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How are you spending your moment?
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giggle fritz

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 Posted: Mon Aug 16th, 2010 10:13 am
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Here it is ... my moment!!!! :kiss: It is so incredibly pregnant with possibilities and so here I go .... oh after you .... I should see things the way you do? I don't feel connected when I do that so maybe if I tell you how it would work better for me .... oh, you have more to say about what you want and how you see it?  That does not feel good to me though.... Hmmmm! I don't have to go outside of me to have my moment... I don't have to convince you about my perspective either.... I just focus on my moment with you and how I want to feel connected or not.... it's my moment and I get to shape it in my mind and in my perspective and I don't have to be true to anyone else but my connection!!! My moment, my connection, my focus - to bring me to a connection to where we are!  You can have your moment too and I love that you can spend yours any way that you wish for your connection to you and I can love you or not in my moment. I just love that we both get to have our moment just the way we like it, and I love that you have a connection to source that will take care of guiding you and I so trust your connection that I am savoring your connection with your source even if you are not!!! That is not my business - my business is my moment to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on!!! That is my business, that is my moment ... that is my - now, now, now, now , now!!!  ::singer::singer::singer  It isn't always this way but when it is..... I am in alignment with me and with you and I am using me to do it ...I know that it is me that does it.... just as it should be!!!  I am a teacher of getting in the vortex and align with my love and radiate love.... that is my job and how I spend my moment!!!
  Cheers!!!  ::tramp

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