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I got accepted to NYU!
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Dr. Ian Cunningham

Joined: Tue Jul 21st, 2009
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 Posted: Fri Sep 3rd, 2010 04:47 am
Three cheers for the Law of Attraction! 

The backstory: when I was 17, I wanted to go to a certain college known for its great arts program, and my father, who felt I should not attend college unsupervised because I am a girl (long story), told me I could not attend the school, despite my having won a scholarship there, and sent me instead to a large party school where my elder brother was already a student.  The idea was that my brother, another male, could "watch over me".  This was a bad idea.  I hated the school and hid in my room an entire year not taking a single class.  I left with a rack of Incompletes and did not get my degree.

Flash forward to my thirties (I am now in my forties). 

My 30's and discovery of the LOA: I began to feel bad about not ever having finished college, not having won my degree.  I put it out into the Universe, "I want to go back to school", and "I want what my father did to me to become a forgotten issue, I want the Universe to switch things around and make that up to me so what he did is no longer an issue in my mind, and I want to forgive my father."  I forgave my father (for the most part, lol) first.  Then, still not in college yet and with no hopes of ever attending, I went on about my life, lived in other cities that were not New York, and did not yet clarify my interest in film - my first love.

Now let's flash to now, age 42:

Living in Manhattan, and very clear I want to pursue my career making movies, I fell in love with a bright little man who is a famous filmmaker, and who attended a not-well-known and unimportant, quite unfamous little school called NYU.  This man appeared to me in a dream and said, "You should go to NYU.  Tomorrow, when you wake up, go there and tell them you want to return to college and get your degree."

I woke up from the dream and briefly indulged three silly thoughts: I could never go to NYU, that's a prestigious and expensive college, a private school that is extremely difficult to get into.  They will never accept me, I am too old.  If I were to be accepted, and ha ha that ever happening, how would I pay my tuition?  Then I remembered the LOA, I said, a way will be formed for me to do all this, and I took the N train down to 8th Street and did just what my bright little love told me.  Everything he said came to pass.  I filled out my application, provided my transcripts, did all the necessary foot and paperwork, then let the whole thing go and went on with my life, downstream.

I learned yesterday afternoon NYU had accepted me as an undergraduate student in film.  I am now seated in the famous Bobst Library, where I have just been fed a lovely dinner by the orientation and admission staff and welcomed by the dean, who seems a very sweet man.  I meet my advisor tomorrow and start classes Tuesday - four days from now!  The shame and sadness of my father's arbitrary decision over my 17 year old life has been erased forever and replaced with wonder and joy at 42.  What's more, the events of my life - including several disappointments, hurts, "why did that happen"s and delays - all led to this moment perfectly.  I am in awe before the wisdom and power, and compassion, and foresight, of the Universe!  Thank you, Universe!

You will also be pleased to learn that one week before learning I had been accepted to NYU, I received a phone call from an attorney firm informing me that a long-contested settlement was at last resolved in my favor, and that I will be receiving a fairly generous amount of unhoped-for money in October.

Just in time to pay for my tuition at NYU.

Trust it, folks, The Law of Attraction JUST SIMPLY FREAKIN' WORKS.

Driftin and sippin downstream at NYU!!!!!,

Sheridan!!!!  Wooot, woo hoo, I'm an NYU student, I get to wear the Violet, tra la!!!!



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 Posted: Fri Sep 3rd, 2010 11:10 pm
Dr. Ian Cunningham,
Congrats :shock: on your acceptance to NYU!  LOA is amazing.  I wish you continued success.


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 Posted: Sat Sep 4th, 2010 12:12 am


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