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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 01:56 am
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So, riddle me this Batman?  How does one remain in the Vortex while in the midst of a sideways experience?  Answer:  With aplomb baby!!  Yes, that’s right boys and girls, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to remain firmly entrenched in our Vortices even in the face of the “shit hitting the fan,”  or in my case, while watching my 12 year old daughter and her horse take a major tumble.

I think we have all thought, or perhaps it only I who thought, that the Vortex is a playground that is available for only the juiciest of occasions.  And, why wouldn’t we?  When we are at the top of our game, imbued with that “look at me ma, I’m on top of the world” kind of feeling, why would we bring any sort of calamity into that picture?  It seems counter-intuitive.

Yesterday evening, I was part of the unfolding, of what could have been categorized as a gut wrenching occurrence, as I observed my daughter fly off her horse.  But that’s NOT what transpired.  Instead, I had an experience of KNOWING that can only be classified as transcendent and mystical.  As I watched Harley trip and begin his descent, I was sucked into the depths of my Sanctum Sanctorum of Inner Knowing:  I Was Focus; I was intensity laced with reason; I was the eye of the storm; I was on fire with the most steely combination of ME and Me that the Universe can deliver; I was walking in a world of clarity, that eclipsed the experience I was part of.  And, all the while, I was operating from within my Vortex!  

My Knowing was forged on God’s Anvil, alchemically transmuted and fused into my spine and brain, keeping me erect, supported, focused, so that I could do my job, which was to get to the other end of the arena to Lily and Harley.  As I made my way there, in what seemed to be super, slow motion, I was calling out to Lily that, “everything was o.k., stay down, here I come.” These weren’t empty phrases formed only to calm; no, I was Speaking in the Voice of The Gods, power packed with the tonal resonance of deep space, a voice that doesn’t brook wavering, uncertainty, or unkowning!  IOW -  Darth Vader with heart!

On the way to the hospital, I pre-paved the entire experience out loud, so that we could all stamp on our own desires.  At one point, Lily told me we couldn’t be funny, it hurt to laugh.  Hey, I’m of almost total Irish decent, and we’re all about being funny, as a matter of fact, we get funnier as the tragedy that has befallen us becomes darker!  Oh, well, I could dial it back for my kid, and I did.

The rest of the evening unfolded with the precision of the Olympic Chinese Drummers, the entire hospital staff, my husband, and I danced to the tune of Lily’s needs with a soft shoe that would have impressed Gene Kelly.  We were strong where necessary; i.e., when Lily wanted to go “Cuckoo-Cuckcoo for Cocoa Puffs,” as the pain was searing through her shoulder and collar bone, I put a stop to it, as I gently, but firmly, reminded her that going nutters was not an option.  Breathing in through your nose and out through her mouth was the only thing that she needed to focus on; her father and I would handle the rest.  

So Dear Friends, what’s the point of all this?  It’s simple: We Are More than We Know, We Are More than we give ourselves credit for Being or Becoming;  We Are Gods experiencing humanity, dammit!  Wrap your heads and hearts around that!  Give up the penny ante stuff, the blathering about this and that, and double down on your life with an enthusiasm that makes Angels sit up and take notice.  Set the bar at your heretofore highest point and get out your Super Suit, adorn it with a flourish, and ride into the sunset of your Knowing, and then, wake up basking in enlightenment.  Begin, right this very minute, to think of yourself in imposing, heroic, resplendent terms!   And when We, You and I, begin to roll the credits with that being the header, perhaps then, we won’t fall back into the trap of, “I’m only human,” because that phrase couldn’t be further from the truth.

I leave you now, to tend to my darling child; who, through her calamity of a broken clavicle, has demonstrated to me the greatest lesson of all - when it comes to Genius Co-Creating, we are second to none!


PS - Harley, the horse, doesn’t have a scratch! 

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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 02:47 am
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Envisioning a speedy recovery for your daughter Alchemist! You are so illustrative in your posts, i can almost see a movie playing out as i read!::stardust


I am now going to tell a new story of my life, of all areas and im NOT going to hold back.  Im so excited!::singer::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::stardust::stardust::stardust::singer

Falderal and fiddle-dee

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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 02:08 am
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Dear Alchemist, Lily and Harley!!!

While reading/living this post...I sat up straight...as if my body was feeling your (Alchemist) alignment with source.  It is really a testament to the amount of time one chooses to be in the Vortex.  To commit to the marriage of Me & Me.  And if your daughter chooses to expand,  in away that could spit you out.  You simple do not go.  Because the dominant part of you is in control.  And that means all is well.

Thank you for sharing.

Hi-o- Silver!!


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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 04:08 am
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Your story was so UPLIFTING to read.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us...::downstream

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