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All about the feeling?
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 Posted: Sun Aug 15th, 2010 02:45 pm
Hi There :D

I'm not sure whether this has been addressed already, buuut, I just came to realize... is it possible, we really don't want "stuff"/situations to be different, but feel different?

You know like when you see a (happy ;) ) couple and you're single right now and you come to realize "Gosh, I want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, too!", meaning right now I'm feeling lonely and actually, I don't want that boy or girl, but I want to feel loved, appreciated, being number one for someone, secure etc. pp.?

Like... my body doesn't care whether the outer reality creates those feelings by myself watching the reality "me with my boyfriend" or whether I'm just creating those feelings myself by imagining/visualizing something?

I mean I know, the thing is, we're all trained to think "something out there has to be like this or that and I'm going to feel the way I want to feel" (which also causes us to want to control circumstances so we will feel that way on and on)...

Do you know what I mean? What do you think?
Like, we don't want situations to be different, but want to feeeel different...? (Which is only so hard because we've been trained to think "Well, first the situations has to change, theeen maybe you're going to feel different..." - which isn't always the case anyway... I mean at least I know some people who felt lonely and miserable as singles, then they entered a relationship like "Oooh, finally I'm gonna feel whole and appreciated etc. pp." and they ended feeling even more lonely but this time IN a relationship... crazy, isn't it?...


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 Posted: Sun Aug 15th, 2010 06:53 pm
Easy, I think you are a GENIUS and I loved reading your post because described your clear understanding of concepts that Abraham talks about all the time.  It is always a joy to come to KNOW something, on a visceral level that you have been understanding on a mental level previously. 


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 Posted: Sun Aug 15th, 2010 11:51 pm
Easy, you are so right.  It's all about the feeling and never about the stuff.  We can have all the stuff in the world and still not be happy or we can be extremely happy and not have any of the stuff.  The whole point is to be happy and content where you are and the stuff that comes along is just a bonus.:exactly:


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 Posted: Mon Aug 16th, 2010 06:19 am
Of course it's not about the stuff, but it's technically not about the feelings either. Feelings are just indicators. They are meant to be used as guidance, like a GPS reading.

What it's about is vibrational frequency. The so called problem and solution, the desire, is always the same. Your frequency is off, you need to get it back in the natural range. Because your core, your soul, never wavers from that state, if your consciousness does, it creates a muddled frequency, a disharmony.

This disharmony is indicated to you by the emotional sensor. Clearly, in all of this the manifestation has little to do with the real problem/solution. But you can see that feelings are also removed from this. They are merely a sense which you use to feel your vibrational frequency. Essentially, they are a tool. Now, it is this tool which connects your awareness with your vibration so it is going to be how you relate the concept, but it's not about the feeling technically, it's about the vibrational harmony. You can use drugs to numb your emotions yet and that doesn't solve anything because it merely works on the symptom, the indicator. That's why getting all your manifestations doesn't work either.

The one real desire, the only desire anyone ever has, is to be in alignment with themselves. That's why everything instantly becomes perfect when you go into a meditative state. Even though none of the manifestations you want suddenly show up and you don't "feel" like they did either. All that happens is you return to your natural frequency and all your real desires are fulfilled and all your real problems are therefore solved, because you only ever had one.


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 Posted: Mon Aug 16th, 2010 10:51 pm
Hi Everyone, I'm new!

Just wanted to say thanks for this thread as it resonated with me and got me thinking which lead to a lightbulb moment!

What I want is to win the lottery and buy a red ferrari.....what I REALLY want is to feel special! What I want is when I'm driving my new ferrari people will look at the car (me!) and say wow, that's special and I will feel good and respected and worthy. So no, it isn't about the 'stuff' after all, it's about the feelings. I need to feel special, respected and worthy.....then maybe the car will appear! Hmmmmm......

Swedish Delight

Joined: Fri May 7th, 2010
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 Posted: Tue Aug 24th, 2010 11:17 pm
Thanks, this was very helpful for me to read tonight. (It is nighttime in Sweden, at least.)


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 Posted: Wed Aug 25th, 2010 09:02 am


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