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 Posted: Wed Sep 15th, 2010 04:18 pm
Okay... New here...

This was one of thouse things that I really wanted to ask to Abraham, but as I am eager to chew on this a bit and I live in the UK, I figure that this is the best place to ask.

Abraham has said that we are so creative that if we wanted we could grow another limb or that we could be young for a extended period of time and that aging is caused by resistence.

I figure that they tell us that to highlight the creative flexibility of the world in which we exist.

Abraham also has said that animals are different to us in that they are in the Vortex and dont have the same level of resistence that we do. They are "tuned in tapped in turned on".

How does this explain why animals dont grow extra limbs when they get injured and if they are as tuned in as Abraham sais, why do they experence the aging process like we do?

Any thoughs I would love to hear.

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 Posted: Thu Sep 16th, 2010 09:47 am

Hi Badmantra--

Great question.  Three things occur to me--

1. Most animals don't expect to grow extra limbs, although some do! Starfish etc

2. The animals that experience the aging process are those who live around humans, so they pick up our out-of-the-Vortex beliefs and expectations.

3. Animals in the wild do often just re-emerge into non-physical instead of taking the energy and effort of growing new limbs, since they know they can come back into a body easily.

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