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Hello lovely people

I've been at this for 2 years now (OMG!!) and still not attracted any significant money.  Its come to me very recently that my big fear is my greatness, being powerful and knowing (KNOWING) that i am attracting positive things.  It terrifies me.  So where I'm at now is that maybe its ok to feel scared! Maybe its ok to tremble from head to toe and still get the job done.  I sing in a quartet and at the weekend we sang in front of experienced chorus members for the first time. I was trembing from head to toe but I did a great job anyway. It was amazing but I couldn't truly let myself believe I was that good. It feels like too big a jump. i'm stil holdiong onto being small because it feels safe. I like that I could let this go and am maybe just not quite ready for that. What I love about this experience is that it showed me that I can do something amazing while still being scared of the result and what it means to me.

What do you reckon, can you really allow greatness into your life while you're still trembling at the thought of it?

much love xx



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