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Holy Source!!
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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 04:20 pm
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As some of you may have read in the appreciation thread yesterday I found a bag full of clothes worth a total of about 87 bucks with the receipt still in there so I could return it and get the money.

This morning on my way home from a night shift at work I found a bag full of empty bottles and cans that I can hand in at the store and get money for.

And then a thought hit me: I am basically manifesting bags of money!!! How kewl is that?? Pretty cool I think!

Aside from that - this morning (after my night shift on my way to a short shift at my other job) I was thinking that it would be nice to get a little more cash so I could get my bike fixed and that it would also be nice to find a place to have it fixed that was cheap. And only a couple of hours later my boss actually offered to fix it for me. He told me to bring it to work and he would take care of it - for free!! Don't get no cheaper 'n that!

I am one fucking awesome and powerful creator and my consistent work is paying off!! Only 3-4 days ago I comitted to writing in my BOPA daily and in those 3-4 days I have manifested so much with the utmost ease! I am loving the proof that I am on my path and I am looking foreward to spend all of that delicious money I have been saving up in my Vortex because it is moving into my reality!

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