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Appreciation as the key
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 Posted: Sat Aug 14th, 2010 09:36 am
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Hi, abers!

I want to address something that is on my mind and that I have been practicing too.
Recently I watched a video on Youtube that is called "Abraham gives a bag of tricks", specifically part 1. In the video, Abraham explains that to create something there are basically two ways you can choose to go: the first one consist into turning all of your thoughts into thoughts that are a vibrational match to your desire, like "wrestling" them one by one "to the ground" in order to close the emotional gap; the second one is simply practicing being in a state of appreciation just for the sake of, using WHATEVER as an excuse to do that, even if what you use as your excuse to appreciate does have nothing to do with what you desire.

In other videos, Abraham tell us that Source already knows what we want, so all we gotta do is to practice the Art of Allowing.

I bring this up, because at first, when I first read about the teachings of Abraham I thought that the way to go was taking my desire and trying by all means neccessary to visualize, imagine and feel that desire into being. And I know that is true! But, yes, I found that is a dificult thing to pull, especially if you are so inmerse in the drama of it and you are still learning this stuff.

I have commented before that I read "Excuse me, your life is waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn and then I found the teachings of Abraham. I got the idea of being in the feeling place of your desire from Grabhorn. But now I´m learning that the contrast in this world is already making me choose my preferences and Source is becoming them automatically, so I just have to Allow my preferences to come to me.

The Art of Allowing. Just being in appreciation for the sake of it... I did this long before I learned anything about LOA. And what I wanted most in those times was do well at school and have more friends.... I just appreciated what I could because that sounded to me like a great idea (I dont know where that came from). Poof! Got what I wanted.

A lot of the manifestation stories that I have read and heard had their protagonists just "letting go of the oars" and they would get what they wanted. So, it ocurred to me that, before attempting to visualize and before trying to achieve the "feeling place of a desire", I would learn to let the stream of Well-Being, its energy and power, to flow easily into my life without trying to get the stuff. Sort of like getting the ingredients before attempting to cook anything with them.

I tried the Placemat process before, but I did not achieve the relief that must come when one writes under the Universe part of the palcemat. So, after watching that video, I began a BOPA just to feel appreciation and practice it, and after a couple of days feeling wonderful I attempted the placemat game again and totally let go and it yield the results I was looking for! n.n

I would love to hear your thoughts about all of this and hearing of your own experiences!::devil

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