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Making lunch for Mom and me
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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 05:26 pm

I am currently enjoying the fruits of telling a different story about childhood, teen years and...anything to do with so-called "history." 

"Enjoying the fruits" means living a grateful, adventurous, blessed life.  There is nothing to "forgive" from childhood because childhood never happened, except as I choose to say it happened.  Big relief, folks---try it.  Even for a day.

One of the biggest stories is me butting heads with my 5-foot, tall, 100-pound mother.  You guys have heard of Napoleon, right? 

Nuff said.  That was the old story.

I had lunch with Mom, just for an hour, a few weeks ago and...

What a delight.  What a better way to see her---in a Manhattan coffee shop---rather than with family around, which had been an excruciating  experience in people talking over other people, people misunderstanding the most simple expression, or 4 people at once talking to me and none have sense enough to see that a person can't answer 4 people at once and nobody saying, "Hey, there is such a thing as having a thought and NOT EXPRESSING IT."
The lunch went so well that I suggested a picnic, just for me and Mom, for today.  She quickly agreed---for some reason, she really likes my company and wants to see me more often---so the deal seemed done.

It is raining this morning, so she emailed me that we should move the date to next weekend. 

Here's what I wrote, among other things:

"I was SO looking forward to the picnic. Last night, up in (this town), I bought a fine loaf which I was planning to slice by hand, hummus just so, add lettuce, cut in quarters and wrap for our lunch.

I got in touch with a volcanic reverse-paternal thing---how many hundreds of meals has my mother made for me?  When she cooked chicken noodle soup and toasted a bagel for me in 1975, did she have a similar feeling? "I am feeding my kin," and experience a primal feeling of regard, happiness, and perhaps a very animal feeling of simple caring via food.

It is precious, this time you and I share together."

Dad died suddenly 4 years ago, and I never got to a place where I could be in his presence for more than an hour, for the last 20 years of his life.  Just driven insane.

Nice to be able to share with Mom, though.

Thanks, Abraham! :)


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 Posted: Tue Aug 24th, 2010 07:44 am
I love you Slow Jam...it's a crowded joint and some posts slip through the cracks, nothing personal at all, this one just didn't hit and you can't take it down on accounta the 5-hour rule, so...just keeping you company, ol' buddy.

See you in the funny papers. :) xoxoxox

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 Posted: Wed Aug 25th, 2010 09:33 am
Slow Jam! this is just beautiful.  Please copy it and repaste into the NEW FORUM! Because:



Join me over there!

Also, if you want to be little deputies, please post this on any thread on which you are active to let people know that any new posts should be there:


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It is operational now with substantial improvements, new features and more additions to it than can be covered in this announcement. 

All of original Abe Forum content has been imported to its new home as of August 20th at 6AM EST.  Any content after that date has not been imported, and so further postings need to be made just on the new site and not to the original site.

The old site will be completely unavailable to use in any way as of 11PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, August 25th, so you can start using the new forum and copy what you'd like by then. 
Please watch for announcements on the top thread on the new forum, http://www.abeforum.com under the Abraham Teachings and you. 

with  Great Love,

David Gordon, Admin/owner

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