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Join us on the new forum at AbeForum.com
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Joined: Sun Dec 27th, 2009
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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 12:31 pm
Hi Angela!

It's lovely that you are so excited about possible celebrity "Abers" - natural or "followers". It's wonderful validation to see successful people following their bliss. But
we would in fact ALL naturally be in our vortex - if only we hadn't learned so well to stay out of it. :( No matter, though, we're learning to forget what we've learnt. ::woohoo And those "Abers" on TV or otherwise in the public eye serve us beautifully as reminders to allow our corks to float, so to speak.

Oh, just an interesting bit of trivia regarding Marie Osmond's use of the word "ornery" - she and Esther Hicks were born in the same area of northern Utah, only two counties apart! So maybe they just use that term more in Utah than they do in New Jersey? I heard it plenty on visits family in Arkansas. :)

Marie Osmond is a wonderful example of a "natural Aber" - openly supporting her lesbian daughter counter to the teachings of her LDS faith. Just more evidence of what Abraham say - that the trappings of any particular religion are not really that important as long as its members can maintain their connection with their Inner Being and Source, no matter what name they give that connection.

My favorite "natural Aber" celebrity is Sophia Loren, btw. Such a classy and feisty lady! My favorite "quote" by her pertains to her marvelous figure and beauty: "Everything you see, I owe to SPAGHETTI!" ::LOL

Gwen Elizabeth

Joined: Sat Mar 14th, 2009
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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 01:09 pm
I have been hearing phrases that are from Abe on TV frequently, now.  We know Oprah is in tune but it was still awesome to hear, in her interview with Riele Hunter, say "you were not aligned" refering to a decision she had made. Many think that Riel was one big ball of bad decisions but it was clear to me that LOA brought her together with John.  They sparked on their very first encounter.

There is a thread that is about celebrities who are tuned in.  There are many out there and if you listen to their interviews you hear it all over the place.  

When you think about Abraham's books being on the NY Times best seller list you just have to know that we pass others all the time who have this knowledge and we don't even know it. 


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 Posted: Sun May 2nd, 2010 06:32 pm

Thank you for that beautiful share! That's so funny about the word ornery :) I really loved what you said, and I also love Sophia Loren. She's a timeless beauty...oh and speaking of Marie Osmond, I really admire her because I saw her on Oprah once, and she finished her sentence, even though Oprah interrupted her--twice! I noticed that Oprah tends to interrupt people (not in a negative way) possibly out of her excitement or passion...or possibly to stay on track in terms of time? or who knows why :)...but Marie kept going! And I'll never forget that.


What a fantastic reminder! I often forget that there are lots of people "out there" who are aware of Abe and the LOA...I often feel secretive or private about it, but I'm going to look for more evidence of others who are aware of this stuff :)


I look at both those expressions as extremely similar, or even the same. To me, they mean the same thing. That's why it was so remarkable to see those words appear on the screen at that specific moment in time. And it was validation for me that I was in the vortex, because sometimes I'm not in a good feeling place, and unpleasant things appear on the tv (and elsewhere!) So for me to see that was huge! And I loved it and milked it, and I'm still milking it! woo hoo!!!


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 Posted: Mon May 3rd, 2010 01:35 pm
Hello everyone...love you.

I hardley ever post as there is sooo much to say, and so little time, please forgive me.:kiss:

However, I just want to say too, that Cesar Milan is the man! LOOOOVE HIM big time.:kiss:

we went to see him on his tour of the UK in birmingham, he was so cool and right on.  I find that as each series is going on he is really gaining in skill, confidence and depth too, and that is coming through more and more.  When I watch him, every programme, it opens my heart to who I am, and who we are. Would love to work with him.  But as I am in England, I am looking into a Dog whispering course here.  I am also into Parelli Natural Horsemanship, who I think are natural Abers too.  I know there are a number of people who are horse whispering, but I do think Cesar is totally the pinnacle of this area, a real  world class genius.

I am very grateful that he is in this world, it means so much to me.:kiss:

He is in my hall of personal greats with Dr Brad Brown, the co-founder of Life Training.

Is there a thread on "those who have touched my life?" I ought to go there next.....people who have an impact at that level, Brad, Cesar, Pat Parrelli, Esther, Gerry, I love them.

May each moment bless you and those you love... 


Joined: Mon Oct 5th, 2009
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 Posted: Thu Jul 8th, 2010 03:54 am
Hi, I've been a lurker for a while, but I just had to share today. I just saw this thing about how Cheryl Crow had been having some trouble adopting another child, and then she got one. She said something like, "when you relax, the Universe gives you what you want". She sounds like a possible aber to me! Also, it really perked my ears up, because it was just the message I needed to hear! I love that!!::woohoo


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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2011 02:43 am
I just read an article about Lady Gaga before she was famous.
She studied the Secret and used it to create her success! EEeEEEeEE!!
Really cool, I just found out this bit of information and it pleases me to no end.


Joined: Mon Apr 30th, 2007
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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2011 05:15 am
Hi!  Please join us on http://www.abeforum.com   This board is closed. 

Thanks! :)

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