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New Start and New Hope =)
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Joined: Fri Jul 2nd, 2010
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 Posted: Fri Jul 2nd, 2010 09:49 pm
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Hi, my name is Birgit and i'm a 43 y/o and just recently came across the teachings of Abe and the wonderful world of LOA. I have been raised to be extremly cautious and pessimistic about anything  or as my mother always said "don't get your hopes to high and you won't be disapointed"

i can clearly see looking back that all the good or bad things that happend to me in my life were a straight result of how i felt about it or toward it and i can only "blame" myself for things that didn't turn out the way i wanted them to be cause i was FAITHLESS!!!!

The universe showed me time and time again that good things come to those who believe and i still ignored it, for instance.....i had cervical cancer almost 15 years ago and NO medical insurance. I refused to think of myself as sick and never looked at myself as  someone that could possible die from cancer, this went on for a while as i became increasingly weaker with no treatment inside and then all of a sudden everything fell into place and we ended up back in Germany where i received a hysterectomy just in time before i would need chemo cause the doctor said i was already @ stage 4 with the cancer having spread to my uterus and malignent cells in parts of my intestines.........long story short( too late..lol) i was given all the proof i needed that postive thinking can make anything happen and still refused to believe it.I have to admit that sometimes the old way of thinking wants to creep back into my gut and i get scared to put too much hope into my dreams but then that other voice comes through, the one thats getting louder and bigger every day and it tells me "believe in yourself, your so ready and worth it to get everything you want" =) Recently Hubby and I have found our dream home and hope that we will be able to buy it (still in the process of making negotiations), we have been visualizing and decorated it in our hearts  and minds for weeks now. I started a wish journal as well and began to write down all the things i desire which are pretty basic things in general nothing huge as of yet..lol

If anyone has any suggestions on how i might be able to speed up the manifastation of my dreams.....i'm all ear ;) I do meditate and TRY to keep a positive attitude which is sometimes hard cause we're in the middle of moving and trying to sell our current house and being military which means we have limited time to so.

Sorry for the LOOOONNNGGG intro.....looking very much forward of being an active part of this group.


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 Posted: Tue Jul 6th, 2010 03:39 am
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WELCOME Brigit67, so glad you're here and a match to this amazing gathering of leading edge deliberate creators.

First things first, there's no "blame." Abraham teaches that yes, while we are indeed the only one who is creating our reality, they in no way scold or get frustrated with us when we don't get it. The most patient loving wonderful vibration of unconditional love of Source Energy, they are. Be easy on yourself; some of us beings apparently never "get it" and yet still we are seen as worthy and valuable and glorious beyond measure, so your just doing amazing and it's never about comparing yourself to how any one else is doing either, so there! Ha. We just can't get it wrong. We are worthy and loved and good to the Core we are.

Happy creating and sharing your valuable perspective along with us here, welcome.


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