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Unstoppable rampage!
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Joined: Sat May 29th, 2010
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 Posted: Thu Jul 22nd, 2010 12:29 pm
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Unstoppable rampage:

I love humoristic serials that I' we been watching are giving me joy and laugh.
I love going to the movie and watching film on the big screen and eating popcorns, especially when the movie is so very funny and made good!
I appreciate going there with my boyfriend, he is awesome, he cares about me very much. I also love how he cares about our plants. And his passion.
I love meditating.
I love receiving so many gifts - gifts that are really to the point useful.

I love how BETTER it gets
I love when my creativity is recognized
I love when my guidance encourages me
I love appreciating and raising my energy
I love coffee - the taste of 3 in one coffee of my choice
I love my friends, I love when they are giving me their fun
I love great ideas
I love receiving great signs from the Universe
I love messages that I receive through my cards
I love being conscious creator
::runmickeyI love having fun here with you guys
I love comments that other people make, people are wonderful
I love being where I am
I love being me
I love to communicate with my heart
I love my life
I love Summer
I love my balcony
I love my dreams
I love the chosen details
I love many artists, interesting artists, interesting persons & I love going to the modern art  museums
I loved Paris
I loved Bangkok & Pattaya
I loved Greece
I loved Stockholm
I love my friend B from Sweden
I love my friend S from London
I love to live
I love new and great experiences
I love goddess Isis and her wings and her power
I love all the goddesses
I love how B has great avatar picture on facebook
I love to give great tasty food to my cats
I love my hair, and my body and I love how men are looking at me even if I have not clean hair or heals
I love it!
I love my taste, my style
I love my best male friend's style
I love my new friend's style
I love style
I love K's style and K
I love D and her new boyfriend
I love family
I love Universe
I love love of the Universe
I love falling star just at the moment that I've been making a wish::shooting
I love my friend from Japan
I love her story
I love our story
I love my friend N that is having a baby and I loved her welcome and her love
I love how red is looking really good on her
I love to see her happy
I love emoticons ::hearts::grapevine
I love facebook
I love my power
I love my spirituality
I love having sex
I love romance and love
I love music, I love Samba de janeiro and Numa Numa, that great energy in it
And I loved how M danced
I also love music of Enya and Enigma and Deva Premal and so
I love guided meditations
I love super people as R M & C L
I love energized water and my special looking bottles
 I love sea and beach & sounds there...
I love forests and I love hiking
I love doing my EFT in forest-feels very good
I love my mother & I love my father
I love fun and joy and
I love the plentitude of it
I love changes that are happening
I love searching for a perfect house
I love great vibes
I appreciate me for everything that I do for myself
I appreciate self love and I appreciate Louise Hay
I appreciate cooking good
I appreciate tasteful foods
I appreciate new refrigerator
I appreciate clean space
I appreciate colors, and play with colors
I appreciate my God given creativity
My freedom and strength
I appreciate my descended grandparents
I appreciate beauties of the nature
I appreciate love of the Universe
& great guidance of mine
Being clear in the morning
I appreciate LOVE meditation
I appreciate LOVE tapping
I appreciate Tapping radio
I appreciate Joyvibe radio
I appreciate beauty products and natural products
I appreciate easy it gets easy it gets
I appreciate my cat's funny behavior
I appreciate being adult
I appreciate clearing negative beliefs
I appreciate being an artist
I appreciate all parties I've ever been to, that great awesome energy & concerts and festivals::music
my instrument
James bond movies
Summer fruits
healthy hair products
my roses
pleasant atmosphere
M a g i c


Joined: Sat May 29th, 2010
Posts: 482
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 Posted: Mon Jul 26th, 2010 02:58 pm
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I love how I went shopping and I bought all for launch, and I found cappuccino in two tastes that I like and I am about to drink one now

I love things that put me in the mood as watching serials
I also like how we got one more honey
I love how my cat was hungry and eating what she liked
I love how I believe
I love energized water that I prepared for myself
I love all this wonderful people that I contact with
I love my best friend and that we can share life experiences with each other
I love where I came
I love what I know
I love my energy
I love how my boyfriend is considerate
I love my room and all the good that is happening in it
I love my meditations and I love my heart is speaking with me
I love good looking clothes
I love when I am inspired
& I love when I am noticed for just how I am
I love my body, I love my hair
I love my balcony and weather today
I love when it's clean
I love that I believe and know
I love when I am having a wonderful insights
I love how strong I am
I love my sister is thinking about me and she loves me
I love summer and summer clothes
I love my boyfriend
I love his body
I love our home
I love showering, showering makes me feel good, very good
I love being in the vortex - I love my expression : magic vortex
& I love experiencing the vortex
I love abundance of fun
I love everything that is to come
I also love looking at the stars and wishing and getting obvious sign that wishes are going to come true & I also love hearing the story from my boyfriend that same happen to him and his wish got come true
I love me feeling better
I love clean sheets
I love going easy
I love watching movie in movie theater
I love being all "dressed up"
I love knowing that my friends are having wonderful experiences
I love my friends, they are so happy, so great , so awesome people
I love life
I love nature
I love greatness of nature here where I live
so much fun, so much places of interest
and my love
I love how much time I have to make things happen!!!



Joined: Sat May 29th, 2010
Posts: 482
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 Posted: Tue Jul 27th, 2010 11:46 am
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I appreciate new video my friend gave on facebook
* I love divas * I love oil I'm making
I love how my cat went on balcony, and it was really pleasant morning there * I love being in love * I love changing
I love my dream message
*********************** I love  playing * I love enjoying
I love when numbers of watch are showing my birth date number * I love beautiful things * I love Universe
I love great open people of influence
******* I love being me * I love kids
I love imagining amazing things *************** I love rhythm * I love my city
I loved my visualizations yesterday ************I love spiritual help that I access * I love my two places
I love feeling better & choosing to feel better*****I love sweetness * I love creativity
I love weather * I love my ascended grandma's help
I love this screen * I love good memories
I love my home *
I love my forest flowers and how good they smell
I love my red roses are flowering and flowering and flowering

coffee and cream taste
my stones
my mp3
my angel mp3-s

I love the truth of life........................................O0oo0OOOO..........

I love goddess Isis is so natural to me.......................I love lyrics
I love all surrogate healing that I got to know for free........................................... I love easy it gets, easy it gets
I love ::musicmusic...................................................................................... I love dancing

I love  my boyfriend
I love inventiveness of my friends
I love World
I love Abraham-Hicks card message :
You're always seen,

Always understood -
Always loved.

I love how he gave me flowers

I love my new blouses, I love compliment I got wearing black one
I love life
I love me
I love me for doing great things for ourselves

I love all comedy movies that we watch together
I love our home
I love sleeping and I love when my cat is sleeping with me
I love eyes of my cats
I love that they are clean
I love how little it takes
I love knowing abundance

I love mornings
I love Sun
I love Sun on car windows
I love air outside and wind
I love simplicity
I love love of the Universe

I love food that I prepare
I love how our aquarium looks like-sweet & really good arranged so that it is pleasure to watch
I love my friend from another part of the world is always in my life

I appreciate enlightened people
I appreciate what everything I learn on my way
Easy ways
Effective ways

Sounds that I remember from my childhood
Nice and funny talk with my boyfriend's brother
Music videos that my friends offer


Joined: Sat May 29th, 2010
Posts: 482
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 Posted: Thu Jul 29th, 2010 04:42 pm
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I appreciate rain that's been falling, pleasant atmosphere at home, my private time, and energy that I create
New exercise I discovered that is powerfully changing my reality
I am having so many good energy moments during the day and I love when I am fully aware of it
I love when I feel good
I am a winning type - I always care for good energy, I invite it, I'm that kind of wizard

I love focus wheel
I love my place that I created for my work with Divine
I love meditation
I love stylish clothes
I love to feel spirit in people's words
I love finding self love thoughts
I loved lasagnas we had for launch, I loved how he liked it and he washed the dishes
I love how I was inspired to put things in order on decorative way
I love our bed
I love our home

I love my cat's fur
I love the food we're eating
I love my facebook friends
I love baths
I love natural soap in different colors
I love beauty
Proofs of Amazingness

I love color play
There is something phenomenal happening in the world
People are awesome!
I love intimacy
I love my life
I love my messages from Ascended Masters Doreen Virtue Cards
I love my persistence
I love finding feelings of my wanted reality
I love being me
I love cute animals and Divine animals
I love appreciating in advance
I love how all stories are different & happy ending is possible either way
I love my books
My cat is this the most beautiful creature
I love presents
I love my color pens
I love taking good care of my hair
I love the child visit I'm getting
I love ideas from the Universe
I love taking good care of myself

true love
Having this great solution my soul told me ...

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