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Hello from Vermont
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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 05:21 am
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Hi everyone!

I'm new here too.
  It's been a little over a year since I stumbled upon the Abraham teachings and I'm ready to communicate with others who have too.

I read all the Seth books in my early 20s and have kept a copy of "The Nature of Personal Reality" by my bedside ever since.  The core message of Seth felt like the most truthful thing I had ever heard, but like Jerry, I just couldn't figure out HOW we created our own reality. 

So last year, after a couple of years of struggle in several areas of my life, I happened upon a Youtube video of Esther.  I think I had been shopping for apps on my iphone, and saw some using the phrase "Law of Attraction" and I googled that to see what that really meant.  I was intrigued by the snippet I saw, and ordered a book on MP3.  I was immediately excited about how the material expounded upon the Seth teachings, making them all the more accessible.

I had some early success using some of the processes, and then experiences some of the "contrast" that appears to characterize one's life after starting to practice this material.  I've continued to listen to workshops and read and work on my processes, and things are definitely looking up!

I forward to the inspiring stories I will surely read here.  I have already read a few.  I also look forward to "talking" to others who are versed in the Abraham vocabulary.  I don't have any people close to me who share this interest.

Thanks for creating this space!


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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 07:37 am
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