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The Town Of Perfect
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 Posted: Tue Aug 17th, 2010 12:12 pm
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Has anyone ever watched those Walgreens commercials and got goosebumps and felt like thats what I have lived? or am living? or Thats the place thats the place!

I totally love that Walgreen commercial because it brings me right back into the vortex, reminds me of how things really are...

Anybody else ever lived in the town of perfect where things really really really just worked out for you on many levels.

I remember I couldn't even WANT something without it popping up in my experience. I love thinking about this..

I just want to remember it so well that I go back - no forwards - to there, or make there here again. I guess things are absolutely becoming more like that again. Yeah!

When things get really good for me I always imagine B A Baracus from the A team saying "I love it when a plan comes together"  Anyone else have any catchphrases they like when things start popping?

Sometimes its the little things that add up. The constant little happy manifestations that really make My Town, the Town of Perfect. I LOVE the little things. I love doors being opened. I love my favorite ice cream being gifted to me, when I was just reading a book and wishing I had some. I love wanting to do something, then someone pops along saying thats where they are going, do I want a ride? Its lovely how specific it gets. Like its reading my very own mind.

The big things are nice, money etc. But I really love love love the little things. I simply adore going through my day, and just finding everything so easy and fun and light and satisfying. I love being surprised with little pleasantries that come as soon as I notice that I would like them. Just ease of living is my favorite. Ease, and the responsiveness of everything around me. I love how seemingly inanimate, or unintelligent or everything just pops up and gives me what I want, like it knows me and my personal thoughts. How wild and affirming and fun is that? Does anyone else really really really love the little things?

How can all these things, just know what I want and give it to me? Its just frakin amazing. Anyone else like any commercials etc?


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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 11:30 am
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Yes! I don't think I've seen the commercial you are talking about, but I very often feel like I'm living in a Disney movie!
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