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Hello, this is velvet_sunshine...
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Joined: Fri Mar 27th, 2009
Location: Germany
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 Posted: Sat May 29th, 2010 11:08 am
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Hello there!

I have been posting here a bit without introducing myself!::LOL

So, I'm from Germany in the very near of Lake Constance. It's a very nice place to be, so much nature and culture all around me.

I like sitting outside in sun, taking walks through the woods, listening to moving water, the whispers of the trees...

I enjoy listening to music, all kinds of, and I love reading.

I was a member of another forum where the Teachings of Abraham where mentioned and discussed sometimes and so I found my way to them. At first I wasn't interested, I "followed" other teachers around but that all wasn't really what I was looking for...

So one day something that I have been reading there got my undivided attention and led me really into those teachings. Since then I bought the books and listened on you tube and signed for the daily quotations. That was last year in january. Then I discovered thsi forum here and thought: WOW!!!:beautiful: A forum where there is such a lovely conversation, without having to be right, without criticising one another, so much kindness, I never ever really thought that such a forum would ever exist! That was the first prove of " Ask And It Is Given" to me, in all the other forums I wasn't feeling so comfortable, so I ask for one, and here it is!

I can't describe how happy i was to be guided to such a wonderful place!

THANK you all for this!:kiss::allgood::hugging


Joined: Wed Jul 8th, 2009
Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
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 Posted: Sat May 29th, 2010 03:26 pm
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hello velvet sunshine!

welcome!  you will be very happy here.

p.s.  i lived in germany for 5 years (near Hanau), such a pretty pretty country!!



Joined: Sun Mar 28th, 2010
Location: Melbourne, Florida USA
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 Posted: Sat May 29th, 2010 06:59 pm
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ya know, it's true, this is the only Forum I have ever been in that there wasn't a heating discussion here and there and some not liking  others in the group.

This is a first for me too. 

AND IT IS ALL GO(O)D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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