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Friskiness of Esther, Jerry and Abraham
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 Posted: Tue Jun 8th, 2010 01:46 am
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I just love the energy and joy and friskiness that Esther and Jerry demonstrate to us.  Today I received an Email from them and the joy in life and high energy just jumped off the page at their opening words "We had such a wonderful time in Boston and are en route to Chicago for our seminar there next Saturday. NEVER have we seen a more beautiful day or experienced a more beautiful drive than today! Highway 90 West! So pretty. (do we say this often?) Click here and check out the picture we just took from the Monster Bus!
It seems to us that Abraham is becoming more frisky with every seminar, and the expansion of the material these days is blowing us all away! This is a really fun thing we are doing.


On the Mexican cruise their playfulness wqs so wonderful.  The time when Jerry used Esther's microphone (while she was wearing it) and they ended up playing "kissey-face" was delightful.  I was so happy when the CDs arrived and that part was included.  I viewed it as driftwood (and that prophecy turned out to be true for me ::woohoo).

The Carribean cruise was even more fantastic.  The energy was like nothing I have ever before experienced in my life.  Even Abraham remarked that Esther had said to Jerry during the break "best ever!".  It felt like we were all on the leading edge, holding hands and expanding the Universe together, no one left behind.  All so TITITO.  New places, new insights.  WOW!  The love on that ship was so thick you could feel it in the air, Abers free floating (allowing LoA to guide them to their next encounter/delicious interaction).  Absolutely wonderful.

I have heard Abe say that Esther and Jerry have said they would like nothing better than to hear one after another of us say "I've got it.  I am on my own now."  I feel like I am there in my understanding but the deliciousness of co-creating with others who get it or who are on that path, of interacting on cruises and elsewhere ... those experiences are like nothing else I have found and I won't give those times up.  There are always new insights (yes, I could get them myself with solo-thought but so much more fun to get there together).

In less than a month we will be on the Alaskan cruise.  New Love, new friends & old friends, new insights, beautiful scenery, fresh air,  Oh, it is going to be so incredibly awesome . . . the new "best time of my life so far".

I am so excited and so ready to experience the joy.  Hey wait!  I don't have to wait ... I can go there now and pre-pave it, enjoy it now.  Isn't it lovely that I can do that?  Isn't it lovely that we all can no matter how far in the future we look?

Life is perfect and then it gets better.

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giggle fritz

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 Posted: Tue Jun 8th, 2010 03:22 am
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::TU::TU I am loving how palpable this is and how incredible it feels to be aligning with the connection and to be on the leading edge even if we are not in the same room!! I am enjoying the examples of driftwood for me in my life right now and also enjoying the thrill of knowing all of the wonderful things coming my way .... ::woohoo...... it is lovely to see things just lining up and to feel so sure about things in my life..... I am certain in areas and it feels so incredible..... and so easy!!! I just know and am savoring the knowing and thrilled at how it is flowing into my life.... ::singer  what incredible fun!!!! I am loving where I am ... where you are too!!! ...... and Esther and Jerry and Abraham too!!! .......  and eager for more!!!!!!   This is a really joyous - fun - time!!!!
     Thank you Joyous Lady for posting today!!!! I just love the feeling of it!!!  ::woohoo


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 Posted: Sun Jul 25th, 2010 10:45 am
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Such an uplifting thread thank you! I often think I'd like to go on the Abraham-Hicks cruises and this has added to that appreciation! A good one for daydreaming about! Such fun! Thank you :kiss:

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