

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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 02:47 pm
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Gosh, I love you all. Nancy, Richann, Marbella... your stories of manifestations are glorious.




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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2007 11:36 pm
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WOW Richann, Anni & Marabella, that was so good that gave me goosebumps,

I want that feeling of ::surfer too ::rocket


Blissful Creator

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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 12:28 am
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I really loved reading your post! It sounds like you could write a book about all of your wonderful manifestations.

Everyone's posts are so inspiring! i'm glad I started this thread.


::surfer Dana


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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 08:49 am
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Hi everyone!
I've been a lurker for about a month now but the topic and messages on this particular thread inspired me to post my own success story.  So here goes!...
The greatest manifestation for myself & my family has been FOOD.
Food???  Yes, Food. 
Throughout our marriage, my husband & I have had fears of food scarcity.  Even when we had a sufficient income, we still were afraid that there wasn't going to be enough food for us and our three daughters.  So what did the Universe give us?...  Right...
More of the same.  Last winter, my husband was working construction and his hours kept decreasing until he wasn't working at all.  But he still had a job!!!  The little money that we did receive/had went to bills... and we do not have ANY credit cards/credit.  Our fears were finally realized to the dreariest extreme.  We had no food except for condiments.  REALLY.
We did find out about local food banks and started picking up our monthly allowance (which was equivalent to a week's supply) but on some days we did not even have enough gas to go to the town (25 miles away) where the food banks were located.  During this time, I saw The Secret at a friend's (with Abraham/Esther) and immediately began applying the principles in the movie to my life as best as I knew how.  I would daydream about going to the area Food Co-Op which is known for its high-quality, organic produce and natural foods.  ($$$)  I would visualize walking down the aisles with my daughters, placing whatever our hearts' desired into our cart, not worrying about how much anything costs.


It was not much longer after seeing The Secret that Ask and It is Given came to me.  Since I've been applying this wonderful knowledge to my life  (February 2007), our fears about food scarcity have declined and we are manifesting wonderful, healthy, organic, beautiful food for our family.  The Food Co-Op that I daydreamed about,... I actually do MOST of my shopping there!  In fact, about two weeks ago, we moved into an apartment a mere block away from it!  My husband & I take our girls there often and
we enjoy going there for family breakfast at the wonderful juice bar and deli, on a weekly basis!

I am soooo filled with appreciation for Abraham's teachings and the WONDERFUL, AMAZING, POWERFUL forces of the Universe.


Thanks for sharing and welcoming me to share.


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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 09:11 am
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   Wow..what a wonderful story...and welcome.  I hope you post more.





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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 09:59 am
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I was so enjoying reading your manifesting story....then when I started reading about the wonderful food Co-Op it got me thinking about Ashland's Co-Op and then I decided to look over at the Avatar and it said Oregon...I said wow, how cool I wonder if they're from Ashland?....it wasn't until your signature that I realized hey it's you....what a wonderful surprise!!! So, glad you are posting and sharing your journey...

You my dear are a great manifestation for me....Love U
You best Aber buddy,

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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Hello All!
I've enjoyed reading your stories and I want to share.

Since studying, applying and allowing Abraham's teachings

I have allowed (since January)

1. the car of my dreams (one of them)
2. a 2nd home
3. a healthy lean muscular body
4. a summer vacation which including ziplining
5. lots of new clothes

But most importantly I have had more joy in my life now than any time ever! I can't ever think of a time where I had more happiness.
I went to a party recently and saw people I hadn't seen in 6 months to a year and they told me I looked amazing, that I was glowing and they wondered what I had been doing. I was smiling from the inside out!
 I owe it all to Abraham.

dance of joy

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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2007 03:38 pm
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Natasha.... thank you for sharing the beauty of your experience. ::rainbowIt made me buzz this morning. What a glorious way to start the day.

Love and welcome,

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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 01:58 pm
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 I only started applying the Law of Attraction recently. Although nothing big have manifested, smaller things have. And I must say that these things would not have manifested without having to apply the Law of Attraction. So its a good thing for me to notice these little manifestions because I can now allow more knowing that this application DOES work.

Manifestation in bits:
- I visualize myself being complimented as cute, and in fact think of myself being as cute as Brad Pitt (just for a try). I rarely get complimented as being cute, but then all of a sudden this classmate girl started to say that I'm cute, and not just once but numerous times in one week. What really hit me the most is that on the day of final exam, she said to me "You're like the second Brad Pitt." In my mind I was like wow, can this be a coincidence?

-I also visualize myself being in a relationship with this really cute girl. What manifested is that I run into her more often compared to before applying the Law of Attraction. I asked for it, it was given to me, but I did not receive it because I do not have the guts to talk to her. But how will I ever receive her if I will never have the guts to talk to her? What really hit me the most in this case is that one day I was skateboarding towards the library and I skated pass by her. As soon as I got into the library I walk straight for the elevator. Just as the door closes, she walked into the elevator! I was like....how can she possibly get to the elevator so fast when I was first skateboarding towards the library at a higher speed than her walking, secondly as soon as I got into the library I literally went straight for the elevator. So for her to have gotten into the elevator with me she must have ran! But same result, I ask, It was given, but I did not start conversation with her due to my lack of confidence (the receving part was not manifested although the given part was).

-Same girl: once I was studying in the library and she was a couple of desk away from me, that wasn't something I would consider a manifestation. But what was is that I left the library first, went to my locker, and head for the school bus stop to go home. I assum eshe was still in the library studying hard. What hit me was that when I got into the bus, she was already there! I was like..."Wasn't she just in the library?" It didn't take me THAT long to go to my locker, so she must have left the library as well right after I left. It's just that whenever "coincidences" happens to me, I would take it as a manifestation. But once again, I asked, it was given, but I did not receive because I did not have the courage to speak to her, she was even sitting in talking distances away from me in the bus.

-When I take a bus to school, before I would say to myself, please don't make me miss the bus. But I would ALWAYS MISS it by 10 seconds, the bus would drive pass infront of me because I miss the busstop by as little as 10 seconds. So okay, instead I would either not think about missing the bus, or think about the bus arriving at the stop as soon as I get there, so I don't have to wait as long. Nowadays I don't miss the bus as often as before, I either will have to wait for a little bit, or the bus actually arrives as soon as I get to the bus stop.

-I live in Vancouver, and we have a transit system call the SkyTrain. The train has 2 routes, its either the Expo Line or the Mellenium Line. To get to school I have to get on the Millenium Line, and those trains comes 1/3 times. One week I would imagine that the millenium line would arrive the station as soon as I get there. And it happened for 4 days in a row. I do not have to wait for it nor did any expo line train came before the mellenium. The probability that a millenium train comes before the expo train for 4 days in a row is (1/3)(1/3)(1/3)(1/3) = 1.23%, I can conclude that event due to deliberate creation more than due to it being by chance.

I do have some questions for readers out there and I hope to hear some response via private messaging. I really perfer myself to be taller than I am now. I'm 21 and past puberty but I wish to be 5 to 6 inches taller than I am now, is that possible? How often do I have to meditate each day, I know I need have what I want as the dominate thought in my mind, but thats too hard. The only time that I can feel good is when I meditate, but this good feeling fades away after I stop meditating. Let's say I want to manifest myself being taller, how much time should I spend on visualizing and feeling good and applying the Law of Attraction each day on this? I saw from The Secret that I only need to do this for as little as 5 to 10 minutes of meditation each day. From Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich I have to do this for 10 - 30 minutes each day. And from Esther Hicks I have to have pure thoughts for 68 seconds. How do you people meditate and how much time each day you spend on this?

Thanks for reading


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Pamela Vicik-Smith

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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 02:22 pm
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Hi Ken ~

A big welcome to you!!! I so loved reading your inspired post. You have figured out a lot at an early age and your life is going to absolutely rock!

As far as meditation goes, there is no "right" or "wrong" amount of time to devote to this. What feels right for you? How much can you comfortably put in a day? There are times I meditate 15 minutes a day every day for weeks! Right now, as we are getting closer to the Holidays and things are a bit more hectic, I am meditating only a couple days a week. However, I am appreciating more, listening to my Abe CDs, watching the Louise Hay DVD, in short doing other things that feel great to me.

In answer to the other part of your question, you absolutely can become taller! However, in addition to meditation, try visualizing yourself at your new height whenever you can. Study how taller people walk and hold themselves. When you walk under a doorway, duck your head a little as if you were too tall to quite make it. The next time you go shopping, look for and even buy jeans in a length you desire. Hang out in a grocery store and offer to help those people who are trying to reach for something on the top shelf. In other words, live your life as if you are already the height you desire.

If you do this everyday so it is second nature to you, the Universe must bring it to you :)


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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 05:21 pm
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This was such a delightful thread to read!!!  :)



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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 05:55 pm
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I have been learning about the Abe teachings since July. I have experienced spiritual growing, like I am in greater peace more often and can always touch that when I focus. I have conversations with my IB on my computer, like an IM chat. My connection with my IB has made me feel worthy. Writing is happening for me. I got a lucrative contract for writing. This is  new for me, as I have never officially been paid for except for my own company. My creativity feels unblocked. I feel a sense of healing in my emotional body. This week I manifested a healed back. Now I can dance and do yoga and contribute at home more.

Abe teachings have made my relationship with my partner and son better. My son, age 10, is really into the teachings too and reminds me of them when I need to hear it. He raises my vibe by being happy. I am paying attention to my own pie and it seems to free everybody up for more joy, their own stuff that makes them happy. It makes my relationship great. I also practice feeling vibes of appreciation about my partner and son.

Lately I am noticing some amazing synchronicities. Words (writings by other people) come about what I talk about or think about. I find myself tripping over the exact advice I need or the person who knows something. Yesterday I wanted to know about sugar free/additive free treats for my son and asked a woman at his swim class what she suggested. She gave me a taste of a granola-like bar that she was nibbling at that moment which I had not noticed in her hands. I bought some on the way home from class and we both like them. I have sense that clearing additives and sugar out of his diet will help him to focus more.

My evolution with the Abe teachings has gone to a practice on focusing on the feeling place of a manifestation (as if it were already there). I also like to get in a space of appreciation and gratitude and revel in that, finding it valuable.

I am less of a complainer. I find myself connecting with people out of commiseration ceasing. I am learning, as Lee tells us, to "point the firehose at what I want." I am also learning to stop paddling and do have days in which I forget.

Today I am back to not paddling and floating on a still quiet lake going with the flow. I do kayaking on a lake in Maine and know exactly how this feels and try to replicate the feeling in myself and it seems to work quite well.

::hearts Shannon




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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 08:52 pm
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36_13_3Hmmm, let me start at the very beginning . . .

Now, as I look at it . . .it's been almost two years for me with the Abraham teachings.

:(I was living with my boyfriend in Pennsylvania. We had gone through a very rough custody situation (although I always refused to call it "battle" -- knowing a bit about negative words, etc.). The situation did not go exactly as we had hoped; yet, it was the best outcome for the child. I knew that then and know it now.

Due to all the stress of the nearly two-year situation of loving a child and having to "let her go" on her road, without us . . . I fell into a deep depression and physical illness.

::ohmAlways "spiritual" and into creative visualization, I did all I could to dig my way out of a very debilitating depression. Around this time, as I sought answers . . . I found Hay House Radio and found an old friend there -- Dr. Wayne Dyer! I say "old friend" as in I've been reading his books since my teens [and that is a long time]! I also discovered "flowdreaming".

Well, on Dr. Wayne Dyer's radio show he kept on saying that he did the forward on a book "everyone must read" . . . and that even if you carried the book around with you, it would change everything. The book was Ask And It Is Given.

::whistleI heard him speak of it a lot,  yet, put off purchasing it . . .

Then, a friend whom I always speak to about spiritual matters asked me.

::surfnew"Ever hear of a book called Ask And It Is Given?"

With a 2nd confirmation of it . . . I went out the very next day and bought it, as I took that as a 'sign' I needed to get it!


The life changes and "manifestations" in about half an hour . . . 


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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2007 09:46 pm
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:kiss:The book Ask And It Is Given became 'my book' and truly I became addicted to reading it, highlighting like crazy . . . buying a journal and writing down what I highlighted. I wanted to put it all in my total being and it all resonated so much. It was exactly what I had been seeking . . . all my life!

After reading and re-writing it in my journals, etc., I carried that book with me for most of a year. From the start things began happening . . . .

* A panic disorder has disappeared! [Although, 'flowdreaming' is a big part of it, too -- which is, of course, law of attraction].::rainbow

* Manifested a "free, all-expense, paid" trip to London, England!

* Manifested Richann as my first real Abe-friend, and proof of LOA in action via my friend!::surfnew

* Met three Aber's at 'Barnes & Noble' while looking for books by Jerry and Esther Hicks . . . and learning of a group.

* Richann reminding me and getting me to the NYC group.::wave

* Manifested my own LOA/Abraham meet-up group.

* Was asked to lead another Abraham/LOA meet-up group and did!

* Moving from New Jersey to my beloved NYC.

* Manifested money, free rent, free meals or manifested clients [for psychic readings] to meet my immediate needs for nearly a year with absolutely little or no employment.::money

* A credit card to help me re-establish credit.

* A high-paying theatre job!::dancer

* A long-term flexible temporary job that is open to me going to auditions.

* Tickets to Broadway shows . . . ::music

* Friends visiting and having fabulous adventures in my beloved NYC and England!

* A new computer, a digital camcorder . . .::VE-Earth

* Moved from severe bronchitis to wellness, without one prescription drug and no doctor, in four weeks (for something that used to take double that!)

* An Upper West Side, NYC apartment for about three weeks. . . and getting PAID to live there! [Cat/Apartment sitting].

* Meeting and having great conversations with Broadway celebrities as a peer, not "just a fan" . . . ::grapevine

* Voice lessons with a top vocal teacher/coach who's current student list includes a Tony Award winning Broadway singer!::singer

 . . . and so many little things on a regular basis from "overtime" at the temp job to a bigger room in my apartment, a t.v. appearance regarding "law of attraction" to banana pudding!

It is incredible and most of all . . . such feelings of joy, contentment, love and safety; even when others observe my lifestyle as unstable; I no longer, ever feel it is! I am safe and everything I need or want is mine! 36_13_3Woo Hoo! 



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HI all!!! ::frog

What a ggrreat thread!!! SO much fun!

I haven't even finished reading your posts but I felt like posting already!!!

Even before Abe... when I was starting to learn about the magic of life and Faith... (which is another way of approaching the Law Of attraction, Brazilian preast author my parents used to read) I started to notice coincidences I knew I had created with my thoughts... Such as walking down the street and all the traffic lights would be green when I had to cross the street... Or little details like that.. then elevators waiting for me... It all had to do with instant manifestations of simple desires of mine... It made me feel like the whole Universe was conspiring for me...

The More this happened the more I knew... It's true... ::ghost

I am the Creator Of My Experience!!!

I am.... The Creator!!!! ::ghost

This new love and understanding of life was the Biggest Manifestation for Me...

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you guys...

luv ya all!!! aniheart



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ive just noticed that ive manifested goodies that i would have to pay for on the internet for freeeee....


saved me around £50



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