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It keeps getting better
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 Posted: Thu Aug 19th, 2010 01:00 am
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I have been just living. I lurk around the boards, reading the uplifting inspiration from you all, and lately some great manifestations and affirmation and DRIFTWOOD!!! Last week, I went to Staples to pick up a few things, and happened to wander by the new laptops. I looked at the prices and thought "Eh, not now...but wouldn't it be nice to have a shiny new Dell?" Sunday, my husband broke my current one, so he has to buy me a new one!

Well he wasn't able to get the money out of the bank for me on Sunday and he works out of town M-F, only this week he is gone for 10 days, not 5. So oh well, I still have a desktop. So I have just been looking online at what I want. A Dell, 15" screen, dual core processor, at least 250G HD, WiFi enabled with an integrated webcam, and I don't want to spend more than $500. I thought "Well, I have about $500 in the bank and I could probably borrow some money from my mom....eh, no big deal." I didn't ask her, I didn't really feel that it was so important. So this morning I thought "It's ok, I'll just wait, no big deal." Ten minutes later my mom called and said that she had to call Microsoft to buy some products and they had an offer for her for laptops and she gave the lady my number. I said "Thanks mom but I don't have the money until next week." So she gave me her credit card # and said to just pay her back when he gets home!! So the lady calls and I got a Dell 15.6" 500G HD Dual Core processor, WiFi, integrated Webcam WITH microphone and a backlit keyboard! for $550! And it will be here tomorrow!!!

And that's just the icing on the cake. My son is going into first grade soon, but the school doesn't tell you who their teacher is going to be until the school year is near. Well I was anxious and wondering and for some reason, the name of this one particular teacher stood out to me (out of 6 teachers). We got the letter yesterday, and sure enough it is her. And I also manifested my papers not being ready for me at the drs. office when I went to pick them up. ::LOL

But the best is the piece of driftwood I received 2 days ago. While reading a magazine, there is one particular line with the name of my soon-to-be business and trust with a particular set of numbers and an amount. I clipped it out and stuck it in my "Creation Box."

I am on a ROLL!!!! ::shooting

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