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Appreciation Feels Good!!
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 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 02:24 am
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My life is good.  All is well.

I'm appreciative that I'm getting better and better at directing my focus on the good things that I enjoy. I appreciate how focusing on the good brings me more good - and I appreciate knowing how to put my focus on what I like to get more of it. I love experiencing the contrast of unwanted things because it shows me so clearly what I do want by knowing what I don't want. I love using contrast as a pivot point to turn my attention towards what I do want. I love the bliss of lining up with what I want and experiencing the delicious satisfaction of creating wanted things.
I appreciate how quickly things can change. I love that this can all be very easy.. that I can simply intend for things to work out a certain way, without needing to work too hard at it. Things want to go well. I want things to go well. All is well.


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