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A tale of two peaches
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Pamela Vicik-Smith

Joined: Sun Jul 8th, 2007
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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 02:14 am
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Last weekend I went to our local produce store and picked up a net bag containing four fat peaches. This is one of those stores where almost all the produce is under $3. However, I guess the owners must buy the surplus from the food depot, because whatever you buy from there usually must be eaten within a few days or it will be bad.

So I took a peach to work with me yesterday and was so looking forward to eating it. After making nice, pretty slices, I popped one in my mouth and then realized it was mealy, dried out, and had no flavor whatsoever! Even though I did not pay very much for them, I was rather annoyed that they were no good and would need to be thrown out.

I then did a Google to find out what makes peaches mealy and what to look for when buying peaches so I could buy nice juicy ones instead. Basically I found that mealiness is caused when peaches are picked too early and they never have the chance to ripen properly. Therefore, if you buy one peach from a store and it is mealy, chances are the rest there are mealy as well. The best way to insure your peaches are juicy, are to buy directly from the farmer or from a farmer's market.

When I got home, I decided to throw out the remaining three peaches as they were all in the same net bag, all looked the same, and therefore would all be mealy. But right before I tossed them, I got an idea.

Knowing that all things are energy and therefore respond to vibration, I decided to try an experiment. This morning I picked up one of the peaches and sent love to it. I told it how much I appreciated how good it would be and I said I knew it would be sweet and juicy when I cut into it. I thanked it for being a good peach.

Around mid-morning I cut into my peach and it contained so much juice, it soaked through two napkins! And it was very good indeed :)



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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 03:30 am
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Wow, that's pretty amazing, and certainly inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!



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 Posted: Thu Jul 29th, 2010 01:47 pm
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(sorry, couldn't resist the corny ::LOL)

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