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Love Letters from my Inner Being :)
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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 09:37 pm
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Last night i was feeling kind of blah.. I haven't done much in the past week and a half and I've been feeling basically, lost. Its been fun hanging out with my little sister, but at the same time i felt like i wasn't doing enough.

before i went to bed, i decided to write.. i've been keeping a journal for the past few years and i usually write when i'm inspired, but i wasn't really inspired last night. i decided to write anyway. i started with the question "we're all looking for love, aren't we?" and i just kept writing what was on my mind. thinking of the challenges we face in our lives, and then i knew my inner being became present. the words just started to flow from a place unknown. i wasn't thinking anymore, the words just came naturally, sometimes too quickly for me to write but i managed anyway.

here is some of what it said: "you're better BECAUSE of these challenges that forced you to make a choice. be a victim or a VICTOR. rise up from the ashes and say, yes i SURVIVED. not only did i survive, i conquered and vanquished any doubt i had in myself. NOW i know my strength... here i am, resilient, eternal, strong."

i realized through this writing what my real issue was, insecurity. not just with physical self, but with everything. sometimes i feel like the world is gonna come crashing down on me out of the blue, and i'm afraid i won't survive. i wrote down all the things i want.. (wealth, love and success) & why i wanted them. i want wealth to have freedom, security and a feeling of peace. i want love to share a connection, to understand others & have them understand me, to share a feeling of goodness. i want success to feel accomplished, proud of myself, to make good use of my talents. but the last reason was so that people look at me and approve. my IB asked if i truly needed this approval. i said yes. my IB said i already had it, everyone in this world approves of me, and in my truth, i approve of everyone in this world. my IB said thats why it feels so bad when we judge one another, because we know that is not the truth of that person.

i was basing my sense of security on the uncontrollable, i was putting it into the hands of others. i know in truth my abundance and well being doesn't come from the outside sources i think they do, but they come from within.
for example, the other night, in front of my house, 3 cars got their driver side windows smashed.. the row of cars goes as follows: neighbors car, my car, my dad's car, my other neighbors car. all of the cars in that row got their windows smashed, EXCEPT mine. did the perp take pity on my tiny car and see it as too pathetic to even smash? lol jk, or was it because my energy was so good that i could not possibly attract that into my life? that incident made me get a better grasp on the power that we all hold.

so now i have a deeper understanding of my life and our importance to this universe. sometimes we feel down, but we have to remember that we are completely VITAL to this system. we were all chosen, we all chose, to be here. i figured that what i REALLLLYY wanted was to feel the well-being that i know surrounds me lovingly and to tap into that.

the last sentence my Inner Being wrote to me was: "Just be." so simple and so comforting.. i dont have to prove anything to anyone, i dont have to run around doing a billion things to feel accomplished, i can just BE. and that is infinitely enough. :) thanks for reading. please share some IB stories with me, i'd love to hear them!

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