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Looking for advice and guidance
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 Posted: Sat Oct 16th, 2010 06:15 am
Recently lay off from a stressful job. The whole situation is bizarre, the corporation unethical.  Decision making was made bottom line, money with absolutely no concern for the workers involved.  My  reaction has been relief, really trying to concentrate on hope, new directions, awesome possibilities, raise myself up from fear and anxiety (when it tried to creep in).   I try and picture in my mind’s eye, my  co-workers, my boss and management dancing (usually the Rolling Stones) in the big conference room, try to picture us happy, dancing, laughing at this absurd situation we all find ourselves in. I prefer this mental picture of joy.   Uplifting music helps me cope and does remind me back to the vortex.  Some of the employees involved have been downright mean.   The whole experience difficult.  I go up and down the emotional guidance scale all in one day. Here is where I am asking for advice:                                                     

        I seem to find myself in this situation often, strange work environment, abrupt endings, and yearning for positive co-workers. Co-workers that I do not have to hide my beliefs or my true core being.   Feeling somewhat ashamed to be here again but at the same time knowing all will be all right……….there has got to be a better way.:?

Please, any insight on this experience, advice, would love to hear.::stardust::stardust::stardust

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 Posted: Mon Oct 18th, 2010 09:07 pm
Hi Sweetie! find us on the new forum!


This forum will no longer be used for New Threads or replies.  As a result, this thread is now closed and can continue at:


Please bookmark it. :)  It is operational now with substantial improvements, new features and more additions than can be covered in this announcement. 

All of original Abe Forum content has been imported to its new home as of August 20th at 6AM EST.  Any content after that date has not been imported, and so further postings need to be made just on the new site and not to this one any longer.

Eventually, all threads will be closed here, I am starting that task now.  Please watch for announcements on the top thread on the new forum,
http://www.abeforum.com under the Abraham Teachings and you.


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