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to work or not to work?
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Joined: Sun Jul 25th, 2010
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 Posted: Mon Aug 9th, 2010 09:35 pm
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just a little over a year ago i quit my job. the pay was ok, but i was definitely NOT happy! i was surrounded by out of the vortex co-workers who could never understand where i was coming from.. plus, i never felt like what i was doing was fulfilling and they weren't very eco-friendly. one day, i went to lunch alone, sat in my car, and inspiration hit me. i was going to quit, so i put my two weeks in and was soooo happy! i used to work a lot and go to school so it would get pretty stressful, so i decided to also take the semester off and really find myself. i went back this spring and did better than i've ever done. but i still dnt have a paying job! i do volunteer work occasionally and usually enjoy it. but, now im thinking i want an actual job that is not only going to pay well but also makes me feel accomplished, fulfilled and most of all HAPPY!! a career that i really realllyy LOVE! i feel like im waiting for this opportunity and i'm eager to see where it comes from! LOA has been working well but with "small things" i guess, at least in my perception they are small.. i know abraham says it takes the same amount of energy to manifest a button as a castle, soooo i guess things are looking pretty good? lol..

is anyone else out there in the same position as me? any success?? plz share your stories and any advice if you got any :) thanx


Joined: Wed Jan 21st, 2009
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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 10:41 pm
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Hey Shan!!!

I am not as brave as you!  Instead of quitting like I have wanted to for more than a year! .. I have hang on :) and now I am working on positive aspects.... and I have a serious crush on someone at work... so that is helping:::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil.

So advice from the wise:kiss::kiss::kiss:..... feel good.

I don't have great "I quit my job and now I am living my happily ever after"  BUT my life has changed totally. I love me, so much. other people love me, it is nice.... so I can believe that it is true... I get more evidence everyday...

SOOO.....  I kindly request you to check out...  on this forum on manifestations.. ( my absolute favorite) and check out this thread that AppreciateNow   http://theabeforum.com/forum9/16653.html ( from time to time he is my god,  I love him so much... and he ever reads this I will deny it to my death::::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOLgreat stuff!! check it out...

and also check out this one by Belana   http://theabeforum.com/forum9/15435.html( a favorite manifestation maker.....) and also Mytical Creator... http://theabeforum.com/forum9/16913.htmljust for confidence on issues of  YES this can work... YES I can do this... Oh oh and this one, by a woman I admire greatly... and this one is really good... everything you need... all the steps.. oooh.. perfection, you gonna love it...http://theabeforum.com/forum9/13278.html YES....other people have and they are as special as I am so .... YES I effing CAN!!!!!! ....  all will be well (this is my favorite quote.. )

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 Posted: Thu Aug 12th, 2010 02:32 am
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I quit my job a year and a half ago. I was blaming it for a lot of my anxiety, and even my therapist was telling me I should quit (and therapists usually don't say much but listen, lol.) My husband encouraged me to quit also, and said he was fine with bearing the financial burden while I pursue acting and other means of making money.

I immediately felt such an amazing release of resistance when I quit. It was beautiful. Then I had to work my way up the scale on my beliefs of being lazy, and unemployed.

I got into the vortex, and started booking commercials which ended up allowing me to break even for the first time ever. The ammount of money I was making off my career, was the same ammount going into my career. I LOVED THIS.

Recently, I decided that I love making money so much, and I like being busy, so I decided to manifest a low-stress, flexible, easy, non-customer-service job. I did! I work maybe a couple times a week. It's so easy and it's given me some extra spending money for clothes, dinner with friends, etc.

So I hope this helps. The actions weren't important, it was the alignment. But I will say that leaving my job helped me to clear out some of the cobwebs of my thoughts. My husband insists that it was inspired action since everyone around me made it easy and obvious that I should leave.

Oh, and I love that my time is always spent doing exactly what i want to do! I work when I want. I book films (because I'm in the vortex). And sometimes I even just lay around the apartment with absolutely no guilt (big breakthrough for me)!!! But what I love is that I'm never dragging myself to a job that I hate and that gives me nightmares.



Joined: Tue Jun 17th, 2008
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 Posted: Thu Aug 12th, 2010 03:43 am
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Thanks for digging up all those great links, FABULOUS! And I must brag a bit here and say I want to take a tiny bit of credit for AppreciateNow's thread. Leslie & Stacey & I met him and heard his story on the Caribbean cruise and nudged him to come and tell it on the forum too. He is a god!

You are there. You've got this one in the bag. Look forward more and look back less. Enjoy the threads and be inspired. ;)

Radiant Rebecca

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